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      Street Light Lamp Post Features
      The aluminum alloy radiator with super high thermal conductivity is used to ensure that the heat generated by the LED light source is distributed faster.
      1, High performance parameters: imported University chip patent packaging, saving 60% compared to the traditional green light.
      2. Patented light distribution design: pavement evenness is above 0.7, illumination uniformity and no spot.
      3, High color rendering: restore the original object color, beautify the urban environment;
      4. Environmental health: LED mercury-free, non-ultraviolet, non-radiation, more conducive to environmental protection and human eye health;
      Our main products
      High & medium mast lighting, road lighting, power poles, sight lamps, courtyard lamps, lawn lamps, traffic signal poles, monitor poles, microwave communication poles, etc.
      Our poles as normal are covered by Mat or straw bale at the top and bottom and woods between the poles can avoid the damage of the galvanization on the surface of steel poles, anyway also we can follow clients required , The loading capacity of 40HC or OT will be calculated basing on the clients’actual specification and data.
      Company Advantage
      1.The company is well equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities.
      We own a large-sized numerical control hydraulic pressure folding machine with once folding length 16,000mm and the thickness 2-25mm.
      We could manufacture all kinds of steel poles and steel towers.
      2.Presently 95% of our products are far exported to Europe, America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and have enjoyed great reputation from our customers. So we know the demand of different countries and different customers.
      3.We are greatly honored to invite you to visit our factory and cheerfully look forward to cooperating with you.China Street Light Pole