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      English name: Chlorogenic acid ,Lonicera japonica flower extract
      Latin Name: Flos Lonicerae
      CAS No.: 327-97-9
      Molecular forula:C16H18O9
      Molecular Weight: 354.31
      Active ingredients: Chlorogenic acid
      Specification: 5%10%20%25%30%50%80%98%
      Use Part : flower
      Appearance: brown powder
      Mesh size:80 Mesh
      Test Method: HPLC
      Main Functions
      1> Honeysuckle extract is good for kidney.
      2> Honeysuckle extract has wide anti-virus, anti-bacteria effect.
      3> Honeysuckle extract has relatively lower toxicity and side-effects.
      4> Honeysuckle extract has anti-hypertensive effect, anti-tumor effect.
      5> Honeysuckle extract can be used as anti-infectious active ingredient.
      6> Honeysuckle extract can also lower the risk of blood pressure and miscarriage.
      7> Honeysuckle extract can enhance immune function and also is wide.Natural Plant Extract