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    Pam B

    Originally posted by LeighAEA

    But I do understand…some things are just too special to share with the world, without that sounding selfish.

    Did that make sense?


    It makes sense, and I totally understand. Sometimes, it’s easier on an internet discussion board to wear your heart on your sleeve, but I can attest to the fact that there are some things I just don’t share with the world, either here, or “offline”. Not that people wouldn’t understand, but there are some feelings,experiences and memories that just don’t translate well to the written or spoken word. I believe some things are meant to be held and cherished within :)


    LeighAEA and Pam,

    I think you’ve summed it up exactly. But, never say never. Who knows? I may change my mind someday…


    Jbannister…Julie, I see you should be on the list for seminars also. Do you want me to add you?


    I was really pretty hesitant to post my reading because it contained some very personal relationship problems that I was having at the time(I was having a bbaaaddd fight w/sister!) , some personal info of my mothers,(she gave a baby up for adoption) and other personal and special communication from my parents. Since I had already signed the release for the producers to put it on nationwide TV I thought that it was a mute point not to talk about it here. Plus, I guess if my parents thought that it should be kept private then they wouldn’t have let me get through on the phone lines that day. It is a very special and glorious and personal experience and should be shared only if you feel comfortable doing it. (It kind of feels like you hit the lottery when it happens to you!!) :D AmyJ


    Thanks, AmyJ. There is nothing in my reading that I feel is too “personal or private”, nothing to worry about, nothing hurtful or embarassing.

    It’s just that after I sat down and put my whole heart and soul into it, including the background on all the validations, I almost felt like I just wanted to hold it close for a bit longer and let it be “just for me.”

    Strange, after all my posts here and at Delphi that included so many excerpts from the reading. But once it’s all written down, from beginning to end, almost in story form, it takes on a whole new feeling. At least it did, for me.


    Here’s hoping you bump this thread and add to it many more times :)

    Thanks for creating this list Gail.
    ((( Hugs )))


    Thrilled to bump it again. I’m so happy for you, Druid65 and Farmer Kathy:jumper:


    I cannot believe I EVER would have been on such a list! Wow!

    What’s even greater than that is that I didn’t get read it was my Dad. I am always so amazed at how spirit makes things happen! I could not have asked for anything better. I didn’t need the reading. When, John said to me in response to my trying to figure out the Romania thing, that this message is not for you. I KNEW exactly what he meant, and I smiled. But I did get to MEET my Pepe’ for the first time! ***still beaming***

    Only trouble I have now, since the tickets were for everyone’s Birthday presents, How do I (they) top this next year??? *lol*




    I just added Vivi37 to the Gallery list. Just being in the Gallery and not being read still deserves to be on the list.


    Well…I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here
    so it looks like gone does mean forgotten *S*…our one on one was ages ago with John but we live on reruns now for eternity…LOL
    Hi to all that remember me.


    (((( Raven )))) Not forgotten hon! I’m sure Gail will be along to include your one on one.

    Please post date, type of session and location. ( Raven, one on one, NYC right? and the date ) to make it easier for her.

    I think when compiling this list Gail was relying heavily on people to stand up and say ME :D



    Kendra! Kendra! Kendra!

    Forgotten? Never! How are you? Thanks for popping in and letting us know that YOU are still “around”…lol.

    Recap…..Kendra and her son had a reading (1-on-1) with JE, and they had a lovely follow-up (re-run was on just recently ;) )

    Hope all is well.



    I just saw Raven’s post and will add her one on one as soon as I get the date.:) Wouldn’t we all love a one-on-one, two, three, or four on one as long as the “one” is John Edward.:)


    Tammy and Cyndy…now I know you remember me…there are sooooo many new members now….Gail, our show was taped way back in Feb 2001 and if I remember right it first aired in April…its been on so many times in reruns I don’t keep track anymore. *S*
    Looking forward to seeing many NEW faces on the show…hopefully many from here. All is well here, getting older and wiser…LOL… aren’t we all???
    Love to all,


    Okay Raven, you’ve been added to the list. You are at the bottom and make it a trio of members who have had one on one readings.:D

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