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    Hawaii is beautiful! Even with a couple of days of torential rain and 50+ mph winds it was FAB-U-LOUS! This is my second attempt at posting my notes. I got about half way through this morning and AOL dumped me.:rolleyes: OK, whining over, on with the show….

    I arrived at the Hawaii Convention Center at about 6:30am and started passing out flyers. I handed out 800 flyers, my mother said I was “working the line like a politician.”:lwink: I wanted to be very clear that the petiton was not about saving CO, but about letting TV executives know there is a large enough audience for programming that takes this subject seriously and that we’d like John to have a show…blah, blah, you’ve all read the petition. I’m glad I did that because when John was asked about the show he was very clear…he was DONE with CO. He said he didn’t want to end up on a show with elements of “Fear Factor” or other shows that are popular now. He joked about not wanting to have to vote people out of the gallery because they weren’t crying enough. As I was listening to this, I must admit, I was thinking, “Well no one here is going to sign the petition now,” because one of the reasons I kept telling people it wasn’t about saving CO is that very few people seemed to get that even after I told them. Then, when he was so adamant that he had no intention of renewing his contract when it was up, and that he didn’t want to do it anymore, my hopes for a big turn-out from Hawaii kind of went down the drain.:(

    He DID say that he was very proud of CO and the people he worked with on the show. It sounded to me like they were being asked to make changes that no one wanted to make. He thinks one of the reasons CO started and ended when it did was to help people through 9/11. He also said that it ran for four years, and like High School and College, it’s time to graduate. He said that CO has always been just part of what he does publicly and that he’s not going anywhere. He’ll continue to do what he’s always done and if an opportunity presents itself to do another TV show that helps people gain a better understanding of how we remain connected, then he’d be happy to do it.

    He mentioned that his cousin, Josephine, passed away 5 days before the event. She has a daughter who is nineteen and losing her mother just like he did. He talked about how the painful things we go through in life give us the ability to help each other through the hard times.

    I didn’t take notes during every reading but I think this seminar was really amazing. Everyone has good days and bad days at work and I think its fair to say that this was a very good day for John. I was with my mother and my sister, both of them have seen him a few times too, and they both said it was the best they’d ever seen. Very little struggling for validations and a couple of jaw dropping moments.

    Here are the readings I took notes on:

    In the back of the room he went to a man who lost his father. Your father and brother have the same name. Yes. You’re in the Import/Export business. Yes.

    At that point the reading was “stolen” by a really funny man named Sam whose family was on the other side of the room towards the front. I was sitting pretty close and it was one of those moments that you can actually see the pull physically happen to John. REALLY COOL. That must be such a weird feeling.

    Sam started with the fact that he’d had many relationships, many marriages, and engagements. He was kind of a party guy with a great sense of humor. He brought through a woman who had been cared for by one of the people who were there that day. She had needed adult diapers and very intimate care and was thanking the woman for helping her. She mentioned that she was happy that the woman was wearing her ring. Sam came back and talked about his sister-in-law who was the only one who could put him in his place. JE was getting a really long strange name he was trying to sound out. It turned out to be Sam’s Hawaiian name. JE’s very happy he chose to use “Sam” instead to get his attention. JE askes if Sam was a “Bull***t” artist, like, would he exaggerate his accomplishments? The son laughed and said, yes. JE says he’s showing him all this political stuff, and the son says Sam had been very active in local politics. JE says then Sam is more “bragging than bull***ting.” Sam then let JE go back to the Import/Export guy who validated a suicide by a gemini. JE also tells him he’s moving. The man says he’s changing his whole life. JE says- Complete transformation.

    A woman in the front has a locket and Mom passed from lung cancer. I don’t have this whole reading but there was one funny moment: JE asks who’s in Pennsylvania. The woman says, no one. He says he feels pulled west of NY, like Pennsylvania. Woman says no. Starts naming different states. How about Ohio? JE-No. Wyoming? No. Illinois? No, I really feel like it’s Pennsylvania….. The woman keeps naming different states, eventually he laughes and says, ‘Only 36 more to go.’ Then the lady says, “Pittsburg?”:lwink:

    A man who died in a plane crash in the early 70’s came through to his daughter. He was the pilot. Other people were with him and had also died. He had been blamed for taking off in bad weather. It was very important for him to get across that it had been a mechanical problem. Not his fault. He had been a stunt pilot and was giving John the feeling that, “I’m not stupid. I knew what I was doing.” JE was getting the feeling of free-falling. The daughter said that was something he used to do. JE says this is a difficult reading for him to do seeing as he’s leaving for Australia in two days and he hates to fly. “Your father is making sure this is a very memorable reading for me.” In the family there are two people with R names, one of them is an R.A.- Yes. Someone in the family is a bank robber? No, but the family had been robbed, totally cleaned out. JE says, then someone in the family was involved. – Yes, they’d been set up.

    A young male who commited suicide is saying “I did it. I did it. I did it.” His mother is in the back of the room. (JE gets the “I did it.” from the kid’s show “Nora the Explorer.” Justin watches it and says, “Uh oh..I did it,” all the time.) The woman’s son had been a “daredevil” and may not have meant to really die, but he was taking responsibility for what happened to him. He says someone his mother workes with had been really rude to her about his death and she had handled it calmly. The mother says someone she worked with had said, (I wrote this down word for word because I could NOT believe anyone would be so cruel. The whole audience gasped.), “I’m really sorry your son is burning, burning, burning in hell, but I’m praying for you.” JE says she “should have slapped the sh*t out of her.” Big applause. The son is pulling back. JE starts to move on then suddenly goes back to the woman and says her son’s name is Michael. – Yes. The woman had been saying his name over and over in her head, “Come on Michael, Michael, Michael…”

    That’s it. It was a really amazing day. Sylvia does things differently. She lectured for more than an hour and was not as gruff as she is on TV. Then she pulled tickets out of a bag and if she pulled your ticket number you got to go to the microphone and ask a question. She did have some impressive hits and after one she laughed and said something like, “You didn’t think John EdwardS had a lock on this.” It was funny. She got through a whole lot of people but you really just have to take her word for whatever she tells you, which I can’t do. It’s kind of a strange way to do things I think.

    It’s great to be back. I have 101 threads to look at so I’ll be off now….



    Wonderful report, Sandra, worth waiting for. :jumper: This is your thread now for you to add anything else that comes to mind. You already know that no detail is too small to post. :D

    We did get a bunch of people from Hawaii signing after the seminar. You can’t tell how many people signed because of you. A lot of people would have waited until they got home to sign.


    Originally posted by Phigalilly
    The woman keeps naming different states, eventually he laughes and says, ‘Only 36 more to go.’ Then the lady says, “Pittsburg?”:lwink:


    Thanks for that great report, Sandra — you deserve another rest after that! :D

    You’ve got LOTS of catching up to do, so get comfy! Glad you had such a wonderful time and that you’re back safe and sound!


    Pam B

    Sandra, thanks for the report! It sounds like you had a well-deserved, relaxing and inspiring vacation! How wonderful!

    Your work with the flyers was not wasted. We saw an increase in signatures from people whose location was Hawaii. I hope that part of the experience was worthwhile to meet and talk to, some new faces :)


    :jumper: :jumper: Thanks Sandra for taking the time to post such wonderful info. You always do a great job. I hope you get some well needed rest & Thank you for handing out those flyers, I know you had fun doing it though. You are a good people person. Welcome Back!!!!:jumper: :jumper:

    Love & Light,


    Thank you for the report and Thank you for all the hard work you did. How sweet of you to work so hard…..


    Very interesting comments and good work with the flyers. Also, thanks for the update about Josephine – John did mention that at the 1/30 Bridges seminar. We will remember the families in our prayers.




    Well, the wait was definitely worth it! thanks so much for posting all those details about the seminar….that’s what we love around here! :lwink:

    I agree with John….she should have slapped that woman…how incredibly rude and insensitive of her to make a comment like that. :tsktsk:

    Sounds like you had a great time, and it was so sweet of you to “work the line” like you did….thank you!


    What great report, Sandra! You had me laughing right along with the crowd. Thanks for taking the time to make notes and allow us to share the in the fun with you.


    So good to have you home. I have missed you. Sounds like you had a great time. I wish I could have been there with you. And 800 flyers!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! I am sure we will continue to see the effects of your work. You rock girl!
    Love ya bunches,


    Thanks for sharing, Sandra!

    Well done with the flyers!!!!! It’s surprising how many people still don’t know!

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