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    Angels come from high above,
    with their wings a symbol of love,
    always happy in every way,
    as they come to you this day.

    When they come to guide you,
    and to you, this all seems new,
    if you need some angel wings,
    pray to god for all these things.

    It is love, that the angel brings,
    just for us, with praise, and sings,
    as we grow to learn all this,
    sending love and an angel kiss.

    How you earn your angel wings,
    prayer and trust in God it seems,
    when you pray your heart will know,
    and your life will change, like so.
    Look up to the heaven on high,
    angel wings are in the sky,
    sent from God, up above,
    with the symbol of love.

    Judy A. Gill


    oooo i love it:hearts: I will print this one and put it in my china cabinet with all my angels. I have been collecting angels for yrs now but i don’t have any angel poems…Thanks Carolyn:love:


    Beautidul, Carolyn – thanks for posting! :hearts:

    Paula Mae

    this is awesome Carolyn… thanks for posting it for us!!

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