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    Pam B

    I’m curious as to how many of our members are actively trying to develop their psychic skills.

    Are you taking development classes, or using an audio set by an established leader in the psychic field?

    Are you doing things on your own, like meditating, or journaling dreams, or using a divination tool?

    Or do you simply live life, and notice those hunches and inklings and listen to your gut about every day things?

    Or, do you not care one way or another?



    I put I’m doing it on my own.

    I cleaned out my meditation room. Yeah, remember when I was so excited about that room when I moved into this apartment. It became a junk room last year. I thought with working two jobs, a full-time boyfriend (long story), and sleeping whenever I could, I didn’t need it anymore. Boy, was I wrong. Quit the one job, the boyfriend got rid of me, and lo and behold I had a huge void in my life. I figured I needed to get back into meditating again, and I haven’t been happier! Every night I’m back in that room, and by focusing on calming myself down, my dreams have come back. I’m happy.

    Paula Mae

    Right now I am just going with the flow and following what my gut tells me to do, however I do want to get back into a more focused working on my own with the cds and meditation. I sure do need to zen out a bit cause work is driving me off the deep end thats for sure… take a deep breath.. relax… relax… relax… ahhhhhhh feel better already!

    Pam B

    I founded a local metaphysics meetup group, but I have not had time to actually attend. Luckily for me, I connected with Craig Hogan and he volunteered to keep it going.

    Craig and I spoke via email is 2001 when Tammy (Psyquestor) posted some stuff here about him. He was too busy to do anything at the time, but now 7 years later, we have a new mediumship “circle” that meets every Sunday evening. There’s 10 people in the group.

    It’s been very interesting! Every other week we switch between mental mediumship, and physical mediumship. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes. :hmm:


    Yeah we have the same metaphysics meetup group here in Ottawa (pending meetings through the same webpage as yours Pam) BUT there are lotsa people who have signed up but no leader so we are yet to actually have one. I can’t commit at this time to be the organizer……too bad really
    I will get back into my meditating c.d’s when schools back i can’t even go pee in this house without someone wanting something from me hahahahaha I definately just go with the flow but try to pay attention to small details around me. I have this thing with time lately so i am aware that there is a interesting pattern happening lately. Mostly the 11:11 but very often i will get 3:33 or 4:44 or 12:12 & its not like i am ever looking for it it just occurs frequently. I wish i did journal my week too week activities but i am terrible at keeping it going. And Steph…. you lucky gal your own little room:P



    I’ve been part of a silent meditation group but if there’s a metaphysical group around, I haven’t heard of it. It might be that I should go looking. I do meditate regularly, however, and can feel a change physically. I’ve also recently become a Reconnective healer, which has hiked my vibration by a factor of three or four.

    I had an assessment reading with Jennifer Farmer (who I highly recommend, by the way) and was told (without any hint from me about any desire) that my third eye is about to pop, and that I should stop taking my intuition for granted because it’s very strong. She’s very good, reads your body (with the help of your “spiritual team”) and picked up a glitch in my right hip, something I was warned of by a bone scan a couple of years ago. Fosamax has helped improve the condition there, but obviously there’s work still to do. Using my treadmill for its real purpose instead of hanging clothes on it might help even more. Forewarned etc.

    If my psychic abilities are becoming stronger, it’s doing it with little help from me other than meditating. And trying to bribe the Law of Attraction.



    I am currently trying to figure out what these gifts are that I have. I am always trying to improve my psychic self. But in the past 9 yrs it has been harder for me because my mind is going through a wierd awakening.



    I have been taking classes and just started a couple a months ago with a meditation circle. I have been having alot more happening everyday:banana:

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