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    Okay, I figure most folks want to know how to increase being sensitive to the “clairs”. What I’d like to know is how to control them. Sometimes it’s not convenient to entertain “guests” or get “messages” from the other side. Waking me up at 1 am, standing over my bed, scaring me half to death, is not cool.

    Calling my daughters and me into the living room at midnight, just to see if we show up– not cool.

    So how does one set parameters?

    Pax, roufus


    Roufus – first of all, welcome. Second, I would very much like to invite you to read around the board and see others that have asked questions similar to your own. Third – I am thinking that you are not protecting yourself. It is just possible that you are so open to ‘everyone’ that anyone and everyone can come visit you -invited or not. No wonder you don’t think this is cool.

    If you meditate at all please remember to protect yourself. Just like leaving home and not locking your door – you don’t want just anybody to come into your home.



    roufus wrote:
    So how does one set parameters?

    Pax, roufus

    In John’s One Last Time tapes he does the meditation where you build a psychic room. I don’t know if you know about this. At any rate, he mentions that you can train yourself to turn your “psychic switch” to the OFF position.


    Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I’ve listened to how one creates a psychic room and the switch that turns “off” and “on”, and I’ve done that. Maybe the switch is faulty! These occurrences had nothing to do with meditating; in fact, I’ve had only one occurrence since I first meditated (which was a peaceful pleasant experience; the only thing I saw was an auric light…)

    I grew up praying but meditating is new for me; coming out of it I had the same feeling as when I had experienced deep hypnosis– logey, dull and draggy as if part of me didn’t get out of the trance.

    These things come in waves. I can go months without anything happening, and then for a week or so all sorts of things happen.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    pax, ruth


    Have you tried smudging your house? If the spirits are affecting not only you but your daughters as well, it could be time for a smudging. I can empathize with being woken up in the middle of the night and being freaked out by the other side. The house I grew up in was “haunted” for lack of a better term. One of the original owner’s of the house lived there for 27 years and even passed there. She didn’t want to move on to the next world as she wants to stay in that house.

    I don’t want to bother anyone reading this as the experienes are kinda weird, so if you would like more details, email me and I’ll share them privately.

    So perhaps a deep clean to help purge the house of negativity, cleanse the energy of the house with some sage and sprinkle your permiter with either holy water or a mixture of sea salt and water. Then as you are still relatively new to the meditating thing, surround yourself, your family and your house in the Glinda Bubble and turn your switch to that off position…

    I hope this helps!



    Hi Megan! Smudging is a good idea. I’ll try that. I don’t necessarily want to get rid of them, just the 1 a.m. over-the-bed lurking that wakes me up.

    “Haunted”– . I used to think the houses I lived in were haunted; now I think it’s me, or us, since the energies follow us from place to place. We even have little cat-like energies that scurry in front of us and disappear around corners or down the stairs.

    With the girls enough happened that I told them whatever they see, just be polite and friendly to them and don’t tell anyone at church about it.

    I’ll send you an email. I’d like to hear about your “hauntings”.

    pax, roufus


    Y’all are not alone….My parents house, ok my old room, is haunted if you will. We all have had many things occur in the house, but my room was/is the spot where 90% of the unexplained happens/happened. I would like to hear about your experiences and will share mine as well. Talk to you soon!

    Love & Light,


    I definitely wish I was armed with the knowledge I know now about psychic self defense and cleansing an area.

    There is a prayer you can do around your bed to help keep away the lurkers – just smudge your bedroom on a regular basis and before going to sleep, talk to them and say you don’t mind them being there during the waking hours or even in another part of the house but during the sleeping hours, your bedroom and bed are off limits and to keep quiet.

    See if that helps?



    Hi All! Thanks for the info. As far as experiences go, as soon as I find my way back to the appropriate forum –psychic experiences?– I’ll post some of my experiences.

    pax, roufus


    this is from an old thread, but, related,

    Originally Posted by Seeking
    … Do you think it’s a gift … that someone has got or … do you think that anybody could be a physcic or medium. … I am aware that you can work on qualities, but maybe it’s not meant for everybody. Seeking Quote.

    Fun questions!

    Gift or ______? Yes, I think it is a gift, but a difficult one. For a long time I have looked for an expression meaning; blessing = curse = gift = talent. Now, with better control, I’m more comfortable with it. More like; blessing = responsibility = gift = talent.

    Depends on if you can, both control it, and get some psychic self-defence going. The horrors, like on the TV show ‘Medium’ remind me, of some people I have known over the years. They were overwhelmed.

    Most of them, I think, wanted to shut it out, not control it. Because they rejected the gift, they could not consider psychic self-defence, to control the side effects.

    Are you asking if people, Got it or not? Yep, some people have very little, some people have more than they can easily handle, some people are so amazing there is no other way to explain it. I think everyone starts with some ‘gift of talent’. Then, has to find out what. There are a lot of strings attatched. Often you have to 1. work hard at being centered and grounded, 2. a good person, responsible, 3. setting up defences and boundaries.

    Then, finally, if you want to, work on the skills. :rosary:

    [for Don] If it is litterally number of brain cells we use or not. There is a quote [maybe, Edison] “… 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration” But I also think, that some of us start with 2%, and some 11%.

    Is it meant for everyone? NO, but that goes for anything, and any talent. A talented artists, might also do counterfit or graffitti. Some computer people are hackers or write viruses…. It is how we use it. :( Then again, some people are cut out to work in a hospital or law enforecment, some are not. Difficult specialties, with or without talent. [like TV Medium again]

    For example, sometimes we enjoy a sport or hobby that we are not very talented at. But we do it! for fun! You get better, with practice and good teachers.

    If you are very talented you get much better, faster. And both practice and lessons, speed up the process. And keep you safe. JE, uses the car driving example. Are you a race driver or drive to work?

    Well, that’s my 2+ cents worth,
    KAY :shrug:


    I have not heard the term Clair before would someone be so kind as to explain what it means. I feel that it has something to do with seeing spirits and meditation. I know it sounds like a dumb question but I was raised with old terminology and some new due to watching John Edward but I only caught his last season shows more often then his first shows. I would appreciate any help with some of the newer terms and thank you in advance.:)


    Clairs is short for clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairalience (clear smelling), and clairambience (clear tasting). It’s basically the 5 ways mediums get information from the other side – through seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting using their psychic rather than physical senses.


    Clair is a form of the word, “clear”. Everyone has heard the word “clairvoyance”, which means clear seeing. The ability to see things that are outside the normal perception.

    Ancestor wrote:
    … the term Clair… would someone be so kind as to explain what it means. .:) Anyway, beyond the formal definitions of the Clairs, it is short hand for how we recieve [intuit, ‘know’, psi messages, esp] information, ‘things’. :rainbow: Nicknamed the Ladies Clair. So, sort of like, Do you hear things? See auras etc. See the future? Feel drawn somewhere. Smell somthing that reminds you of… Get a bad taste in your mouth when you see a person you automatically don’t trust? :teleport: and so on…
    There are no dumb questions. :thumbsup: And it is always easier if you have seen someone, like [JE] John Edward, as he explains things so well. :D

    K :shrug:

    On an old thread, I found this quote, from a JE interview, Thanks to by Phigalilly : 08-07-2003 at 10:47 PM.

    Phigalilly wrote:
    … Does communication from the dead just bombared you all day long?
    No, not at this point. It used to. I didn’t used to realize that I was allowed to kind of control it. I didn’t realize I had the conscious ability to be like, “No, not now” or “Yes, let’s try.” Through meditation and preperation I alow myself the time to be on, and usually 90 percent of the time I am off. If it’s going to happen, hey, it’s going to happen – I’m not notgoing to tell somebody. But if I was constantly always on, it would be just too overwhelming. :lwink:

    Everyone thank you so much for explaining and I shall remember that there are no dumb questions. :D

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