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    Pam B

    Does this FAQ apply to other events that John is at, like the Jodere “Journey of the Soul” events, or the taping of Crossing OVer?

    No, this FAQ only applies to John Edward seminars.

    What’s the best and first place that I find out when a seminar comes to a city near me?

    John’s seminar page at his website is usually updated first. We try to get the seminar announced in our group as quickly as possible, and then up to our
    Calendar .

    How do I request that John come to my city/state/country?

    The best way to get the attention of the people who plan John’s tours is to send a regular mail to the following address, expressing your desire for John to do a seminar near you:

    Get Psych’d Inc
    PO Box 383,
    Huntington, NY 11743

    I attended a seminar and I’d like to provide some feedback about the seminar, the venue, etc., who do I tell?

    Use the same address as above:

    Get Psych’d Inc
    PO Box 383,
    Huntington, NY 11743

    Are kids allowed?

    Kids are allowed in the seminar, as long as they behave themselves and do not provide a distraction. Sixteen is the recommended minimum age, but younger children are not turned away. For obvious reasons, it would not be a good idea to bring an infant or a toddler, or a child who could not sit still or quietly for up to 3 hours without a break.

    How many people will be at the seminar?

    Anywhere between 1500-3000 people. It could be more, so ask your ticket seller when you purchase the ticket.

    Wow! That’s a lot of people, when the Crossing Over Gallery is only 120 people. Will everyone get a reading?

    No, not everyone will get a reading. There’s only time for 3 hours worth of readings, and some readings can go fairly long without the constraints of TV production issues. But as John says, if you’re there witnessing someone connect with their loved one who has Crossed Over, you’re also connecting with your loved ones too. If you have appropriate expectations about your chance for a reading in a crowd of 3000, then you will not walk out disappointed. Just seeing John’s work live, is a very memorable and touching experience.

    I’m really hoping for a reading. How can I increase my chances, and does it matter where I sit?

    There is nothing YOU can do to increase your chances for a reading. It does not matter where you sit. If you’re supposed to get a reading, you will. It’s not up to you, or to John, it’s up to spirit. Even people in the bathroom have been known to have messages come through for them, and have the entire audience’s attention upon their return to their seat. This makes a good case for taking care of business before the seminar starts!

    How should I prepare for a seminar?

    The best thing you can do is to talk to your Crossed Over loved ones, not only before a seminar, but every day of your life. But before a seminar, make sure you know your family tree or you’ll have “psychic amnesia”. Know birthdays, anniversaries and dates and causes of passing. Here’s some tips for preparing for a reading with John Edward.

    What should I bring?
    You may want to bring paper and pen so that you can take notes on the lecture portion, or if you or someone with you are lucky enough to get a reading, you can take notes on the reading. As noted below, Kleenex is a good idea too, as some of the readings can be extremely emotionally intense, even if you’re just listening.

    What’s the dress code?

    Be as casual or as expressive as you wish. Be prepared to sit for 3 hours. Most people do NOT “dress up.” What you may have heard about “wearing dark clothing” applies to the taping of the TV show only.

    What will happen if I use a camera or a tape recorder during the seminar?

    No recording devices or cameras of any kind are allowed. The energy of such devices interferes with the energy coming through in a reading. Plus, it’s just downright distracting, and that’s rude. Even if you try to “slip” one in, anyone even sitting near anyone else using any recording device be it camera, sound, video cam, etc. will NOT get a reading. What it WILL get you is some very angry stares from those sitting around you.

    How early should I get there?

    If it’s general admission, and you want a seat up front so you can see better during the lecture portion of the seminar, plan to get there at least 4 hours in advance of the doors opening. Check the venue (or the telecharge website) to find out what time the doors open.

    If it’s assigned seating, plan according to traffic, parking, etc.

    What’s the format of the seminar?

    The seminar will begin on time. John will usually speak lecture-style for the first 20 -40 minutes or so, and possibly take some questions. He may or may not take a short break to meditate before readings. He’s been known to launch into a reading of someone asking a question. When doing readings, he will direct his assistants with microphones to a certain area, section, row of the audience and start delivering the messages he’s getting. He’ll go from section to section, where ever he’s being “pulled” by spirit. He may or may not actually go down into the audience to find the person. He may or may not take questions in between readings. The seminar will usually end on time.

    Will John be available to sign books after wards?

    John will not be available to sign books after the seminars. We suspect the sheer volume of people makes this impossible.

    Will I be able to buy John’s books and/or tapes at the seminar?

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    If the seminar is sold out, can I try to get some here on the forum?

    Glad you asked! We have a topic specifically set up for just such an emergency, just click here. Remember, don’t put any personal information in your post, people can respond safely using the email or pm buttons.

    Some of my online Friends and I want to meet up at the seminar, so we can put faces with names. Any suggestions?

    Yes, Safety First please!

    – Always meet in a public place
    – Always tell someone where you’re going and what you’re doing.
    – Never post details about other places you’re staying or meeting afterwards except for the venue itself.
    – To find each other in a large crowd, take 2-3 pink helium baloons on a tall string. You won’t be allowed to take these balooons into the seminar, but you can usually keep them while waiting in line.
    – Wear pink roses (means “I love you” and is the logo for our site) or pink carnations which are less expensive.
    – Make and wear one of our member-designed T-shirts or an armband custom designed by Don, so you can recognize each other in a crowd.
    – When others ask about where you got your Tshirts, you’ll want to tell them about our website. We have business cards that we’d love to send you, free of charge except for the cost of the stamp:


    If you’ll send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

    PD Blizzard
    50 Country Lane
    Heyworth, Illinois 61745

    I’ll send you a hand full of the cards to keep or hand out at the seminars, or to give to friends and family.


    Fantastic Information Pam. THANKS
    If John ever comes back to the Boston area (I’ll go anywhere in NewEngland to see him) CT, ME, NH, RI, NY….maybe even VT. I may take you up on the offer of cards.
    The more the merrier at this site is my motto.


    Thanks so much Pam, you answard all my questions, before i could even ask them, only 6 Days until St.louie….i feel like a kid at Christimas……Thank You Kristina


    Thanks so much for the information! I am going to see John Edward tomorrow in St. Louis and can’t wait!


    Dearest Pam,

    As my nephew would say, “You Totally Rock!”. I am constantly amazed by all of your hard work and dedication you have put into this amazing board… Iron On T-Shirt Decals, Book Markers, Links to news articles/press releases and media clips about Crossing Over and John totally blow me away. I EVEN SAW MY NAME LISTED THIS MONTH ON THE BIRTHDAY CALENDAR!!!

    I just want to take a moment to thank you and all of the wonderful, creative members of this board who give so much of their time… for ALL OF US!!!

    Once again, my sincere thanks!

    I am
    Sincerely yours,

    Pam B

    Aww shucks :blush: You’re welcome. It’s a group effort :)

    I can’t take credit for the birthdays on the calendar though, it’s an automatic thing, if you have your birthday in your profile. Man, have you ever seen all the birthdays on the calendar??? Whew, that would keep my busy for sure!


    Thanks Pam. This is a big help. One thing missing under “what should I bring?” ….. a box of tissues. If not for yourself, pass it on the one next to you. Someone is sure to need it.


    Here I am getting all Psych’d UP to attend my first John Edward Seminar. These tips will sure come in handy. Thanks Pam!


    Thanks for the info!
    I am going to see John edward tomorrow in New Haven CT.
    I am very excited. I am taking my sister.


    Hey Pam,

    At the risk of repeating what has been said already… thank you for this post and so many others that I have read in the last two weeks. You do a great job!





    My name is Laura and I am from St. Louis. I am going to John’s Wichita seminar. Are you going?


    Pam B

    Hi Laura, welcome to the group. No, I won’t be attending.


    This looks like a good time to bump this thread, especially for those who are attending a seminar for the first time in the VERY near future!

    Congrats to all! Have fun and enjoy!


    I’m attending the Omaha seminar (my first :jumper: ) and this information was very helpful. Thanks.

    I’m just too excited. The next few weeks are going to kill me.:D



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