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    Me too! The next three weeks will be filled with lots of yoga and meditation to calm myself down!



    Hi, Pam….

    Every day I’m part of this Board I am more and more amazed ( to say nothing of greatful) of this wonderful site you have put together and work so hard to maintain. Thank you! and everyone that helps:love:

    With the excitement of the LV seminar coming up, there may be a revival of this thread (which is great!). I was wondering if you are still offering business cards to take with those of us that are attending???

    Again, many thanks, Pam and all!:musicnote :musicnote

    Love and light,



    You’re a lifesaver. I had all of these questions about the seminar I am (hopefully) going to be attending later this year, and one foul swoop of reading this board, and they’re all answered.

    Thanks a lot.



    Thank you so much for this information. I had originally tried to get tickets for the Dallas seminar, and could not. Then in a very discreet, safe manner, I ended up getting tickets from a member of this forum who could not go. Not only that, but my friends who wanted to go got tickets too. I paid face value, no gimmicks. I am soooo excited:jumper: to go. Getting read is not a priority, but being there is. Thanks to you & all the others out there who have offered me support & hope.


    Pam B

    I am SO glad this forum has been able to help. Thanks to ALL the wonderful members of this board who make this place a real community!


    Hi Pam :cool:

    This thread is perfect for those of us who are new to the seminars. It looks as though I am going to go to the Las Vegas seminar, thanks to a member who could not attend. Many of the questions I had were answered and I appreciate the information. So are those business cards still available? Also, how can I get one of Don’s armbands? I am so happy to be going. I can’t thank you enough for beginning this website for the excellent moderating you, Don, et. al. do.

    Gay :musicnote

    Pam B

    There are still business cards…and the armband (and other TV shirts and stuff ) can be found at:



    Dearest Pam:

    Not sure if you’ll see this post or not, or even if it’s in the right place. I’m going to John’s seminar in Columbus on May 16th (it’s April 23rd), and I would love some of the friends cards to hand out. However, I am aware that you recently moved, so where would I send the information to you?

    I know you’ve heard it before,, but YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!



    Thankyou so much for all the information in this thread. Since this is my first seminar, I found it very helpful to get prepared.
    Thankyou Pam!!!
    I have been working on my family tree and was quite overwhelmed as I have a huge family but I managed to
    get it all in a notebook to take with me. I think I’ve pretty
    much got it all to memory now but you never know!




    other than that that is on the john edward website? Thanks



    Welcome Kim, :wave: I’m not quite sure what you are asking.

    Almost all of us purchase tickets through Ticketmaster, Telecharge, or any other place listed on John’s site for his events.

    We do not like or advise anyone to get them from scalpers. People selling them on places like Ebay for way above the purchase price are scalpers.

    We also have a forum on here for members to post they are looking for tickets. Members who have tickets available that they can not use will privately contact those looking through email. Our members sell them at cost.

    Hope you see your answer here. :)



    Recently I decided I would attend a seminar and ended up getting tickets for the Las Vegas event. I can’t wait to attend, even if I don’t get a reading I’m excited just to be there. I do have a few questions.

    Does anyone know why the Southern CA events are already sold out?

    How many people can we expect at the Vegas event?

    Why are they not sold out?

    Anyone else going to Vegas?



    Cat, if the seminar is a gallery sized one, it could be from 250 -400 people. I see there are two in Las Vegas and one is sold out.

    You can expect most of John’s events to sell out quickly now that he is on television again. California seminar have always sold out quickly.


    Pam you just keep amazing me over and over again. I am so thrilled that I found this site. Its really neat the connection i see you each have with each other. I look forward to getting to know you all better(with what little free time I have) 13 and 5 yr olds keeping me hoppin’. As I am going to see JE in T.O. July 22I would love to get some cards from you. I will send a self addressed envelope. I will also take 2 pink roses with me. The link to get a t-shirt wouldn’t open for me?? Man you must be one “organized lady “. The work that you put into this site is astounding!!
    Bye for now Leigh:P

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