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    I just moved from Las Vegas , so here’s my 2 cents…..

    JE was just there in August, the “locals” mostly went to that and it was a seminar so tickets were only $75. (I attended then moved 2 months later)

    The event scheduled for Thursday hasn’t sold out, it has been on there for months. My opinion is because of the way flights come in and out of Vegas. Wed and Thurs are slower days in Vegas in terms of tourists, so more people come on the weekends.

    The Friday event got added later and sold out quickly. (few weeks I think) despite the other still being available.

    Don’t worry, the morning of the seminar tickets were still available and the room was sold out!!! Some “tourists” will hear about it and then just come….and surprisingly will know about JE not just going to get entertained. All in that synchronicity I guess!!


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