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    Pam B

    I know I visited this site many years ago and probably posted the link here, but it seems to have been ‘archived’ into CyberSpace.

    This is a great website to put your psychic ability to use — to test and compare your results against the thousands of others who visit and do the same.

    There are several tests that test your remote viewing and pre-cognitive skills.

    If you log soon, you can compare to me (pdblizzard). It would be fun if we could all try it out and compare scores, and “how to’s”, i.e., did you hear the result (clairaudiance), did you see the result (clairvoyance) etc etc.

    The Boundary Institute GotPsi test area

    Boundary Institute is a nonprofit scientific research organization dedicated to the advancement of 21st-Century science. We are currently pursuing two major research themes, one concerning the foundations of physics, the other the foundations of mathematics and computer science.


    CarolynB(28.0 to 1)51 out of 200* =26% Total clairsentience for me, LOL … didn’t hear a thing, didn’t see a thing … just went with my gut. My second run of 100 was much higher than my first. First run was about at odds … 21 out of 100, my second run was 30 out of 100. That’s typical for me on these tests, the more I do them, the more I “let go” the higher I score.


    I was just about to post the weekly Angel Message, but when I saw this thread and how it relates, I had to smile… ;)


    ooooo…That’s a fun site. Sure beats playing computer mahjong or solitaire! :D


    I figure this thread got bumped for a reason, LOL… :wave:

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