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    This year I have decided to start my holiday shopping and crafting early. I just read one of the best gift ideas I have ever heard and had to share it. The gift is called a Memory Jar.

    Choose a jar that fits the personality of the recipient. Fill it with small cards (i.e. index cards) on which you or other family members, friends, etc. have written or typed warm memories, favorite quotes, funny family stories, thank you notes for things they have taught you over the years, or for sacrifices they have made for you which may have gone unthanked, etc. Attach a simple instruction to read one card per day, or to read as desired.

    What a great way to honor and appreciate older family members who already have more “stuff” than they will ever need. And the best part is…you can always add more memory cards throughout the year!:love:


    I Love IT!!
    Thanks Dawn and “Hi”:wave: by the way


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