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    Hi every one.I am a new member and reletively new to the JE experience..I so desperately want JE to be legite but (please don’t be offended you lot) you just can’t always believe what you see on the tv can you? What I do believe is that John believes he is connecting with the other side..I am convinced he is not a fraud…however could he be reading minds.?Does anyone know if he has been scientifically investigated?
    I just don’t understand why this mans face is not on the front page of every newspaper around the world..truly connecting OR reading minds it doesn’t matter.The man appears to be truly remarkable and should be attracting attention from all walks of life… from the believer to the sceptic !!! Greetings from the UK:)

    Pam B

    Yes, though there is much controversy surrounding the tests.

    Go here for more information:


    Hi Ramases and Welcome!

    May I also suggest that you read his books. His first book, “One Last Time” and follow that with his latest book “Crossing Over-The Stories Behind The Stories”. When you read these books, will get an insight of just who he is and how he does what he does, and other information also, including the scientific study performed.

    You can order these books through Amazon or from his website

    Again, welcome, and if you have any more questions, ask away, everyone is so friendly here and always willing to help, inform or just say hello. Take care, Cyndy:)


    :wave: Hi Ramases! Good to meet you. I know you can speak only for yourself, but I have always wondered this: why can someone accept and believe that JE is reading minds, but not that he is communicating with spirits on the Other Side?

    Seriously, if i put skeptic shoes on (and by the way they don’t make them in my size) I would find it much harder to believe someone could read my mind than that they could communicate with those who have crossed over.

    just wondering……. Heidi


    no no no – no offense at all! I totally honor and respect ANYone’s opinion on this. I just have always wondered that about mind reading and thought that maybe I’d gain some insight into that theory! You are right – the man is doing SOMEthing amazing! Heidi :)

    Pam B

    I had the same thought (about reading minds) in the beginning, but had to throw that explanation out the window when John could tell people verifiable facts, that they themselves never knew.

    The best example, was the man who hadn’t seen his father since the war with Germany. He searched all through Germany to find his Dad for many years with no luck.

    John kept saying he was getting a Brazilian or Portuguese connection, and a few other facts. The man found out that after the war, his Dad spent most of his time in Brazil, and had learned the Portuguese language.

    Many times on the Crossing Over show, John provides facts the sitter can’t validate but then uses their cell phone to call a relative hundreds of miles away, and the relative verifies what John is saying.

    It’s hard for me to believe that John was reading the mind of the person hundreds of miles away, who he never laid eyes on. If he could do that, he’d have “insider trading” information and he’d make a killing on the stock market ;)



    You’re doing exactly what John Edward suggests — remaining skeptical while keeping an open mind.



    Yes, John Edward was tested by paranormal authorities at the U. of Arizona. Their conclusions showed that JE did , indeed, have a very special gift, and that is having the ability to communicate with the spirits of our departed loved ones.
    As for the media, They have a tendency to cover mostly negative news. They never talk about miracles, psyhics, or even loving things people do for one another. It’s a disgrace that the papers are this way.
    I definitley believe John , as he describes very personal information that no one else knows but the spirt and their physical loved ones on the earthly plane.
    HOpe this helps,
    Mary Ellen:)

    dawn sadler

    the show you mentioned Pam, the one about the man and his father in Germany, that one has been shown here, in the UK! a while back now. and it was a wonderful show, esp, if you had any doubts, i never have, but for anyone who has, that show is one that would get you thinking!:)
    Ramases, did you see that show?


    I just read last night his script from his chat the other night. Someone asked him that very question. His reply was if he was reading minds he would say exactly what was on their minds and that’s not what he is doing. Check out the sites others posted and read his chat and you can see what his response was. Hope this helps.



    Morning all,

    well thanks to you all I am learning new info on JE daily.I take the point about the man you mentioned Pam and I have to agree that it would be unlikely to read the mind of man that claims he had no proir knowledge of his Father. I didn’t see that episode Dawn (as you know fairly new to this..still having trouble finding my way round the computor which I’m also new to ).Hopefully they will repeat it…just how long has living been showing it on UK tv anyway?.

    I hope you are all right..I envy your unblinding faith and wish I possesed the ability to just accept .Most of you I presume have known about the man longer and some of you have had readings or seen the man at work in the flesh. That is the goal I am trying to achieve…although almost impossible it would seem from the UK!!! However I value all the input I am receiving from you all and every day I find myself questioning more and more ..which is good isn’t it?

    dawn sadler

    Ramases, i have been watching “crossing over” since about “May”, i think! i stumbled on it one afternoon after dropping my daughter off at nursery, and i was gobbed smacked at what i was seeing, i drove my family mad for weeks, before anyone took any notice of me, and now there all hooked, even my dad, and he takes some beating at most things.
    Don’t forget “LIVING”, has an hour special, tonght at 6.35pm. get those videos sorted.:D


    ramases wrote and asked:
    “Hi every one.I am a new member and reletively new to the JE experience..I so desperately want JE to be legite but (please don’t be offended you lot) you just can’t always believe what you see on the tv can you? What I do believe is that John believes he is connecting with the other side..I am convinced he is not a fraud…however could he be reading minds.?Does anyone know if he has been scientifically investigated?”

    Reply: Yes John and 4 other mediums have been investigated at the University of Arizona and there will also be follow-up experiments with these folks. For all the scientific investigation into this process including this one, check out.

    As far as mental telepathy is concerned, this is precisely how mediums communicate with the consciousnesses of not only the departed but those here. It is a matter of sorting out the sources of the information. The process is the same. People get hung up on the fact that a medium is tuning in on the people here. This is possible but not probable …..considering the nature of the information that is given. There are since the beginning of mankind, approx. 8 billion souls on some sort of a giant cosmic telephone system and in theory a trained medium can receive messages from any of them, living now or not. By relatives focusing on those they desire contact with, often bringing a whole circle of relatives and friends (party line) with them, they enable the medium to communicate accurately. Without cooperation from the other side accurate communication could not occur.

    Pam B

    Originally posted by ramases
    I hope you are all right..I envy your unblinding faith and wish I possesed the ability to just accept [/B]

    Not all of us have “blind” faith. I certainly didn’t. Some people do, and John even talks about this in his new book. It’s the 20-60-20 theory.

    20% will believe from the start without question.
    60% will be open to believing, but will question, search, seek, and maybe even believe to some point, but still retain a varying degree of skepticism.
    20% will never believe, even if John was able to conjure up the very body of their dead Aunt Agnes on their lap.

    I’m definately in the 60%. I believe, but I still question. I was talking to a friend (who shall remain nameless unless she wants to pipe in here), but she told me that she believed from the very beginning, never had a doubt or question in her mind and never will.

    So, welcome to the 60%, where it’s just as comfy, and safe and warm as in the first 20% of those who believe. I’m just happy to not be in the last 20% ;)


    I would be the last person to question anybody’s faith as I personally respect people’s rights to believe, partially believe or not believe. If you are talking about religious belief.

    A lot of people who are dealing with this on the secular or non-religious side, however, feel that the word “belief” has multiple meanings and may be a misnomer altogether. From their point of view it is not necessaily so much a matter of belief as it is simply one of acceptance (and if “belief”encompasses acceptance than so be it). If you use the word belief from a religious standpoint you will find people all over the map. If you use it from a secular viewpoint (e.g. I believe the food on the table will satisfy my hunger or the water will satisfy my thirst) then it takes on an altogether different context.

    I don’t want to tread on religion here, which is not my area of expertise, but on a secular level the process we are talking about is not always (for all people) one of belief as it is recognition of something which is valid, accurate, real, correct, true, etc etc (I am sure we can think of other words that fit here). or, from the cynic’s and closed minded skeptics’ point of view, not accurate, not real, not correct, or not true. For those who ascribe a religious basis to LAD and ADCs rather than a secular, scientific basis, this is their inalienable right and it is as good as any.

    There is plenty of room for both sides to co-exist in acceptance or belief of what we are discussing here which is why efforts to drive a wedge between science and religion (by the skeptics) is so
    infuriating. The Catholic Church has recognized their mutual interests with science and has a history, in the last 50 years at least, of promoting that interest.

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