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    I’d say use your birth name. My girlfriend is ungrounded. She doesn’t get along with many people. I’ve noticed that she likes people who call her by her birthname and not her nickname. I think it’s the energy of the names.

    just my opinion…….


    Originally posted by forgiveness

    Beaut site. Emailed enquiry to them. Hope it is not horrendously expensive.

    Great presentation thanks for finding it.



    If we are suppose to use our name at birth, then could someone please tell me which name I need to use?
    My name at birth is completely different then the name that I have now. Being adopted, my parents changed my name to something that they wanted, not the name that I was given at birth. So, now what do I do? Do I use my “birthname” or do I use the name my adopted parents gave me?
    I’d really appreciate some input here.



    Jacqueline…..John’s says that you should use the name as it appears on your birth certificate…..that’s what he says on his audio tapes. Hope that helps you!



    This website is free and does a great job of explaining numerology:

    It will also calculate your numbers: personal day, personal year, personal name, personal numbers, career numbers, soul numbers, destiny numbers, personal aspects and Life Path. From the home page, click on “Numberology tools” and on the right hand side are links to all those numbers as well as an interpretation of them.

    They also have an excellent reading list.

    Wow! It’s been a while since I was at this site and there is lots more information than there used to be. What I really like is what they say here:

    “Knowledge is power. Utilize as many books, teachers, and classes that you can while using our site as a reference point. No one person or resource can be your only source of information. Keep an open mind and good luck on your journey into Numerology. We hope that we can be of help!”


    Originally posted by Jacqueline
    :confused: My name at birth is completely different then the name that I have now. Being adopted, my parents changed my name to something that they wanted, not the name that I was given at birth. So, now what do I do?

    The reference to using a “birth name” is to differentiate that from your “known name” which is usually a nickname. I did a chart for a woman who went by her middle name, no one had known her legal name was “Helene.” Or, if your name is Margaret, people might call you Peggy. That sort of thing.

    Your birth name is not necessarily the name you were given technically at birth, but the full name you grew up with. If you were adopted as a baby or very young child, go with your full legal name, which I am assuming is the one your adoptive parents chose. If you were adopted as an older child or teen-ager, go with the original name on your birth certificate.

    You use the numbers from the different names to determine different sets of traits.




    I phoned my friend and teacher, Ellen, whom I write about at length in Paige’s thread, and asked her about your question. Her answer agrees with what Theo said, if you were adopted as a baby, go with the name your adoptive parents gave you.

    She said if you weren’t adopted until you were older, say almost a year, THEN she would use the original name on the birth certificate. If you were adopted as an older child, say over a year or two, she would do charts using both names and study how they both fit you and weigh the pros and cons in helping you to decide what you AND she felt resonated with you as an adult coming to her for a session.

    What I find interesting AND frustrating is that John says to only use the name on the birth certificate…is that correct, he says that? If so, just another example of differing opinions from , in my mind, two impeccable sources (with Theo it’s three actually!) that gives conflicting and differing answers. And then we wonder why the unenlightened , uninformed, unstudied and uninterested don’t take us seriously. We have so much to learn and come to terms and aggreement with in the field of Metaphysics.

    And until there is more uniformity, we weaken our belief stance to the general public.

    Hope this helps a little, Jacqueline!


    Pam B

    Originally posted by Irish140
    Jacqueline,What I find interesting AND frustrating is that John says to only use the name on the birth certificate…

    If you’re quoting him from the workshop we attended, to be fair, he said that in answer to the question “do you use your married name or your birth name?” and I think I would agree with him there, because you can’t discount who you were before you got married. I wonder if he’d have a different answer if he were asked about adoption :confused:

    Pam B

    And until there is more uniformity, we weaken our belief stance to the general public.

    With all due respect, because Cindy, you KNOW I love you….I hope! But….

    Sirens went off in my head when I read this. Why does there have to be uniformity? Doesn’t freedom of thought and belief take a higher precedence than the comfort of uniformity of belief?

    No offense, but this sounds to me like “fundamentalism” as if one would be able to write a written book on which way is right or wrong. Can’t there be more than one school of thought with regards to numerology or any other scrying system?


    In my earlier post, I said that John stated on his audio tapes that we should use the name as it appears on our birth certificate.

    Just to be positive, I will quote him directly from the tape….

    “A numerologist will take your birth date and your name as it appears on your birth certificate and get to work”.

    But, that statement does not really address the subject of what to do under the circumstances of adoption, so I am not really sure. :confused:



    I’m so glad you asked me to clarify my thoughts, and you gave me such a laugh…I don’t know why, you’re just funny!

    But to get serious here,you’re absolutely right, in the realm of the spirit and the beyond -the-physical worlds, how can there be limits, and why would we try to install them?

    But here’s the thing. I don’t know how many times someone who’s not interested or not informed at all in astrology, numerology, mediumship, but especially in what is closer to the “Sciences” in that THESE areas(numerology and astrology) can be written down, have written symbols and some kind of step by step mathematical process.Anyway, these studies ARE based on irreffutable avenues,meaning the Natal Chart and the Numerology Chart have to be calculated so you can arrive at the blueprint: the Natal Chart. The Numerology Chart. There has to be a starting point to use in these two areas so you then can begin to “read, analyze, and learn about ourselves and others and how we fit in and why we’re here and what is our purpose.The starting point is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP , which we then in turn use to implement what it all means. There can only be one correct chart. We weaken our positions when we can’t even agree on how to get GET that chart, and so end up with many differing charts. No wonder we don’t get taken seriously.

    A Natal Chart is either wrong or it’s right. It’s either the right chart or the wrong chart. The Numerology chart is either wrong or it’s right, it’s either the correct one or the incorrect one. You don’t make up innumerable charts for either study and say ,well, I’ll use that rising sign for this purpose, or I’ll use that Life Path number from that configuration, and then use other figures and planetary placements from another chart, throw them all together and say “Dinner’s ready…come to the table!” The charts themselves are irrefutable. You cannot say oh I use the birth certificate name and that’s the only way. Or I use only the time on the birth certificate and that’s the only chart you should work with. Or no, you must use the Asteroids, or Sidereal Astrology, or no, only if I rectifiy to MY satisfaction will it be correct. As it stands now, we’ve got a huge hodge-podge system of calculating and we look like a bunch of unorganized, meandering souls. As a study, Metaphyiscs MUST have a foundation of agreement among those who practice it ,that at least in terms of the working starting point (meaning the chart itself,) well, there’s got to be a continuity, an undeniable aggreement among those who believe in its validity, that, yes, this is the way it’s calculated, drawn up, and DONE. We are weakened as a group when we can’t even agree that there is a right way and one way to arrive at the starting point. Either 1+1 =2 or it doesn’t.

    Having said all that, here is where maybe I’m not explaining myself and why I say you and I actually ARE in agreement:There is and must be utter freedom of expression in spirit. No walls, no limits, no wrong answers. Once you have a correct starting point, be it an astrology chart or a numerology chart, and this should be written in stone…it’s either wrong or it’s right…then the interpretation, the predictions, the opportunity for growth through self exploration, the endless possiblities and unending ways to use what these charts teach us, well, that’s where we fly!

    But, if what you base all this work and action on is not correct, you’re wasting your time because you’re working with a false foundation. And when a person who is curious about whether there IS anything to any of this, well, when they step inside that door and everywhere they turn they get a different answer, and that’s just on the charts themselves, the chaos in that kind of environment may well turn them off. All of us who believe do ourselves a great disservice when even we can’t agree among ourselves what’s correct or what’s not.

    The chart itself: there can be only one. What we do with it: endless possibilities!


    Pam B

    I hear in your words that you seek confirmation, acceptance, from those who are uninterested or uninformed. And I understand the desire for such acceptance, I really do. It’s human to want to be accepted and validated for what you do and believe.

    Since you understand me, I’ll write like I speak: the heck with them. It’s not about them, you don’t need thier acceptance. ;) Let those that can, hear and understand. But that’s easy for me to say, because I already hold that belief.

    Astrology IS in a class of it’s own, when it comes to scrying. I think the general concensus is, that using numerology, tarot, iching, etc. are simply tools to unlock the psyche, opening up channels to intuitive information.

    The birth moment is fixed, but as you say, interpretation is not. Without being able to access intuition or psychic information, you’re sunk. In that respect, isn’t the chart just a tool also?

    The name is not fixed, for a variety of reasons: marriage, adoption, nicknames, confirmation names, stage names, pen names, etc.

    What about when the birth registrar typist makes a mistake and you meant to name your child “Corey” but they type “Corrie”?

    What about when the registrar makes a mistake and types the birth time as a “3:45″ instead of 5:43” and no one ever challenged it, because at the time “who cares?”

    Isn’t the heart of what you do in the intution that over-rides the very human aspect of human error or ego that changes the initial “real” information (birth times, names)?

    Aren’t these human constructs (astrology charts, tarot, numerology) simply just tools to unlock the intuition?

    I don’t agree that we are weakened as a group when we don’t all agree on “one way” of doing it. How will new ideas or new information ever be formed, if Astrologists decide in the year 2004, “this is the way it’s done, this is right, not open to personal preference”. This is a New Idea Killer, to put such boundaries upon what I believe, is not meant to have boundaries? Isn’t this God’s (creator, the source, whathaveyou) territory, and how you can confine such energy to the written word?

    Would you suggest that the “rules” for astrology will never change? That a “scorpio rising” in the year 5624BC is to be interpreted exactly the same in the year 64,590AD? That suggests that the universe is fixed an unchanging.

    I admit I am not that knowledable in the field of astrolgoy, so maybe my lack of undertanding isn’t seeing the point. But I’m always anxious to listen and learn :)


    Originally posted by Pam
    I wonder if he’d have a different answer if he were asked about adoption :confused: [/B]

    I agree. I think when we look to John on this and some other things, we only have a few brief comments rather than a workshop with a lot of give and take or a book specifically on the topic which can cover the ubiquitous “exceptions to the rule.”



    MrsJones wrote:

    “A numerologist will take your birth date and your name as it appears on your birth certificate and get to work”.

    Keep in mind that many who are adopted (especially as infants) are issued “birth certificates” in their adoptive parents names … this is actually something I didn’t know until yesterday. (synchronicity!) A friend of mine who works in the office right next to me adopted a year ago and she has been trying to get his birth certificate so they can get his social security number so they can do their taxes. Unfortunately the office the adoption is coming out of is one of the offices particularly hard struck by 9/11 (they’re backed up from issuing the death certificates). The birth certificate won’t be available for another 6 months or so:( . Another side effect of 9/11 is the Homeland Security Agency won’t let Social Security issue social security numbers without birth certificates and all these parents have is the certificate of adoption. Fortunately they ran into a kind soul at SS who was willing to issue the SSN with the certificate of adoption (they had been working with a woman who was being a stickler for the rules!!!) This was with 2 US-citizen birth parents and 2 us-citizen adoptive parents … I can’t imagine the horror stories for non-citizen adoptions… But I digress …

    Pam wrote:

    Aren’t these human constructs (astrology charts, tarot, numerology) simply just tools to unlock the intuition?

    That’s certainly my take on it. The tools are only as good as the information used to construct them and then only as good as the intuit is in interpreting them. That’s a lot of variables going on.

    Pam B

    Carolyn that’s true, about being re-issued birth certificates. Zach has a Korean birth certificate from his date of birth, and when we went to court to finalize the adoption over a year after his birth, we were issued a State Of Illinois birth certificate, with his original birth date. More opportunities for error, when transcribing from one document, to another, just the like bible (but now *I* digress!)

    If you folks haven’t figured this out about me already, I have a problem with ‘authority’ ;) and I detest fundametalism of any kind, even in the “New Age” category. I can’t stand being told how to interpret absract information.

    In my opinion, the early mystic Jews and the Native Americans had the right idea when they refused to put certain metaphysical or spiritual teachings into writing. They knew that the teachings would suffer when confined to the written word, because of multiple translations and copying error, and that the written word just doesn’t compare to a verbal teaching.

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