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    I was just taking a shower and thinking about what I wrote and I thought, that 1,000 years doesn’t feel right. Theo, I think what you and I are referring to with the 1,00 years is that THAT’S the length of time the transition from one age to the next takes.

    NASA states that the 12 GREAT YEARS add up to almost 26,000 years total. So a great year is 1/12th of 25,800.

    I guess I’ll worry about it when it gets here. Wake me up and let me know.


    maria V

    Originally posted by Irish140

    You know, astrology is a very adult version of where’s Waldo …
    it’s very simple really , if you can just get through the maze!

    I used to literally get sick to my stomach when I was first learning everything. I tried to take it all in and just when I thougt I was getting it, my mind went blank and I felt like I needed a sugar fix or something!

    Boy Irish that is exactly how I’m feeling at this point in my studies. For me, the most difficult part of it all so far has been the mathematics involved. I’m in the intermediate classes now and this is where we learn how to do the actual chart construction. I’m up to my earlobes in math and I HATE math!:confused: If I have to interpolate one more chart I think I’m going to scream…(LOL). Thank goodness that once I learn it (for the sake of learning it and passing my certification exam), I can then go to one of the software programs out there to do all of the work for me. Gosh Irish, you have that virgo moon that loves the details and I have an impatient Aries rising with a Sadge moon that just wants to get out there and discover the truth inherent in the birth chart (and have fun with it at the same time). I can’t wait until I’ve finished this part of the class and then go onto more advanced interpretation.

    It’s true also how doing a reading for someone is like putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for in under an hour. There is so much to consider and talk about that you can spend a lifetime analyzing one chart! That is where I think intuition comes into play with astrology. I’m learning (from my teacher and advisor) that yes, there are several “cookbook” ways that you can interpret a particular aspect or placement in a chart. If so, then which one is correct for the client? The answer to that, IMO, is probably ALL of them to some extent, BUT our intuition will kick in (or our guides or psychic ability) and we are supposed to go with out gut and interpret the chart for which one of the interpretations pops out into our minds as being most significant to the client at that time in his/her life.

    This is also where astrologers vary in their interpretation of a chart and probably where (to the less esoterically minded folk) people begin to see flaws in astrology as well. I’m learning to see this difference as not necessarily a flaw, but instead as a higher power helping the client help choose that particular astrologer to do the reading, thus bringing to light whatever needs to be discussed at that particular time in his life.
    I hope I’m not getting too philosophical here…:goofy:

    And I agree with you Cindy, it would be fascinating to get an astrological profile for members of a group such as this. I believe we would find some obvious common links such as alot of 8th, 9th and 12th house influence in charts as well as significant placement of the outer planets. For example, I know nothing about the site’s creator Pam except for what she share’s with us on the board, but from reading her posts and taking in her great interest in religion and spirituality and in SHARING in her quest for universal truth and higher learning, I would bet that she has a significant 9th house influence in her birth chart.

    I myself, have 2 planets in the 8th house conjuncting my north node (all in Sagittarius), 2 planets in the 12th house and I also have a t-square in my chart with the open end shooting right out into my 9th house.

    I’d love to hear more about the strong influences in your own chart Cindy, if you don’t mind sharing it.

    And to Theo about the Aquarian Age,

    My humble opinion on it is that yes, we are, in fact on the cusp of the Aquarian Age. I don’t have a great need for an “exact” time of when it happened because I think it’s more interesting to study what’s going on in the world that shows that the influence of the Aquarian Age is upon us. In astrology there is something called an “orb of influence” and this is yet another gray area in astrology where each astrologer has his own. Orb is simply the number of degrees a planet must be with another before the influence or aspect between the two is felt. The closer the orb, the more strongly we feel the connection and the further away the orb the less intense the connection would be.

    With this in mind, even if the Aquarian Age is still another 100 years away, if it has a cycle of 2600 years then we are certainly, if not IN the AGE itself, then definitely in the ORB of influence of the age. And I agree with Cindy that, with all of the computer and technological advancements we have made over the past several years (along with the fact that Neptune is currently in Aquarius) that we are probably within the orb of influence and will only see trends of Aquarius become stronger over the next 100 years or so. BTW, this isn’t limited to technology. There is strong potential for this age to show the world much humanitarianism and universal love. I don’t think we’ll see great strides in this area in our lifetime however. I think that’s gonna take quite a bit of Aquarian energy covering the Earth before that happens (Of course this is just my humble opinion).



    Originally posted by maria V
    And I agree with Cindy that, with all of the computer and technological advancements we have made over the past several years (along with the fact that Neptune is currently in Aquarius) that we are probably within the orb of influence and will only see trends of Aquarius become stronger over the next 100 years or so. BTW, this isn’t limited to technology. There is strong potential for this age to show the world much humanitarianism and universal love. … Maria:daisy:

    I agree about the Aquarian Age, or whatever someone else may wish to call it. We are at the beginning of what a friend of mine calls an “essential shift.” (BTW, I had a vision about this, I am wondering if anyone else here has gotten this in meditation?)

    I also believe that the technology is part and parcel of this. This age is connecting us physically as we are all connected spiritually, which resyults in us being more connected spritually in the physical plane. My version of what the Church calls the Parousia, is that time when the two “sides” merge and I believe strongly that technology is intrinsic to the process.

    As for all you astrological types: more power to you! I always thought that astrology would be the most powerful of the tools if one could master it. But I also think “mastering” it is tantamount to the work you’d do to earn a PhD!

    I’m for tarot: the lazy woman’s astrological chart!

    Theo<---also math deficient



    This being a site dedicated to the study of mediumship, general psychic ability, and all issues and experiences surrounding the subject of death, you would expect people with the appropriately compatible qualities found in the signs and planets associated with Pisces, Scorpio, Neptune and Pluto.

    That’s not just with the sun signs, though. You would also include the moon sign, rising sign, and important conjunctions in the charts of the members here. Also, whenever you look or include one sign, you’re going to want to give credence to its opposite sign…in this case, Virgo and Taurus.

    Of the 15 members that have started threads here in this Study Group section, 9 have one of these signs as either their sun sign or Moon sign. Two had moon signs that changed on their birthdays, so they weren’t included, and one does not reveal her birth data in her profile. This is all very unscientific, but it’s still interesting and not surprising that there IS a pattern of sorts .

    I myself have 4 planets in Pisces. I was born during a full moon in Virgo, almost exact to the minute, and I have 25 degrees Cancer rising, using my INCARN chart. Using my birth certificate time, I have Leo rising. The Cancer is the correct one, though.

    I never intrude on someone’s astrological privacy unless I have permission, but since Pam posted her birthday, we all know she’s a Scorpio, the sign that rules the study of death and the afterlife. I guess she fits perfectly into the scheme of our world here, huh?

    As for you Maria…are you absolutely comfortable with your Aries rising sign? Have you ever considered the possibility you might actually have a Pisces ascendant? Just putting this out there for you to think about.

    Also, because this site is about John Edward’s work, we should all have SOMETHING in common with his chart. He’s got like four planets in Libra, and an Aquarian Moon, so he would attract those signs to him as well…I think there’s quite a few Aries type people here, and that being the opposite sign to him would bring a natural attraction. By the way, he has published his birth date in his book, so this info is out there for all to see. Again, though, we honor his wish not to intrude further.

    Even just dipping our toes into the communal astro pool, we already start seeing the affinity for like-minded souls to gather. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?


    Amy Rose

    wow this is interesting. now how do you know all about how many planets you have in a certain sign? and also your moon sign? the only thing i know is that i am a scorpio (my b-day is nov 17). how do you figure that type of stuff out?


    Cindy this discussion is quite interesting! I love it. I’ve been looking more and more at my chart and that of my better half and my best friend. It’s interesting to see how we ‘align’ with people who have similar things going on in their charts or where you show up in theirs. For example I show up in Scott’s 12th house. It was explained to me that we have almost a karmic kind of tie to each other. (I’m working on trying to understand exactly what that means etc.) Being a Libra I can see positives and negatives associated with that.

    My friend Robin did some charts for me today that have both our charts on one page, so I can see some aspects that I hadn’t noticed before. Then I come here only to see that you all are having the same type of discussion :D

    How neat is that?



    AmyRose, you do a chart based on where you were born, what time and date. Now when you see the chart it’s a circle with all the signs all around it (12 signs, 12 houses). It’s as if someone stood in the middle at the moment of your birth and took a picture of the night sky and where the planets, sun and moon were at that exact moment. It is all very awesome to find your rising sign your sun and moon sign and see how they all make your chart individually yours.

    I hope that helps a little.


    Amy Rose,

    There is a book called an ephemeris, which has the listings of all the planets and the sun and moon for any given day in a particular century.

    If I know your birthday, like yours, I can quickly look you up and see that you have a Scorpio sun (welcome to the club), a Gemini Moon, and 3 other planets in Scorpio.

    If the moon changes signs on your birthday, you’d need the time before you can see what your moon is in, but on your day for example, it was Gemini all day long.

    The ephemeris is published in books for planetary placements for both midnight and greenwich noon mean time . Both books have the two moon placements in their pages. The planets are only listed for one time depending on which book you choose to use.

    The noon moon placement is equivalent to 7 am est, so if the Gemini moon is listed as 5 degrees 47 minutes in the book, that means it’s at almost 6 degrees on your birthday at 7 am est. Since the moon moves about 1 degree every 2 hours, if you were born on the east coast at say, 11 am est, your moon would be in Gemini at about 7 degrees 30 minutes in YOUR chart. This is approximate, remember. That’s why, in certain instances, just looking in this book with a birthtime will enable you to very closely find the degree of the moon as well.

    Another tidbit…take anyone’s birthday…say, March 9th. If you add 10 to this number you will be very close in figuring out what degree the sun sign is. March 9th= about 19 degrees. you’ll be withing 1-2 degees of the actual sun sign degree.

    Another example: January 15 +10= 25 Degrees. It won’t be exact, but you will be close, within 1-3 degrees of knowing the sun sign degree without doing anything more.




    One thing about chart tie-ups between friends and lovers…it’s not always the good things that bring you together.

    Just my opinion, but I don’t think we’re here to tie-up with a true love who has only wonderful aspects between each other. So if you love someone and the more you read and discover about each other astrologically tells you it’s a difficult or stressful coming together, don’t be surprised if that’s the person you end up with! Sure you have to have some good things going probably between Mars and Venus, or 7th/1st house, and also some Node connections, but it’s the Saturn connection that will keep you together, not the Uranus.

    If you’ve got nothing but trines and sextiles between you, it probably won’t last…because in the BIG PICTURE, what have you got to teach and learn from each other?

    A Saturn connection is the tie that binds, for better or for worse, just as the vows promise.


    Amy Rose

    wow that is really interesting!!!! thank you for enlightening me Irish140!!!

    ok this may sound dumb but, where can you find the ephermis? would it be in a local book store? it sounds really fascinating!
    thanks again!!

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