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    This is a great tape. It has taken me at least three times to get through this tape. I just listened to it the first couple of times and then decided to try the meditation. The first two tries at it, I fell asleep. (i am so embarrassed). But his voice is very soothing.

    The other night I finally got through it awake and actually had my first guide experience. When I first started the animal was a wolf.(which i am sure that you all know about John’s story…and I had said that that can’t be. I must be making this up). It walked ahead of me and then joined a horse. The wolf walked away and I continued to follow the horse. My thought was: that was strange but I kept walking. Then we reached the cabin and I walked up to the door. A man opened the door and my first thought was: “he looks like Ghandi”. Forgive me for not knowing the right words to say here but I have never been around this type of religion/belief. This man had on the dark peach colored wrap and he never expressed any words. The second was a woman wearing a white dress with blonde curly hair. The white light was so great around her that I couldn’t see her face. An Indian walked in behind her. They all sat before me and we never exchanged words or thoughts. That was when John said that it was time to go and the next thing I knew… I was at the door, following the horse.

    I am not sure how often your guides change or what causes them to change but I can’t wait to do this again.

    God Bless~


    It is a kewl tape!
    My totems are an owl and an Dog I had when I was a child.
    Try doing a meditation on your own and try to talk and thank that guide you met at the door.
    John says you have a master guide and then other guides that come into your life when you need them.
    Today I took the CD’s with me in the car to NY (Good thing! It was a total of 6 hours driving much longer than usual) and I listened to all the theory again( not the meditation!).

    First I was upset that traffic was bad but then I realized that maybe I was meant to stay in the car and listen to the CD’s over and over. I so appreciate his tapes and how they have changed my life. I also love that you can listen to them over and over and gleem something new!


    I agree – John’s tapes are awesome. For me, I got a white wolf as my spirit animal, and I also thought I was making it up because John said that was what he got. Alas, it must betrue, because that same wolf is always present during that meditation!

    My spirit guides were surprising. I have 5, and the one that struck me as odd was a little Peruvian man wearing a fedora with a very stern face. I was like, “What the H are you doing here? “and it struck me funny that for years before doing this tape, I collected Peruvian talismans, dolls, artifacts. I guess there are no coincidences. :shrug:

    For me, John’s voice is perfect for meditation guidance, and I am so glad he is here doing the work he is doing.



    I agree with you as well. John does have that voice but I LOVE THAT MUSIC. I wish there was a cd with just that music so I could try that on my own. I have tried others but I like this much more.

    God Bless,


    So many questions with this tape. First, I am back to the wolf. Is it possible to have to animal guides? It’s like I am bouncing back and forth. The other thing…in the meditation in meeting your family, I do this well (I think). BUT, I have this overwhelming sensation. I don’t want to leave, last night I was crying when I counted back to this realm. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it is? Give me some clues guys, I am feeling lost.

    Bobbie :confused:


    Sounds like you are completely normal and right on track!

    Yes, it is normal not to want to “leave” our loved ones after a session, but we have to. The comfort for me is in knowing they are accessible 24/7… not evaporated or literaly 6 foot under :)

    and yes, we do have animal spirit guides (totems). My main totem is a black panther. Scared the crap out of me at first, but I’m starting to get used to seeing him… *Maybe that’s why I’ve always been obsessed with Jungle book?* It’s funny too because I’ve also always hated cats because they have a tendency to freak out if I hold them. No fluffy furry friendly animals for me ! LOL

    In a dream recently, my guide was a cobra. Also, quite scary. But, I believe they do switch off or come to you as needed.


    I cry too when I meet family members at the gazeebo. I think because it’s such a quick visit and I don’t want to leave. So it can be very emotional.
    My totem keeps changing. At first it was my cat Frito that crossed and then 2 other cats that have also crossed ( I love cats!) A couple times it was a raccoon.
    Just recently my totem was a black panther too!

    When my guides first appeared they were all dressed as clowns.
    I think I was way too nervous about meeting them. I started laughing when I saw the clowns and that really helped me to relax.
    I was able to talk to them and eventually the clown costumes disappeared.
    I also love this tape but I think it moves along too fast at the gazeebo and when I try to talk to my guides. :(


    WOW, I am so glad that I have people that feel the same way I do. I agree that it goes too quickly. Thanks for posting back, made me feel so much better.

    GOD Bless,


    Hello everyone:wave:
    I am new in this forum and i just wanted to say that this is my favourite tape too. I just love the music aswell and i also think it moves along a bit too fast when you meet your guides it doesnt give you much time to ask or talk to them but then again it is there to guide you through and when you do it without the tape you have more time.
    My totem is also a wolf i dont know if it is a coinsidence but it is always the same one never changed and i also feel very imotional when i meet my family in the gazebo i wake up crying like a baby.
    My Master guide is an old indian chief wrapped up in a blanket with white long hair he has given me his name and introduced me to one other guide a lady dressed up like the 1900 s and i know her name too i also feel as if she was a friend of mine from another life maybe. Anyway i am longing to practise again though sometimes i find it a bit hard i usually do it when i go to bed:zzz: at night but with two small children it is hard to find time to relax.
    Thanks for listening
    Love and Blessings:daisy:



    I think this tape is one of the most powerful. I have contacted my Guides twice through the meditation and have had positive experiences. I have been thinking about taking a Reiki class and asked for my Guides to help. They said they would. I also love meeting family members (attempted only once) and it makes me cry as well.

    At the start of the meditation John says to take note of the forest and the whilte light shining through the trees. He then says that there is a family of deer and you see the light reflected in the deer’s eyes. I had a short conversation with the deer (who turned aout to be female). There was a feeling of respect between us and a short conversation. I know the deer is not my totam animal as I have a black bear from Eastern Europe. Has anyone else experienced this?



    I love this meditation tape. I wish I had a slow-motion key on my tape player, however. I have tried using the “pause” function (but sometimes fall asleep.) I have had good results at times, and not everytime….but as John says on the tape….keep practicing and don’t give up.
    And in addition it is a very relaxing way to get to sleep if over-tired or stressed!


    Farmer Kathy

    Hi everyone

    One of the things I did to give myself more time to ask my guides questions and spend a little time with family members in the gazebo (if you are lucky enough for someone to come thru) is I copied to tapes onto a blank tape and when the question time comes, I leave a blank space of about 5 minutes to ask questions. I suppose if you were more talented than me :) you could dub in music instead of just quiet–but then again I like quiet!!!!

    Matt–I too sometimes spend time with the deer, actually having petted them a few times. Sometimes if I go to the gazebo and no one comes for a visit I end up sitting on the steps of the gazebo with my totem animal, also petting her. She is a wolf and she told me her name is Kesha:) . She is the only one I have ever had and have been doing this quite a while.

    I hope this has helped some of you. I love this tape and am so grateful to John for helping me connect with my guides.

    Happy Meditaiton:)

    Farmer Kathy


    I love the gazebo tape, i have had many life altering connections there. One in particular that always makes me laugh when i think about is when my great, great grandmother came thru and all she wanted to do was dance with me. i didnt know who she was at first but i asked her and she showed me a picture of herself that i had that’s how i identified her. anyway, when i went to get up from the bench to go over to the gazebo she was standing there with a big smile and she wanted to dance with me, i remember she was so happy, like a little kid doing something for the first time. i felt kind of silly but she was enjoying herself so much i joined in. she has visited me a few times and she always happy to be there. it’s fun to connect with someone i never knew. i wish i had known her, she’s a hoot.



    Here is another good thread about John’s meditation tapes.

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