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    So, about increasing sensitivity, [increasing the incoming Clairs]? :cool: We have logged about shutting out the unwanted communications, on that thread “closing the door”

    roufus wrote:
    Okay, I figure most folks want to know how to increase being sensitive to the “clairs”. What I’d like to know is how to control them. … Pax, roufus There are threads for Meditation, the first step to improve, and lots on cards and tools, the next step.
    So, what keeps us from talking? 1. Communications: We just do not have the ‘words’ for things. Is this the wrong board? Is this the place to talk?
    2. Partly because it requires; practice and study. Work:eek: But, other things that are fun or important, get effort and time, Why not this? Is it an “other people’s expectations” thing?
    3. There are no tangible visible results to being better psi, for us non-pros. AND, I prefer No nightmares, and No dreams, i have to do something about in the morning, etc.
    4. Maybe, it is easier to close, than it is to open? :rolleyes:

    Sorry i’m so wordy,
    BTW, what does :froggie: mean?


    Froggie :froggie: really has no meaning, other than he is a smug looking frog. Pam added it in as a surprise for me. Frogs DO have a meaning for me. :D


    :jumper: I especially like your winged-frog, he looks wise and funny at the same time. :froggie:
    Frogs to me, usually are a heads up about transformation. :froggie: Real ones are seasonal here, it is so dry most of the year. The only ones are tree frogs, in the fall and spring. I love to listen to them, and that can give focus to meditation, and take it to a whole new level.

    But, the important part, [for me] is that they can be symbol [heads-up or omen] of ‘growth and becoming something different’.

    But back to the subject of improving increasing etc. I’ve been working on this. Using meditation tapes, practice, Qi Gong, and Chinese Medicine. Eventually I finished school, with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine [ see what these things can lead too! ]

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