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    This is a wonderful book designed to show you “How to get from where you are to where you want to be.”

    One of my biggest questions since I started all of this has been, “What IS my purpose?” This book is filled with wonderful tips and tools on just how to answer that question. The thing I liked most about this book was just when my little mind started to say “yeah but what about this?” – it answered it.

    Here is a great little exercise from the book that will help you to begin to deteremine what your purpose is:

    1. Write down two unique qualities about yourself that you like best.

    Ex. optimism and creativity.

    2. Now write down two ways that you enjoy sharing those qualities with others

    Ex. teach and inspire

    3. Think about how the world would be if it were perfect right now. How would it feel and how would people interact with each other? What does YOUR perfect world look like? Write it down in several short sentences.

    Ex. a) Everyone expresses love to each other.
    b) Everyone is free from judgment.
    c) Everyone follows their soul’s passion.

    4. Now combine these three steps into one sentence – This is your purpose.

    Ex. My purpose is to use my optimism and creativity to teach and inspire others in a loving and non judgemental way as they follow their soul’s passion.

    The thought behind this is to try to make everything you do in your life support this purpose. Jack then brings you through a series of exercises that enables you to pull out ways that you can incorporate this into your life everyday!

    I have done mine and I have it posted on my dream board and I use it as a daily affirmation. I also have it posted where I can see it several times during the day. It is now the first thing I say in the morning before my feet hit the ground and the last thing I see before I go to bed.

    This book is a wonderful read and an incredibly motivating read! I recomend it !:hearts:

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