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    Not sure if you saw this but I thought I would post about motivational speaker James Ray’s recent Spiritual Warrior weekend where 3 people died.

    What it looks like is his company had attendees sit in a “sweat box,” similar to the Native American experience to gain “greater spiritual experiences (from what an attendee of this very weekend told us). The problem I have with this is they are making people dangerously dehydrated to induce hallucinations and delirium. What they are experiencing is more than anything a medical emergency.

    You know my background and family history. Attempts by folks like James Ray to venture into areas that can be so reckless and dangerous is fraudulent and not necessary for a spiritual awakening. I am most concerned about his press releases where it appears to most about him and his “call” for his followers to rally.

    Sorry if this is a rant, but I have been around this industry for so long that it saddens me to see folks like this and the damage it causes. Mom and I have said that we should write a book about all these that we have seen over the years (like another person featured in his famous book claiming the world was ending and having their followers buy survival gear of which they sold the only “authorized” versions). Oh well, prayers for the families and survivors that they can their spiritual path within them and learn that life is truly heightened when they learn that they are the catalyst for their growth.


    Wow … that is so sad. I hadn’t heard about this. Prayers going out to those affected by this tragedy.


    Thanks Bhrett, I had only seen small new briefs about it and couldn’t quite grasp the whole story. That is so sad. :rosary:Prayers for those families whose loved ones passed there.:rosary:

    Pam B

    Bhrett, please don’t apologize for calling out what is dangerous to human bodies, and their very spirits. I read numerologist Alison Baughman’s blog about this and she’s right on: Karma is calling for James Ray.

    I’ve participated in two Native American sweat lodges (you can read about them here) and I am saddened they tried something so delicate and dangerous, with 50 people. A sweat is about a spiritual cleansing, and sometimes includes deepest confessions. Think about this: You invite 8 of your closest friends to a dinner party, to hear your deepest confessions, your deepest fears, and your most fervent prayers.

    Now imagine that scene with 50 people. It just doesn’t translate. He was definitely just in it for the money. Trouble is, there are all too many people willing to follow, give up time and money and now people have paid with their lives. Without Ray’s followers, he doesn’t have an audience or cash stream.

    This for me, is a symbol of two very dangerous effects that we all thought “the new age movement” was impervious to: Commercialism and Fundamentalism.

    Who hasn’t had the classic discussion with friends and family about the commercialism of Christmas. We love Christmas, but we hate how it’s over shadowed by crass commercialism.

    How ironic that alternative spirituality or the new age has it’s fundamentlists: People who want to be told what to believe, what spiritual truth is, how to sit, stand, kneel, pray and when and where to do it. They want someone else to tell them what their Spirit Guide’s name is, and what nationality. They want to read books that tell them what the angel’s names are what their job description is.

    Of course money is a necessary tool in the Western world. We all have to feed, clothe and house our families.

    But where does a practioner/author/speaker/leader/teacher draw the line?
    Where is the call for common sense and ethics in the New Age?
    How much money is too much? Too little?
    Who can stand up to the “big names” in this “business” about how their practices are actually tearing us down spiritually, instead of building us up?

    I’m real good at asking questions. I don’t have the answers. :confused:


    Prayers for a smooth transition for those who crossed, and for all the victims and their families. This is a wake-up call.


    I don’t have the answers either. Maybe we should start looking into it, huh?

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