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    Well i am busting at the seams:jumper: and just have to share……. My Darling hubby got me 2 tickets to go see JE in Toronto in July for my Birthday…GOD LOVE Him’ I am going to take my mom with me.
    You know i found myself pulling back from John over the last year or so i had heard some negative things here and there was left feeling like he had in some way “let me down”. But i was wrong to be so judgemental I mean he is only human and will make mistakes in his choices sometimes. I am really looking forward to just the experience itself of being in that room cause it truely is an amazing thing to be part of. And Hey Hope to perhaps meet someone from here ah come on there’s gotta be afew of us Canadians around.
    Well i’m off…back to packing up the house yuck but i am getting exciting about the new place it has alot of nice features..including NO stairs!!!:banana:



    Hey Sister – you should be excited. What a nice guy – your hubby is.
    I think that JE is great. A while back, I went to a gallery and also saw him on TV and just had a strange feeling that something wasn’t quite right about or around him. Something just didn’t feel like lessons he had taught. JE is one of the best I’ve been to and am grateful for everything he has taught us and brought into my life. Still don’t know what was going on, but I hope all is well with him now.

    Hope you have a blessed experience and congrats on the move.:hearts:

    Paula Mae

    Wooo Hooooo for YOU!!! I am happy your hubby was sweet enough to get you tickets and you WILL have an amazing time. JE has taught many of us a lot of things and I will always be grateful for that. I saw him many years ago and met and talked to quite a few people from here.. including our “leader” Pam!

    I don’t envy you the packing Leigh!!! Its no fun at all but the outcome will be wonderful for you. Dont forget to send me your new address sweetie!!!



    You will have a wonderful time, I have seen John twice and each time he quite literally belw me away. Plus, the show is always a good one as he is very charismatic and witty. I hope you enjoy!



    Wow! July! Goodness, it’s going to be a l-o-n-g wait. Well worth it though.


    Leigh, I know what you’re saying about feeling ‘let down’ but I am certain you’ll enjoy the show. John is an incredible speaker and teacher.

    Enjoy :clink:


    I do not know who to address this to, but is John not doing anymore TV shows this year? I have not been on the site for a while, due to medical issues, life happens, but anyway, would appreciate if someone would update if they know why or why not John does not have a TV show this year. Thanks!


    Hello Beckie,
    As far as I know he is no longer recording any “Crossing Overs” at this time. His cousin announced at the show in Toronto back in July that he is focusing his time on his new web-site “Infinite Quest”.



    on 16 November 2009 I went and saw John Edward again in Adelaide and was successful in having a very very long reading, and get this it was my 2nd reading from him, this is what I came to tell you all about only to find out this site is ending and heading over to facebook,

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