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    I about fell over this morning when I read the tip in my mailbox. Yesterday I was at a conference and one of the sessions was on journaling through transition. Since I am on the verge of starting a Reiki practice, when we were asked to journal about something that started with “I wish” , I couldn’t help but start with visulaizing what I really want as a location, environment and tone for my practice.

    This tip was a synchronistic validation of “yes, get it down so that you have it”. :love:

    With this conference being a big networking event for me I was able to get two leads on a space to set up my practice. A cautious whoo hooo here! Another big opportunity for networking and potential referrals is this weekend. So I guess I will do some serious meditation on defining carefully what it is that I want to manefest before I take the next step. (Always be careful what you ask for – you may get it. :eek: :love: )

    Thanks Lori and Gail and John!

    Pam;126430 wrote:
    Lori, what did John say? “If you have a dream that can be shared….” :)

    Yes Pam! Exciting things definately lie ahead!

    Pam B

    So many of us have new ventures that we’re starting right now. New chapters of our lives, new beginnings, some unknown roads…a teeny bit scarey yes, but even more so exciting!

    Good luck to all of us, and may we manifesting our deepest dreams!!! :beerhere:


    Hi ladies,

    You will be amazed at what you can accomplish once you try manifesting.

    I’m always amazed when I get ah-ha moment, mainly because I gave it up and then forgot about it. Some might take awhile, but they do roll in.

    There’s several different ways to do this. One I like to use because of the visualization and it makes it real is the manifesting with the rooms.

    There is a room on the left of you with all the things that could be. On the right of you is everything you have now.

    I need to see myself carry a big bundle of money or cruise tickets or something from the room on the left to the room on the right. Tuck the money in a drawer or something. Make it real.

    Tell the universe what you intend to manifest, say thank you and give it up.

    Isn’t that easy!!

    It wouldn’t hurt to listen to or read Wayne Dyer’s book on manifesting either. I got the unabridged tape set for 10 bucks on ebay.

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