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    Before you begin to enhance your intuition, I often suggest that you look around your own physical world first. This week, notice ALL that’s around you: the color of the sky, the green grass, the different people on the street — all the colors and variations you can see. Of course, everything you see isn’t always pleasant or beautiful, but try to acknowledge whatever you can. Your intuition is a natural extension of your human senses, so by stimulating them, you’ll enhance your inner senses.

    Blessings – John

    I now notice everything around me…as well as in me


    Wow…This is timely for me. I had to fly to Baltimore for a job this weekend and much of it was spent traveling and not really noticing anything along the way.

    When I am working its a different story. I was photographing an event with a couple hundred people. And when I’m looking through my lens, I become super-focused (pardon the pun!) on who and what is going on around me. Its energizing and strangely draining all at the same time.

    However the rest of the weekend was just traveling to and from. And if I wasn’t talking to someone directly (hotel desk clerk, car rental clerk, flight attendant), I didn’t notice people at all. And ask me about BWI and I couldn’t tell you anything about it. My focus was getting checked-in and what my gate number was.

    It all kind of hit me when I got to the gate before my flight home and sat down, picked up my morning tea and looked up. Whoa…

    I’d been up for hours packing, returning my rental, and getting to the airport but hadn’t noticed the sky. The floor to ceiling windows gave me the perfect view of the gorgeous blue sky and airplanes soaring into the air.

    Then I glanced around and started to look at the people who were also waiting. I had passed a few hundred people through security and check-in and never even really looked at anyone.

    Until that moment I didn’t feel connected at all that morning. So I tried to consciously stay within the moment and be present just for those few minutes before boarding the plane to back to Manchester.

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