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    Has anyone had any experiences with these ?
    Like , are they effective/work ?
    I was just currious…



    Originally posted by novafreeze
    Has anyone had any experiences with these ?
    Like , are they effective/work ?
    I was just curious…


    There is also a study group here that uses John Edward materials. < the six tape set > Everyone seems to have made progress and appear very satisfied with the tapes. I know I am.

    I am not finished with the set yet, but I feel that I have learned so much already. BTW, I just started tape three a few days ago. To see what exactly the tapes cover see this link.

    Study Group

    PS. You may even be able to check these out at your local library or buy them used online. I just checked our little local library and they have them {town=400} good chance they will have them at yours.

    Pam B

    Hey NF, welcome the group, and thanks for sharing those stories.

    I did a major boo boo and accidently deleted the thread you started in the ADC folder.

    This is what I get for hitting the board before coffee :bomb: signed in as the administrator. :blush: I apologize. But…

    I have a similar experience as your Mom and the necklace. You can read my story at:

    (I posted my story in a discussion group and the web owner asked if he could publish it on his website)

    Another webmaster saw my story posted elsewhere, and asked if she could include it on her site as well, and possibly in a book that she’s writing about this kind of thing. You might be very interested in this website, it’s about “Reality Shifting”

    This site also devotes some time to the scientific – physics slant.

    The other stories about seeing people who have passed, or who look similar is common too, and though we can’t be sure of the true cause, it surely does make us stop to think about those people who have crossed and when we do that, we’re closer to them anyway :)

    Now, as for those tapes. I can tell you that I have a shelf full of “psychic development” tapes and books that I’ve collected over the years, and none of them are as simple, down to earth and easy to follow as John’s. No nonsense, no “new age-y” fluff type stuff. His guided meditations at the very least will de-stress you and leave you walking away very relaxed and centered.

    I give him 2 icon14.gificon14.gif


    Yep… Gotta agree with Psy and Pam, the 6 tape set is definitely worth the coin.

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