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    John’s site has two new Long Island seminar dates listed for May 13th and 15th. Looks like they will be more of the small groups. The number to call and times to call are not listed yet.

    Keep an eye on the site and your dialing finger limber.


    I’ve called…..and I got tickets for May 15th (saturday)

    :jumper: :jumper:

    Hurray,,,,Hurray:P :P :P

    Anyone else get tickets for that day?

    Amy Rose

    hmm i guess my aol server is not up to date at the moment because i dont see any updates.

    thats wonderful he is having more small seminars! first im going to try in for the new bridges call in date and see how it goes from there. one of these i hope i can expereince a small gallery like seminar. until then i will patiently wait :)


    Has anyone that attended one of these workshops driven ? I was wondering what it is like. Hubby is leary driving in NY I guess that’s why we haven’t gone to any yet. If it isn’t that bad I can let him know.


    Sandy, except for driving up the first time on 9-11, we haven’t had any problems. As long as one of you is driving and the other is watching the directions, you should be fine.

    Be prepared for the tolls on the way. Some of them are pretty expensive.

    These are not the Bridges seminars and they seem to be open to everyone, not just Bridges subscribers. Unlike the Bridges ones, there isn’t a rule that you can not attend more than once. I believe they will be around the same small group size.

    Gail :)


    Hi Sandy,

    My husband and I attended one of the small workshops in January. We drove up the morning of the seminar; we took the Jersey turnpike up to the Lincoln Tunnel exit, had to drive a few blocks to find the Mid-town tunnel, which will bring you out on the Long Island Expressway. Since it was a Saturday, traffic was relatively mild. The sign for the mid-town tunnel was NOT well marked. We wound up on the Henry Hudson pkwy heading North; got off at the first exit and backtracked to where we had made our wrong turn and everything went smoothly from there. Of course we are both originally from NYC so we kind of knew where we needed to go. I think I pulled the driving directions from Yahoo and finding the hotel was easy.

    With regard to the tolls, we got EZ Pass so we got through the toll booths relatively quickly.

    I’ll be back up there in May for one of the small groups.

    Blessings to All,
    No. VA


    When I spoke w/ the rep yesterday, she asked if it was for a Bridges seminar and I told her, no, it was for May 15th and she said that it was fine. I guess if it was for a Bridges seminar she would have asked me if I had gone before, but yesterday was not a call in date for a Bridges seminar so I guess she needed to verify my info.

    As for driving to Long Island, I’m from Jersey and I’ve been to 2 other seminar’s: one at Westbury and the other in Uniondale. PhilsGale is right, as long as you have directions, it’s pretty straight forward, but the toll prices are steep: $8 for one bridge and/or $4 for another depending on where you are coming from.

    When I went to Uniondale this past September, I drove it by myself. Everyone thought I was crazy but I did fine. It’s highway/expressway driving, no “city” driving, just normal rushhour traffic.

    Chargeit2him: tell hubby to suck it up and take you! If I can drive 2-1/2 hours to the seminar by myself, he can certainly drive you.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!


    Driving isnt a prob..I go to Long Island lots o times from CT if anyone has questions feel free to email me
    Just be sure you know WHICH hotel you are going to ( wink wink)

    Amy Rose

    i realized before i told my mom’s friends about the new seminars that the 15th is my prom!!! lol i knew that date sounded familiar. and i cant go on the thursday since i have

    so i think what im going to do is try and call in the for next bridges seminar and hope i get thru. whats meant to be will be.

    sandy–i know how you feel about driving up to LI. for the workshop my neighbor drove because she always used to go to Long island. my mom is leary of it too, but i told my mom if we can drive all the way to missouri we can definitely drive up to long island! lol :)

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