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    Most of you have probably seen the news that honey bees are disappearing. I’ve noticed myself that the only bees visiting my cherry tree were wasps. I really love the big bumblebees, but am very cautious around wasps and yellow jackets.

    This Saturday I took a trip to the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Maryland with a bus load of people from my church. We all enjoyed seeing the manor house and walking among the beautiful flowers. There were absolutely no bees to be seen on any of them.

    We waited around the gift shop when it was almost time to head home. Suddenly there were two large bumblebees hovering just two feet in front of me. They were watching me intently. How cute! :) A couple more joined them and the cuteness wore off when they starting diving toward my chest. eeeek!!!

    I looked down and saw why. My sweater had a large and colorful sunflower embroidered on my chest area. Who knew it would take my flowery chest to attract bumblebees. No one noticed I was covering it with my hands as I hurried over to the bus. :daisy:


    How WILD!

    If I ever thought about it, I’d have thought that they could “smell” a flower in bloom – like pheremones, maybe. Who knew they could SEE?!



    With the latest alarming news about the disappearance of bees, we now know how to solve that problem. Send Gail.

    Chassie :laff2: :laff2: :laff2:

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