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    “There was more. On page 15 same edition, ‘Catherine is an extraordinarily attractive woman, with medium-length blond hair and hazel eyes . . . she earned extra money modeling swimwear.’ Prior to that he notes that she wore a red dress to her first appointment. The importance? It fails me except for some connotations which I can not venture to guess as far as the doctor is concerned. And later he bookended his review with this reference on page 167, ‘As usual, she sank quickly into a deep trance in my dimly lit office, her blond hair spilling over in rivulets on the familiar beige pillow.’

    He’s setting a mood and describing the characters. He also gives the color of the pillow, as he gave the color of her dress earlier in the book, did I miss the hidden meaning in that, too? If there were no references to anyones looks in this book, what difference would it make?

    “I agree. And that’s not what I said. To clarify, I said I wondered if the book would have even been written.”

    If this is the case then why did he write his other books? Were those people all exceptionally attractive, too?

    “I just wanted to add that it’s not a crime to like the same book that others liked. “

    D’oh! My fault! I need to preview my posts. Should be it’s not a crime to dislike a book others like.

    I’m not responding to this anymore. It’s just an argument for the sake of an argument. If you liked the book great, if you don’t great. I liked it and wrote a review of it, because I thought that other people here would enjoy it as much as I did. I am sorry that you didn’t like it, but I don’t see the point of either side trying to convince the other that they should/shouldn’t like this book.


    Originally posted by retrokitten
    He also gives the color of the pillow, as he gave the color of her dress earlier in the book, did I miss the hidden meaning in that, too?

    As I have yet to read this book, I cannot comment on it. What I can say, however, is that the wearing of a certain color, particularly red, usually does have some significance, and in this case, it might very well have been important for him to take note of it.

    Pam B

    re: her physical appearance.

    I too, suspect that he was just using his “author’s toolbox” of just setting the stage, creating a picture in the reader’s mind. It’s just something that helps to move the story along, and make it more “real” in the reader’s mind.

    And Brian’s a guy for pete’s sake. I think it’s ok with me, if he’s true to his Y chromosome and shares his own total perspective of the woman, including the fact that she may have been a total babe. So what? I don’t attempt to suppress my husband’s visual appreciation of beautiful women (I pick my battles, LOL) and neither would I want Brian to censor his experience just because someone might use it to suspect his motives. I appreciate his honesty.

    Kasin, to be totally honest, I think you’re reading more into his motives than you can provide evidence for. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. :eek:


    ;) Leave it to me to dredge up ANCIENT threads….but….

    Is it just my computer or is the page not there anymore? I was looking for the last list from the old boards when the ‘senior’ (no offense!) members were just discovering all this stuff and actively discussing the older books!

    Let me know if it’s just me!



    It’s not just you, Pam. :)

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