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    Pam B

    ‘Revelations’ Ordered by NBC
    Wed January 14, 2004 01:53 AM ET

    By Nellie Andreeva
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – NBC has given a six-episode order to “Revelations,” a limited series about a small group trying to forestall the Apocalypse.

    The thriller is described as “The X-Files” meets “The Da Vinci Code.”

    NBC has also ordered “Medium,” a supernatural drama pilot about a suburban mom and her three daughters, all possessing psychic powers.

    The two shows join previously greenlighted drama pilots “Pearl City,” a cop show set in Hawaii, and “HUB,” a quirky airport drama.

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

    © Reuters 2004. All Rights Reserved.


    Interesting. “Revelations” sounds similar to the old Fox series “Millennium”.

    I guess these are mid-season replacements, airing this spring? Nice to have some alternate programming! :thumbsup:


    So somebody in programming at NBC finds the topic of interest Hmmmm??????

    Pam B

    Angelina, do you mean the sane “NBC” that is currently buying out Universal Television – the same Universal that just canceled Crossing Over? :lwink:


    PAM ~ “… you mean the sane “NBC” that is currently buying out Universal

    Do you mean “SANE” OR ‘SAME’ or “INSANE”???:shrug: :rolleyes: :goofy: :nosay:

    Pam B

    ohhh ummm Freudian slip? ;) Are ANY of those organizations “SANE”????


    I have mixed feelings about this. It seems to me the “powers that be” recognize that there is enough interest in this topic to support shows that deal with the subject. HOWEVER, “they” would prefer to deal with it in a fictionalized way that perpetuates the supernatural, woo woo stereotype. I seriously doubt that a psychic single mom and her teenage daughters will continue the CAV message. The focus will be on their “magic powers.”

    Here’s where my cynicism shows itself…

    I picture Crossing Over with lots of misty smoke, retakes and reenactments, an audience full of strictly beautiful people who follow a script, and a Miss Cleo “medium” hired by idiots who can’t stand the idea that this subject might be worth taking seriously. The message would be gone completely. I think a show like that would get promoted because it would be fake. TV executives understand fake. Crossing Over was too simple and too real.

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