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    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted everyone to know that we received news that JE’s third book, “Crossing Over” will now be released on August 21, 2001.

    Mark your calendars!!!! :)


    August 21, 2001.

    So, does that mean if we have a book ordered, will we receive it that day, or is it a shipping date?


    so so excited that its been brought forward, i too am woundering if that means pr-orded books too.

    cannot wait, not long now. less than 2 weeks, oh my goodness.

    how exciting.

    tracy:p :p :D :D


    Originally posted by Celestial_Lotus

    So, does that mean if we have a book ordered, will we receive it that day, or is it a shipping date?

    I think what it means is, if one is their Nth customer, they’ll run out of stock at N-1 and they’ll be waiting for the next shipment. :rolleyes:


    Thanks Cyndy, calling the book store now! *S*

    Enjoy your day!

    Love Christy &:^)


    :confused: I didn’t understand your post, Don! If I have ordered the new book from Amazon, will I be way behind the people getting it locally? I wanted it on my doorstep on the first day! Help!


    Oh no! I’m sure the only ones who will get the book before you are those who ordered before you. My comment was simply that it would be my luck that their first shipment would end at the person just ahead of me. In reality though, that’s not likely to happen since that’s the whole purpose of pre-orders. It’d be pretty dumb not to order enough books to cover their pre-orders.
    Sorry to scare you. :eek:


    I too pre-ordered the book, and I can’t wait to get it!! :)

    It only took me two days to read One Last Time, so I’ll see how long it takes me here ;)

    I can’t wait!!!


    dawn sadler

    i too can’t wait, the excitement is building, i can really feel it!
    it also only took me two days to read “one last time”, and i have a 5yr old in the house, i just kept picking it up, whenever i got the chance. i remember my rachel saying to me one day.”oh no mam not john edward again”, poor thing! :jumper:


    I also pre-ordered “Crossing Over” through Amazon. I thought the release date was Aug. 14th. That will be an extra week anticipation for the book. Looking forward to relaxing on vacation with my book Aug. 25th. (fingers crossed)
    P.S. With my last pre-ordered book “What if God were the Sun” there was a mix up and I hadn’t received the book in two months, but I was fortunate to call the L.I. office and was graciously sent an autographed copy. Wow, what a treasure I will cherish.


    Originally posted by dawn sadler
    I remember my rachel saying to me one day.”oh no mam not john edward again”, poor thing! :jumper:

    :D LOL! “Out of the mouth of babes…”


    My family also says “Oh no, not John Edward again!” when I watch the show. It is a sure way to clear a room in this house. I have started recording the show and watching it when everyone is asleep.


    I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the book.
    I’ve ordered 5 copies. 1 for me, 1 for my mother, 1 for my sister, & one each for 2 of my coworkers.
    :reader: Pam

    p.s. I can’t get enough of those little faces.


    To those of you who preordered from Amazon — watch your email. I just received my notification from Amazon that my book has been shipped as of 8/9/01 ! They said it would be 3-7 days. I am getting so excited!! :jumper:


    The new book is due out the day before my birthday. I know what I am getting myself for my birthday. I can’t wait!

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