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    I just wanted to come by to say ” Hi :wave:Boy I’ve missed you all very much!! Even though its only been about 5-6 months it sure feels longer. I hope you’ve all been doing great.Whew I have alot of catching up to do.
    Back in January my hubby got me 2 tickets to see JE in Toronto I can’t believe thats in 12 days :dance:. I am taking my mom it’ll will be a first for her. I am very excited and will of course share all the details. I go with no expectations like I’ve said before simply being in that room is an experience and a half. So if there are any other “friends” out there that’ll be going pls pm me…….cuz I would love to meet other fellow Canadians
    I am going to the July 8th show.

    So good to be back


    :hearts:(((((Leigh))))) – so good to see you here!!!!!:hearts: I’ve missed you too.
    I was just thinking last week about your trip to see JE and if you went and how it went.
    You will have to let us know about it and how your mother likes it.:hearts:


    Hey, Leigh — welcome back! :wave: Do fill us in on your seminar experience when you are able! Hope you and your mother both enjoy it!


    Please forgive me for not geting on here and telling you all about my trip to Toronto to see JE. I have been dealing with some very stresful situations on the home front. But with time I will post. My mom and myself did not get a reading from JE but it still was a remarkable show:hearts:



    Come back and share when time permits. We’re anxious to hear.

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