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    sure was it hadn’t left my mind since 2004, that there was going to be another reading. More so after Dion died, a lot of un answered questions got answered and still I would give anything to have him walk through the door again, the reason why I focused so much on JE is Dion knew that I would value his readings above anyone else. and living here especially where in this huge brown land I am in, we don’t have access to much in this area seminars, cruises etc most of the time it normally involves a trip out of town or even interstate. so to have someone of JE calibre come to South Australia is a very important thing. it has nothing to do with celebrity, it has to do with my own intuition, when I get the feeling, I have to run with it.

    not only that it is starting to peeve some people I know here, who can’t understand how I am achieving what I am achieving in my life despite all of what has happened. it could be so easy to curl up in a ball and let the world go by, and literally wallow in my own self pity,

    it is all downstream from here


    forgot to mention Dion has the dog with him too. I could validate that too

    Pam B

    Thanks for the details.

    So I’m just curious about how you feel about it all. How has it changed you? The reading was very important to you before you got it (them)..

    Now that you’ve had messages through a medium, has it changed how you view your own life, or your own loss?


    it just confirms for me that “croaking” isn’t the end. I have always known that there is something much bigger than we are experiencing here, when I think about Dion’s death, and the doubts he had before he passed, in regards to conciousness going on, I think he realised that as he was passing. That his mum was right, it was complete validation from a medium that I know is credible. that was the most important thing. Dion knew I valued JE abilities, and all my preparation prior to the seminar was worth it.

    See where I am down here on this big brown island almost in the middle of no where, to have access to a credible medium is very hard, it involved a 5 hour road trip to the city, money wasn’t an issue, but taking the time for me it isn’t just a day trip, it is something I have to plan for well in advance as I had to organise my University classes and exams, prior to going, as in my case I left here on the 15th early in the morning, spent the day with my sister and kids, and on the monday I did more of the same, then this time I actually drove into the city, and I wasn’t sure on where I could park or anything, so I had to find out all that in advance, and thankfully a friend of mine here, who is the biggest cynic I have met suggested the central market car park, in the same area as the theatre, I just wasn’t sure exactly where. turned out to be right across the road from Her Majesties theatre and at the back of the Hilton Motel. I got there early and there was the carpark and it was open till midnight, and PLENTY of parking available. little things like that I had to organise. and then the trip back home on the 17th. the distances between places in South Australia are HUGE. anywhere between the smaller towns and citys can be 75 to 145 km apart. it is a long, and very tiring trip.
    I wouldn’t do that trip unless it was to a medium that I knew was credible.

    We don’t have access to psychic fairs, cruises, or the like where I am. There are people I know who are “similar” to me. The signs are out there, and I have no other way of learning my skills, or mixing with other like minded people other than online. and there is just something about being in the atmosphere. I wouldn’t go see just anyone unless I was sure within myself at their credibility.

    JE defineatly has something, I have seen a lot of other mediums who are on TV but since 2002 I have known that JE has something REALLY special. and that is what I value

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