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    No, I can’t see a quark directly, but I can *prove* through experimentation that it exists. The same can’t be said for John’s abilities. The same goes for air. Sure, we can’t *see* it, but I can prove it exists.

    Sure, science and scientists make mistakes, but that’s the beauty of science; it has a built in self-correcting mechanism. Plus, it’s not that science is “wrong” at times, it’s just as time goes on and more data is collected, more theories and explanations arise that are more correct than previous version. Newton gave us the laws of gravity, but Einstein showed us those laws break down around massive objects like stars. So, was Newton wrong? No.

    Science if often wrong, true, but what’s sciences right to wrong ratio? Much better than *any* belief system. And the proof of that is all around us. We’re all talking trough computers, brought to us by science, research, and experimentation. Science produces real results that none of us can debate. Can Mr. Edward do the same?


    Hey Lanman, I hear you!

    We could type our fingers to the bone-I don’t think it’s going to make a difference.



    LAN Man, and what is it you need exactly?


    So why doesn’t John submit himself for scientific research?

    *shrug* I believe he has. With a famous doctor in Arizona, I think. I dont know the details, but I plan to read more about the study. Im sure someone here has more info. I also believe that he has about an 80% accuracy rate.

    But you stated before that only an accurate personal reading would convince you. What do you hope to accomplish by reading about a scientific study? If you’ve already decided that what he claims to be able to do is not possible, then there’s no point in looking for further proof. Your mind is made up. Even if you did get an accurate private reading from JE, you’d still be able to explain it away as a trick or coincidence or lucky guessing if you really wanted to. You’d have to decide which is the more logical explanation. The fact is that science really can’t prove whether or not he is a psychic medium. Not yet anyway. If you’re going to believe in life after death, or in the ability to communicate with the dead , its going to have to be at least partly on faith.


    Fairydust wrote:

    “I’m sorry,
    Science is very over rated. How many times over history has Science made mistakes? Tragic mistakes. Science is good, but it is not the be all and end all in life. One day they find evidence of one thing and the next they refute it. So which day are you going to believe. “

    Do you drive a car? Use a phone? Obviously you use a computer. These are all things made available by the science that you seem to think is so unreliable.

    When you or your family are ill do you go to a doctor/hospital or do you consult only faith healers?

    Do you drive a car to work or do you walk everywhere/ride a horse?

    I am always curious when people bad-mouth science what they suppose we should replace it with?

    Guessing? Hoping? Faith? Wishfull-thinking?


    I’m done!

    We aren’t helping you. You need a semi full of stuff to land in your backyard. And which computer or car do you run to when a loved one crosses over?

    Lot so luck where ever you go.

    LAN Man

    Originally posted by TheSkeptic
    LAN Man, and what is it you need exactly?

    Right about now a grilled cheese sandwich sounds pretty darn good. :D

    Sorry TheSkeptic, but this whole discussion is fruitless, so I’m going to continue on with my life as I choose it and wish the best for you and in your search.



    I think we mis-read this thread!!

    I think what it really said was-I’m closed minded-you’re not going to change my mind-I have no kind of belief in any kind of higher power and I have nothing but time on my hands-so who wants to argue!!!!



    A simple test of his accuracy would suffice.

    So why doesn’t John submit himself for scientific research? Becasue he’d fail. [/B]

    Hi Skeptic. :)

    I am new here (newer than you, I believe).

    I was just reading over your posts and the replies you received.

    I thank you for your honesty. I sincerely wish you well.

    I was just wondering….I thought that John had submitted himself for testing at a scientific research center in Arizona.

    Am I wrong anyone??? Did I dream this???

    I hope you find what you’re looking for. And I hope you let yourself enjoy the sights as you’re driving along the road your on. It is a delicious experience if you let it be.

    In love & light,


    I am neither closed-minded or cynical. I am certainly not the person Mr. Al thinks I am.

    I’m simply a realist.

    “I really feel sorry for someone you has no belief system-it must be a miserable life!” – angelakay1

    This is a common remark by believers made to skeptics. Here’s one from Sylvia Browne on Larry King Live just this week. Again, it’s a classic…

    BROWNE: Yeah. and I know exactly — I would give — I want to know — of course this is a rhetorical question, because I know where you are coming — but — and so many people have asked me this. Randi, do you believe in God?

    RANDI: Which god? There are lots of gods, thousands of them out there.

    BROWNE: No. I mean a supreme being.

    RANDI: Well, there are thousands of supreme beings, too.

    BROWNE: You are hedging me.

    KING: He doesn’t believe in a single god.


    RANDI: I don’t believe in deities in general.

    BROWNE: I know that. You don’t believe in an afterlife, either.

    RANDI: I have no evidence for an afterlife, no.

    BROWNE: That’s too bad. That’s too bad. I’m sorry for you, Randi.

    RANDI: Well, feel sorry for me if you will.

    BROWNE: Yeah, but I mean I think it is must be so lonely for you, so miserable that you don’t have any god center, you don’t have any belief system. You know what I mean.

    RANDI: I just have to get along on facts.

    Why am I miserable because I don’t have a belief system? I can’t follow that logic. That just seems like a device used to make the believers feel better about their choices.

    I am not at all miserable. What I am is scared. Scared of death. Scared I’m not going anywhere when I die. It terrifies me. I guess that terror is what leads people to belief systems like these. It must be a great comfort. I would love to have that comfort too, but how does one do that with no proof?



    What research center? Are the results published? May we see them?


    Dear skeptic,

    Hi. can’t see the results cause…I don’t seem to have them..
    (btw…I don’t need them)

    I believe if you would re read my reply to you…I said.

    “I thought” He had submitted himself for research.

    I didn’t say “oh yes…man he definitely has and by the way..I’m the authority on it.”

    You are just looking for an argument….




    No, I’m not looking for an arguement, just a lively debate. It’s saddening that so many people are retreating just when this is getting good. :-)

    Pam B

    Well well well. I leave for a few hours to do some shopping and I see 42 replies already?

    TheSkeptic – this community does not exist to provide lively debate. This community exists to support those who already have the “belief” or “faith” that we’re talking about here.

    There’s people in the world who are capable of believing such things, and people who are not capable.

    I’m a pretty fair judge of who is not capable. You don’t seem to be.

    We allow skeptical discussion in this forum, NOT so that “lively debate” may happen, but so that non-believers may learn why we believe.

    I don’t see that happening here.

    This thread is now closed.

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