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    (original post edited by moderators, guess who! ;) )

    EvolveNow turned on his computer and angrily stared at the start up screen. “Damn that John Edward!” he thought as he heard his modem connect….”Damn him for bringing peace and comfort to those that believe!” EvolveNow’s homepage, http://www.CynicsRUs.com loaded up painfully slow, due to bad programming. “Damn those programmers!” EvolveNow thought to himself.

    EvolveNow stomped the floor in frustration, at all the comfort that people like John Edward brought the world. “How dare they!” he thought. His mind raced, trying to find a solution for the terrible comfort that the psychic medium presented to those would believe. His mind raced, in fact, ached from all the thinking. You see, EvolveNow was not used to actually thinking.

    “I KNOW!” he finally exclaimed!!! “I’ll flame the JohnEdwardTalk.org” discussion group! That will do it! That will open their eyes! Never again will John Edward bring peace to the those who want it, and I will be the one responsible for opening their eyes!

    With that, EvolveNow browsed to JohnEdwardTalk.org, registered, and patiently waited for his confirmation email to arrive. Meanwhile, as he waited, he kicked his dog.

    When the long awaited confirmation email arrived, he nearly lept from his ergonomically incorrect programmer’s chair with joy. He logged in….”only seconds away now” he thought, giggling to himself gleefully over his well-thought-out plan….he clicked “new thread” and typed:

    Please pray that John Edward is exposed for the fraudulent, smarmy, con-man that he is.

    Thank You


    And so, that is the story of how EvolveNow saved the universe, from the psychic genious, that almost inspired a world.

    Pam B

    I’m always happy when some cynic takes the time to post this nonsense. It means we kept him off the streets for that time….


    Thanks, Pam (and EvolveNow)!! I can always use a good laugh on a Friday afternoon.


    Originally posted by EvolveNow
    Meanwhile, as he waited, he kicked his dog.

    ROFL…That is too funny!! I think the theme song from the “Grinch” will be stuck in my head for a week!:D




    Just another example of what a high road John is on and what a low low one some others out there choose to travel.
    Thanks for the Friday chuckle…….I too love a good laugh!

    Pam B

    I’m sorry (yet not! LOL) you had to see that. I usually take the high road too, and just delete this kind of fluff (pocket lint?) but this time I wanted to shine a light on this kind of thing.


    Is this for real? It’s hysterical!

    :iratepay: (really just wanted to used the pirate smiley and this seemed an appropriate place.)

    Pam B

    The red part of the post is the orignal post from “EvolveNow” (Evolve FROM what, I wonder?) and the rest is my own “embellishemnt” of what I perceived to be as Paul Harvey would say “the REST of the story. :devil:


    Pam, that makes it even funnier! LOL!



    Oh somebody please pinch me, I’m laughing and I can’t stop !!!! You’re too funny Pam!!! You smarmy-marmy you (from Between the Lions, PBS)!

    Pam B

    Too freakin’ funny! Dang near fell outta my non-ergonomic chair from laughin’ so hard. :laff:


    Pam you are very clever! I wonder if you made that up or you actually “saw it” using your newfound psychic talent of mind reading???? Oh, I know, you were doing a cold reading….or maybe a warm reading….or maybe a hot reading…..

    That damn JE, just keeps shoveling out this stuff and silly little mindless twits that we are, we just lap it up…..

    Thank you for a very good laugh!:D

    Pam B

    You know what’s even funnier? The post at JREF where EvolveNow tells them what they did here, and my “response”, and even one of the JREF’ers say “that was stupid.”




    Oh man! They are raking Mr./Mrs./Miss EvolveNow over the coals!

    If people from the James Randi Message Boards and the JE Friends message boards can agree on something then there is still some hope left in this world.

    Everyone join hands!

    C’mon people now, smile on your brother, everyone get together try and love one and other……

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