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    Let me just say that today is becoming so incredibly magical for me…it is getting to where I can not share…but it actually coincidentally has something to do with the name JUDE…in a round about weird way….if I tried to explain you would get lost…but I am not lost today…

    I am having a blissfilled magical day of coincidence and it all started with that post …

    so , believe me I am starting to believe me…

    I don’t know how this happens…but it happens…

    pure majic…


    blugrrl said:

    I am having a blissfilled magical day of coincidence and it all started with that post …

    Somehow, when you open your heart to the universe… that happens… like when you have an unacknowledged younger female at a JE seminar and go to a JE friends site to see if anyone posted anything about their seminar experience there… and then find yourself posting stuff like this!!!! (hint: that’s me).


    (thank the spirits for your coincidences.)



    Sometimes you gotta “set it down” for people when reading them. I’ve seen people just flat out say NO that’s not for me, only a fraction after a second after the information is given. They don’t even think about their response. It’s very frustrating because they are not open to other people to come through. You’ll hear “Oh no, I did know this lady with that name and yes she did pass that way BUT we were not close” so that can’t be for me. :hmm: :rolleyes:

    Mediums are peeps too LMAO! :eek:

    And John has a cool personality that you can’t just bulldoze over. I like the way John puts the info across and appreciate his tenacity. Rock On John Boy ! :thumbsup:


    It is important for John to get the message across, and I agree that people who say “no” immediately and/or have an attitude about the process are making the whole thing harder for everyone. But there are times when the sitters are trying to get it but the information is not readily in their minds because a) they don’t know about it yet, or b) it happened so long ago or so far removed from them that it’s not until later that it makes sense. I think as long as you can see the person is trying to validate it, they should be allowed the time to let their minds process the information and validate it later.


    Psychic amnesia sets in too, however y’all are right some of the time they are unhealthy skeptics and are trying to disprove John and automatically say no and reject the true messages that are coming across!


    Its true that John can be a bit like a dog with a bone but I think it is fair enough. If you are working that hard to bring these relatives through it must really piss you off to come up against a brick wall. It uses up a lot of his time and energy and there are so many people who really need it that it must annoy him when he is trying to do something for someone who doesn’t appreciate it and furthermore is rude towards him.
    Plus those pesky dead people keep pushing him and won’t leave him alone until the message is put forward so why shouldn’t he do the same. Sometimes I do think “alright calm down” but then I remember how annoyed I get when some other mediums give up too easily. He has faith that what he is bringing through is right and by God he is going to make sure you take it home with you. I think that is commendable.

    Celestial wrote:
    On another post there was a discussion about a reading that had “p—-d off” John because the woman was being “snotty” and wouldn’t acknowledge. … I don’t know how else to pose the question: Is John too hard on people sometimes? Do you think it’s worth it for the people he’s reading?

    If I ever had the chance for a reading it would be OK for John to have whatever attitude he needed to get thru to me……Sometimes it takes some pushing to jar my memory,,,,,,so he should keep doing whatever works,,,,,It would break my heart if the message was for me and I was not able to “get it”


    I just been looking through some older threads and found this one, I want to add my .02 worth in here :) JE does work hard to get the other side to come through but the problem does lie on this side. Some people just live life with the attitude that you are born you live and you die. and many just can’t get past that thing of bodily death. People still attach the body to the mind. and think that is all there is. I know a number of people that seem to have no soul, and I think they are very sad.

    I have even had people tell me if I knew it before then why didn’t I do anything to stop it happening? Well we do what we can in the way we know.

    I refuse to believe that we are born we live we die. the mind doesn;t die at all. Thus people wont acknowledge what they don’t understand and if that person is a skeptic or cynic I doubt they will ever get it. @Pam 28789 wrote:

    We should ask this of the person who get the validation after leaving John. ;)

    John uses an analogy, something similar to:

    Think of a person you love very much.

    Now imagine that they’re sitting right next to you, and you say, “hello – I love you” – and they act like they can’t hear you.

    You say it again and again, and no response, no eye contact, nothing. Now imagine they DO hear you – but they then act like they don’t know you.

    How would you feel? I’d feel awful, especially if I came a very long way, and went through a lot of trouble to tell that person I loved them. I’d be hurt. John is working harder for the spirit on the other side, then the person on this side, and that’s ok with me.

    Because you can get messages for and from anyone who has crossed, you might not be able to recall that person off the top of your head. And the message is so special, and such a gift, that I’d want John to twist my arm behind my back and keep hitting me with information until I remembered who the person was.

    And I’ve learned, that sometimes you have to look past accent and tone of voice, and words of frustration, in order to really hear the essence of what someone is saying. I think if we all learned to de-sensitize to those things, there’d be a lot less misunderstandings and hurt feelings in the world.


    I chose no. His readings are such a blessing to the people who receive them. I wouldn’t be less grateful for the gift of a million dollars because the person who was offering didn’t want to linger and converse with me. I think when you have something as valuable as the information he is trying to convey it is understandable to be impatient. If people try to keep up and acknowledge the information quickly he can read more people. I would probably get frustrated too in that situation.

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