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    Since getting John’s tapes, I now realize the importance of smudging to get rid of negative energies that build up. My question is when you smudge your home does it also carry over to the occupants in the home? My husband, the skeptic, would never agree to smudging but he has been going through a period of excessive negativity. I believe it is a build up from his last job, which was a bad situation. Would a cleansing of our home help? :confused:


    To answer your question, in my opinion, yes.
    Your husband, though a skeptic, may reap the benefit even if
    unaware of the fact you have smudged.
    For sake of argument, lets say (and again IMO it does) assist
    in ridding the area of negative energy, he may not be aware of
    why, yet still be subject to the feeling that his environment has
    less negativity, and simply feels lighter.
    I base my opinion on my own experiences. I live alone, but a
    few times after smudging, people drop in – non believers – unaware
    of what was done in the past few days on my part. They have
    made interesting comments. “Your house feels more comfortable.”
    “Have you done/moved something? It feels different (in a good
    way) here.”
    O.K. perhaps I may be projecting wishfull thinking here, and
    looking for something I want to be real. Yet, I have had chronic
    problems with my relationship with my daughter-in-law and my-
    self. With enough notice I smudge a day or so before she visits.
    It does feel, to me, she is a bit warmer and more communic-
    p.s. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Unless you do something stupid like I just did and buy one for ceremonial use, nearly burning the house down.


    You can also try using an oil that I just heard about. It can be added to a spray bottle and an area or whole house can be lightly sprayed.
    Anyone can correct me if I am wrong here. I am not exactly sure where to purchase it – health store??? Anyone, jump in.



    Irishrose, I’m curious to know where to purchase the clary sage oil, also. Sounds like a great alternative to the smudge stick.


    Me too! I am going to check at the health store tonight to see if they have it. If so I will let you know. I liked that idea myself.



    I bought the oil at a large health food store. As I recall, it was
    fairly expensive (15$ ?), however it goes a long way since you
    dilute just a drop or two with the water.


    Yep, any health store, notion/potion shops or even buy online.

    If you want, click this site and scroll down to read some of the oils and what they can be used for:


    I thought I would jump in here and say it is interesting to note that smudging brings down the tics of my Tourettes. :jumper: :jumper:



    How soothing to discover that the art of smudging is so beneficial for you. It stands to reason that once all of the cobwebs are gone that you would have fewer tics – more positive energy. Neat…

    I completed my first meditation this morning and found it to be very relaxing. Once the tape was done and I looked outside I discovered there was a light rain falling. I have always found that rain was the most relaxing experience for me. I think that helped me have a successful meditation.



    Originally posted by Irishrose
    I completed my first meditation this morning and found it to be very relaxing. Irishrose


    Happy that you completed your first meditation :) Best wishes to you for the rest of them. If you have any questions, ask away.


    Thanks Cyndy – Right now I am feeling so comfortable. Maybe it is due to the rain today but I have not felt this comfortable in a very long time.



    Hi all! I was wondering if this sage spray oil is just as effective as smudging?? Please let me know…….
    terre :D


    I have to tell a little experience I had after cleansing my apartment last fall. My girlfriend was a bit freaked out by it and she wasn’t too convinced by it.

    Well, my Sister-In-Law (who was pregnant at the time, by the way) and my brother came into town a few weeks after I did this. I had made no changes to the apartment (no new paint, no new pictures, no re-arranged furniture, nothing!) since their last visit a few months beforehand. The first words out of her mouth a few minutes after being in the apartment were

    “Have you done anything to your apartment? It feels so much more like home than I last remembered it!”

    One thing that you should know–she is very much a skeptic when it comes to this. I told her that this was the only thing that had been done since she last visited and she was floored! I thought that was a pretty cool validation…



    Hello everyone…I mostly lurk and soak up the advice, but I need to ask a question. Has anyone ever used the Clary Sage Oil as a substitute for the Smudge sticks? There is a HUGE amount of negative engergy at my place of work and I would really like to try cleansing it, but of course can’t use smudge sticks because of the smoke alarms, odor, etc. Also, I share a house with my mother and would rather use the oil at home as well & I’m sure it will help me with my meditations. If anyone has used it, could you please tell me how it’s used, if it works, etc.?

    Even though I don’t post very often, I check the board every day and have gleaned many wonderful things from your postings.:)

    Thank you all….you’re quite a group:D

    Pam B

    Hi JoJo :)

    I have a little bit of experience with essential oils.
    Clary Sage is from the Salvia Sclarea family, while smudging sage is from the Salvia apiana genus.

    Salvia varieties have long been acknowledged as healing herbs, reflected in the fact that its genus name comes from the Latin root word salvare, which is the verb “to heal” or “to save.”

    Clary Sage however, always comes with a warning, as it can be intoxicating, and it’s estrogen-like quality can induce labor in pregnant women. You probably wouldn’t want to introduce those potential effects in an environment where people aren’t aware that it’s in use.

    I would guess that you don’t really have to burn the plant, to acheive the same metaphysical effects. If it were me, I would carefully and lovingly perform the ritual by leaving tiny bits of the sage leaves as I walked around the office, saying my prayers for cleansing and protection.

    I might add the use of a spray bottle, with kosher salt diluted in water, and mist some small areas where the salt wouldn’t leave a corroding stain, such as fabrics, woods, or laminated surfaces.

    As long as you begin with the right intent, I don’t think that it would matter that you weren’t actually burning the leaves (although that would be ideal.)

    I would still leave some windows or doors open, for the negative energy to escape, even though I wasn’t creating smoke.

    I’d love to hear some more ideas on this subject, because I’m refraining from burning in my home too (my husband hates the smell of any type of smoke and he’d be very unhappy with me!)

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