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    Leighski’s question:

    “On which area(s) of my life would I benefit from focusing more attention right now?”


    On which area(s) of my life would I benefit from focusing more attention right now?”
    I used Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals.
    I used a 7-card spread – The Pathway Spread.

    Hi Leigh –

    Right off the get go before I can even throw the spread, I hear “Brian” “Hello” and feel a good bit of excitement with that. Does this have any meaning to you?
    1) Past: Wild Boar

    Boar is confrontation. In the recent past you have likely had a serious confrontation or situation that caused considerable upheaval for you. But it was confrontation that you needed to initiate in order to be able to move foreword. Although this might be something that you had to face about yourself, I feel that this was external and another person(s) was involved. So my question would be ‘Did you follow through?”. If not clear it up before you go any further.

    Boar can also signal a new period of personal growth so during this same time frame you probably experienced some major moves in your relationships.

    2) Present: Skunk (Reversed) Following on the heals of Boar, Skunk tells me that perhaps you do have a bit of unfinished business and this is effecting your reputation some. You need to carry yourself with more self respect. Is there a Karen somewhere near this situation?

    Reversed, Skunk is asking that you use your intuition and your powers of observation to know which people to attract to yourself. Are your emotions and actions draining your energy reserves? You will attract what you put out there so be a little more mindful. Remove yourself from toxic situations. Honor your own self respect first and don’t be afraid to stand tall in your convictions.

    I keep seeing Patty Duke here and her old show where she plays identical cousins. Does that have a reference to you? My reference would be that you are playing two ends against the middle. Not a good place to be really.

    3) Future: Elk (Reversed) Elk is stamina. In your future setting and reversed, I would interpret that he is cautioning you not to spread yourself too thin or overwork yourself. You are evidently laying the groundwork to put yourself in that position.

    You also likely need to cultivate your romantic relationship. You will want to put that ‘spark’ back in it if you can. Meanwhile look to your women friends to help you balance your energies.

    At any rate be willing to pace yourself in all areas so that you do not wear yourself out.

    4) Life lessons that you are moving through: Alligator (Reversed) Alligator is integration. In the reversed position I would interpret this as you are having some difficulty with this. Do you find yourself scattered and running all over but unable to pull it all together. Alligator can help that.

    And he signals a need to lighten up about the controversy you are in and just go with the flow. The word that comes to mind is reconciliation. With what you have been through as indicated by Boar this would certainly be part of the healing process. In the reverse position Alligator is likely warning you to not be too judgmental but to look at all sides and begin to integrate them. But take your time – don’t rush into things.

    I am seeing a string of pearls. If there is no specific connection to you, my reference for that is that it shows how each individual pearl works together to make an even more beautiful whole.

    I sense here that you have some issues with setting personal boundaries. Learning to set healthy boundaries will bring you into new pathways.

    Does the name Elli have any significance to you? And Brian is popping up again in my head.

    5) Challenge conquered/lesson just learned: Porcupine (Reversed)

    Porcupine is innocence. She too is telling you not to take everything so seriously. In this position, it would seem that you have gotten that lesson, but not quite embraced it fully yet. Whatcha waiting for?  Seriously you have evidently had some serious trust issues within a major relationship which has kept you from showing your true colors. Time to let that go. You need to trust yourself, your intuition, and your sense of wonder. Those are some of your biggest assets if you embrace them. Otherwise you may find yourself very vulnerable to ‘attacks’ by others. Get yourself turned right side up and let those natural quills protect you.

    Remember Porcupine doesn’t stick others with her quills except as a last resort, but she knows she is protected by them, so she can move forward with confidence.

    Like Alligator, Porcupine is also asking you to slow down a bit. Try not to let others dictate your pace. And like Skunk, she wants you to mind your self respect. So these are thing you have learned, but as I say, likely you have not yet quite embraced them, so continue to work on them.

    6) What is working for you: Whale

    Whale is record keeper. Are you a singer or does music play a pivotal role in your spiritual life? When you are working out things, I bet you put on your tunes and sing and hum your way back up into a higher vibration. Yes?

    I believe Whale is indicating that that is the case. Geesh – Brian is being said yet again. I don’t have any Brian’s, so he must be yours! ;)

    You are evidently in a very creative time. I sense you are trying some new outlet for your spiritual journey. This may be the source of the conflict that some of the animal guides have been referencing. Does this creative venture include flowers or flower essences? I am seeing fields of lovely wildflowers. But remember that you need to balance this newfound creative outlet so that you don’t burn out. Surround yourself daily in a bubble of soft blue light to help you stay balanced.

    7) What is working against you: Crow(Reversed)

    Crow is law. Methinks you may be a little rebellious in an unhealthy way. Not overly so but a bit. So take the time to look at the ramifications of your words and actions. And remember those start with thoughts, so be aware of your thinking. Crow wants you to let go of self doubt and regain your full self respect.

    You are working hard to manifest something and Crow can assist you but you need to be mindful of your imbalances.

    And if you have has a minor run-in with the law such as a traffic ticket, get it cleared up sooner rather than later. I am not sensing a major legal battle but Crow can sometimes show up during those times. More often he comes during a time of change,

    The story:

    Leigh, these are all strong animal spirits and all very much carrying protection. So no matter what your course is you are and will be well protected on the journey.

    You ask where you should be focusing your attention. I would say on your own self-esteem and boundary-setting as well as your relationships. Let go of the old baggage that is holding you back. Whatever blame or responsibility that you have been burdening yourself with, let it go – it is no longer yours to carry. All is well. Time to go forward into this new time of growth. And there are new, exciting things coming.

    Although confrontation has shown up in this reading, I really think it is the healthy kind. It is a way of clearing the decks and starting new. Honor yourself first and foremost. Nurture your inner spirit and watch everything else fall into line. Take time to play – really play – and renew your sense of wonder. And don’t forget to sing your life. Soemtimes when we have been dealt horrible blows that seems impossible, but everything comes in its own time.

    Thanks for allowing me a chance to walk a little ways with you on your spiritual journey. You are entering a time of plenty where your needs will be abundantly met. :dance:

    Bright Blessings




    Thanks ((Sue)):banana: & ((Dawn)):banana: I have had Jaymie home not feeling so great so i hoping to get a chance to reply later on this evening. Jaymie absolutely needs to be in good health by this Friday she is having yet another operation She is getting her tonsils out. And mommy is nervous, I’ll be asking for some prayers later this week:)



    ((((Leigh and Jaymie)))) Prayers ascending that Jaymie will be in top health before her surgery. :hearts:


    Good-morning SueJ

    1)O.k. you begin with mentioning (Wild Boar) well I have to wonder if you are referring to something that happened recently COLOR](sorry i have removed this reference to my reading)
    The “names’ you have mentioned don’t really click with me I do know a “Brian” but he is an ex brother in-law and I sure hope not to hear from him LOL.
    (Porcupine)Again you are very intuitive when you speak of “pacing myself” and not letting others dictate your pace. I am learning Big Time about how to pay attention to this area. As you know I have been sick and well to some people I don’t look sick so they expect a lot from me @ times as well as I expect too much from myself on certain days and am slowly learning to sit down and take that rest where before I would have just kept going. And I always pay for it later.
    As far as “lightening up” yeah I could definitely do that. LOL I have become far to serious though I still have my sense of humor intact I am workin’ on it SueJ

    (Whale)Music is definitely a important role in my life I listen to music EVERDAY well as far as singing trust me you wouldn’t want me too LOL I also listen to relaxation tapes before I go to sleep.
    I recently went out and bought a bunch of plants for inside my house I have had none for the longest time now It makes such a difference when you have plants all over the living room I have always killed plants don’t know how I do it but they always die. I am reading “The Celestine Prophecy” in the book there’s a part where they talk about sending your energy to plants and watch how they grow faster and healthier than the ones you only water so hey I pay extra attention to them and they are all growing like crazy.
    The Story Yes I am letting go of the guilt that I put upon myself. I have been doing that for instance my daughter has to get her tonsils out this Friday and well I have been feeling guilty for this because they are more less taking them out now because I am at high risk for coming into contact with strep again So with her past bouts with strep they decided lets take them out. I realize now that it’s out of my control so “let it go” Guilt is of no use to me.
    I like it when you say “new exciting things coming” WOOHOO!!
    Thanks so much Sue for taking the time to do my reading i am honored. And I will be reading this on and off in the next little bit to see if anything else pops up that you have mentioned here I’ll let u know.
    ps thanks for your prayers Laura;)


    Thanks Leigh. Glad some of it resonated with you.

    I believe ‘Brian’ is crossed over and I believe he is the same age level as you (as JE woudl say – to the side). I sense more friend than family. If you figure it out, I’d be interested. :)

    Bright Blessings

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