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    I recently had an experience that has been bugging me just a little bit.

    My mother had a stroke earlier this summer and was placed in a nursing home for rehab therapy. While visiting I stayed in her house (the house I lived in as a teenager) I heard a male voice call out my name on three different occasions.

    The first time I was awakened from a dead sleep (pardon the expression). The second time I answered out then realizing I was alone in the house and the third I was folding clothes.I was not alone but no one else heard it. The voice was vaguely familiar and there was a definite urgancy in the tone of voice.

    It only occurs in my mothers house. Either I have become schizophrenic or someone was really trying very hard to get my attention. I just wish I knew why.

    Any thoughts?


    Dear twinkie:

    I don’t really think you are suffering from a paranoid,delusional episode unless you have had this illness which I don’t think you do, or if you abuse alcohol or drugs which I don.t think you do.

    Anothe symtom of the illness is the voices are usually negative asking the sufferer to do negative and illogical actions

    I don’t know about anyone else but I too heard my name called out on numerious times one time whichile I was showering I heard my father-in-law say “hi ya Rich “. at the same time my wife was sleeping in and had a dream at the same time that she was talking to her father on the telephone, so go figure. I am no longer married to the wife in that incident and I somtimes hear people call my name, I look at as a love call.




    I, too, have heard my name called several times. One time it was preceded by about one minute to the phone ringing and my mom telling me my beloved grampa had died. This is what the voice said “Jeanne, your grandfather is dead”. Then the phone call within seconds. That was extremely specific, though, unlike what you are experiencing. Also, it’s odd that we have exactly the same name!

    You haven’t mentioned your father. Is he still here or has he crossed over? could he be trying to reach you to give a message to your mom? Not meaning to offend or hurt, it’s just a thought.



    I completely believe that you had someone call out to you! Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge to figure out who it is, but for myself personally, I have known immediately who it was.

    Most recently, I was at my grandmothers house, helping my mom clean it out and get it ready for sale. I was washing dishes and distinctly heard my name called from behind me. I thought it was my mom calling me from the living room, so I went to the door and said “what?”. She said she didn’t call me, so I went back to the dishes.

    Then, it dawned on me that it was my grandma’s voice I heard. So…taking JE’s advice, I thought “okay grandma, you have my attention, now…Do IT AGAIN!”…She did! As clear as day I heard my name again. So, I stopped washing dishes, smiled, and took a moment to say “thanks for the effort and communication, I love you too!”

    Hope it helps to know you’re not alone! Stop and ask them to give you more info on who they are. Maybe your questions will be answered!


    I’m new here, too. Of course I believe that you are not crazy. That’s why I’m here

    to find people who have had similar experiences as I have. I see spirits, hear spirits, and feel the presence of people who have passed. One thing I notice, is that I am not afraid at the time of the incident. If I think about coming face to face with a spirit, it frightens me, but when it actually happens, I am not afraid. I feel very peaceful. :angel:

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