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    Pam B

    I’m happy to report that I’ve updated the “Science” links page at

    This page contains links to the “HBO and Miraval” study that John Edward and Suzane Northrop participated in with Dr. Gary Schwartz, et al.

    It also contains links to serious scientific and academic study of PSI (Psychic) including universities around the world and research organizations dedicated to the study and understanding of human consciousness and potential. Also included are books and publications, both offline and online.

    icon4.gif Under construction – your contributions and link critiques are not only welcome but invited! :thumbsup:

    Scientific studies in Consciousness, Mediumship, Survival, Paraphysics, Reincarnation and more…

    Pam B

    I forgot to mention, that “coming soon” will be another links and resources page for:


    Based on my own feelings that “a belief untested is not worth having” and the knowledge that even John Edward suggests being skeptical of the process of mediumship and the psychic realm:

    * How to tell the difference between open-minded skepticism and closed-minded bias and cynicism

    * How to apply appropriate skepticism when approaching PSI experiences (mediums, psychics, your own experiences.)

    * Examples of bias and inappropriate skepticism, a.k.a, pseudo-skepticism.

    * Bios and exposure of bias in “Professional Media Skeptics” such as Michael Shermer, “The Amazing Randi” a.k.a. Randall Zwinge, et al.

    Again, your suggestions and submissions will be very welcome!


    (((((((((Pam))))))))) You are truly a Godsend! Having all of these resources in one place will save me hours and hours and hours of time over the next couple of years. Thank you so much!!



    Originally posted by Pam
    I forgot to mention, that “coming soon” will be another links and resources page for:


    Thank you, Pam! Objectivity in dealing with others and our own experiences is so important! And understanding that James Randi is hardly a great scientific mind is important as well!!


    Pam B

    Thank you Sandra and Theo, you’re quite welcome, it’s my pleasure :)

    I thought I’d have a problem finding information about “appropriate skepticism” but my problem is that there is almost TOO much out there! I’m excited about being able to put it up on JEFriends.

    Also forthcoming will be an area with commentary and further resources for biblical support of use of gifts such as prophecy, mediumship, reincarnation, divination, etc. I also intend to include commentary (with a back up bibliography) debunking claims that these gifts are forbidden by scripture.

    I’m tired of saying the same thing over and over again, responding to nasty-grams from pseudoskeptics and religoius fundamentalist hate-mongers. When it’s all up, I’ll just save typing time by refering them to the web page :)


    Any typing time you can save gives you more time for other worthwhile pursuits, such as playing with Zach.

    It will be great sending people to those links. :)

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