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    I have been listening to these tapes and am very intrigued and excited. The meditations are so incredible. While I have been listening to the meditations and had an itch Iwas so relaxed I couldn’t even move my hand to scratch, LOL. They have also helped me to quit smoking, incredible! :D

    I have no intention of doing readings of any kind. I just want to be relaxed and happy with myself and it is working for me.

    Smiles, Sierra


    The meditation tapes are wonderful. I sleep much better when I do them regularly.:)

    CONGRATULATIONS ON QUITTING SMOKING!!!!:jumper: I bet JE would love to hear about his tapes helping someone to quit smoking.


    Originally posted by Sierra
    I just want to be relaxed and happy with myself and it is working for me.

    How great is that? We could hardly ask for more.



    Side note: I was listening to a meditation with my headphones before going to sleep but I woke up this morning with the headphones still on! Guess I was relaxed.;)

    Barb Berge

    I’ve bought the whole set too and I love listening to them. I try to listen to the basic meditation every night and have completely worn out one cassette. Thank heavens I made copies.

    I find I need more quiet time to do these meditations though and rarely find it in my daily life. I was on vacation when they first arrived so I was really able to indulge. Someday I won’t have 3 dogs to walk and it will be easier to have time to myself.

    Meanwhile, I know they help – I sleep better and feel better and I’m so much more positive in my outlook on life and hope for the future. I used to have a lot of depression and hopelessness and now I don’t. And I know it is the meditations.

    One more thing – I’ve gotten a regression CD and listen to that meditation too sometimes, but I find I’m upset for a few days afterward and feel “off” whereas John’s tape centers me and helps in my everyday life.


    I have spastic cerebral palsy and need to wear long leg braces. My mom used to have a hard time getting my feet in the shoes, but after listening to John’s tapes, she noticed them sliding in the shoes a lot easier. I also sleep better at night. So, John, if you read this, thank you. :)

    Pam B

    Lynn, that’s awesome! I hope you write John’s office and tell him – I know they’d give that letter to him :)

    Sierra – that’s great too – I hope you also write John, and tell him about your results.

    Get Psych’d Inc / John Edward
    PO Box 383, Huntington, NY 11743


    I’ve just ordered John’s tapes and I am so impatient!!! Can anyone describe to me just exactly what’s on these tapes? It must be some great stuff. I know there’s meditation, but what else? I wish I had more patience. I want to know NOW. Sorry, that just slipped out. :(

    Anyway, a little intro would be helpful. I’m just anxious:goofy:

    Thanks everyone.


    I don’t have them in front of me, but they are great! There is one on psychic self-defense. Side A is really funny, side b is the meditation. Most of them are in that format…side a theory, side b practical.

    there is one on numerology, psychic in the workplace, how to conduct a psychic session…can’t remember the rest… but all of them are GREAt and John’s charming and entertaining personality really comes out in all of them.

    Enjoy! :lwink:


    Thank you Doodledink! I really need to just calm down and wait. I get so anxious where these things are concerned. Can’t wait to learn.

    I was hoping that someone would say that his wonderful personality comes through strongly. I just have to be patient, right?:angel:

    Pam B

    “Developing Your Own Psychic Powers”
    Hay House, Inc.; ISBN: 1561707627, 6/2000

    John Edward provides you with the education and guided meditations to lead you on the path to developing your intuition, psychic abilities and spiritual path.

    On this remarkable six-tape audio program, internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edward brings you a wealth of information that will help you develop your own psychic powers.

    The topics he discusses include the following:

    : Meditations: John teaches you how to successfully meditate so you can relax your body, open your mind to the intuitive side, and visualize what you want in life. He discusses the seven chakras, the vital energy centers located within the etheric body that enable you to process the universal energies around and within you.

    Other subjects covered in this 6-tape program:
    : Psychic Self-Defense
    : Angels and Guides
    : Your Psychic Potential
    : Psychic Tools in the Workplace (spiritual ethics; numerology, crystal gazing, psychometry, tarot cards, dowsing, the I Ching, and rune-casting)
    : How to Conduct a Psychic Session (step-by-step advice on actually conducting a session)

    You can order these tapes from our sister site,


    Thank you Pam. I have ordered them already though from John’s site. It all sounds so interesting. The meditation is the one I really need to get started on.

    You know, I was talking to a friend of mine last night and we got on this subject (as always), and we both think that children and young adults are more open with their minds. I can remember as a child and a young adult, I had feelings about things and a lot of deja vu feelings that seem to have disappeared in my later years. Why do you suppose that we do that? I guess we just get so involved in our lives, we push those “silly” feelings and thoughts back. I am really hoping that between the books and tapes, I can get back to where I was. I have more time now, with the kids grown, to “ponder” things and boy, has JE sent me pondering. Ha-ha, I love that word, ponder.

    Anyway, I am really looking forward to the wealth of information on its way to me.

    Thanks again for having this site. I love it!



    I cant wait :cat: :cat:



    Well, Nessa, looks like we’re going to be getting our tapes at about the same time. I can’t wait either. I’m sure you can get them in the UK!! We can compare notes on them. Everyone says they’re great and will really help us. Patience……..


    Pam B

    Don’t forget we have a study group within this board, based on the JE tapes :) It’s restricted access, see the FAQ/Guidelines for how to join.

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