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    I LOVE the way JE guides meditation!

    I have often wanted to go to sleep with them but hubby actually got a little jealous when I started taking the headphones into bed at night. (LOL)

    I wish I could share our conversation about it but because I respect the integrity of this board I will not. (Not to mention that headphones are not very romantic!)

    SO now I meditate in the morning with them in bed after hubby goes to work and do my own meditation at night.

    I asked hubby to try the tapes before he dozed off but his male ego got in the way…..tee hee

    :angel: -ina


    Originally posted by forgiveness
    …I wish I could share our conversation about it but because I respect the integrity of this board I will not…

    Yes, thank you for sparing us the details!! :eek:


    I really wanna get these tapes, but don’t have a credit card. :( Maybe I’ll find them in a library or a Boarders or something…

    Kim :angel3:

    “Communicate, Appreciate, and Validate those in your Life today.” – John Edward

    Pam B

    SpiritDiscovery, my sister site, takes personal checks, money orders and PayPal. :)


    The tapes are fabulous..I have ordered smudging supplies very easy to do business with :)
    I hope you can get smudging sticks someday :)


    Minty,I know this is a bit late but YES you can get them if you’re in the UK. I ordered them from JE WEBSITE and I got them SIX days later!!! They said it varies for overseas orders.
    I’ve been doing the meditations every night and I’ve been sleeping so much better too.
    :) :) :)


    Originally posted by Pam
    SpiritDiscovery, my sister site, takes credit cards, personal checks, money orders and PayPal. :)



    I absolutely LOVE those tapes. I try to use them whenever I get a chance, and am currently trying to make them routine.

    I first started using them last December, and the first time I remember it really affecting me was probably 3 weeks into using them. I was in the middle of a meditation, and became so relaxed, I literally couldn’t move my legs or hands. It was impossible to do, but I didn’t feel trapped or anything. I just relaxed and closed me eyes, and it was wonderful..

    They definitely work, and John definitely knows what he’s talking about!! lol


    I ordered the tapes from John’s website on Saturday. I can’t wait to get them! I ordered smudging supplies from today. I can’t wait to get them either! :D


    I am sooo happy to have them (finally) come out with a CD version! This is what I wanted from the beginning! Now with my Christmas gift (Ipod for windows…20MG) I can rip these CD’s and bring them anywhere from my MusicMatch program….I ordered it and had it 2 days later…they didn’t even charge me extra for the quick shipping! How nice!:lwink:


    I ordered my set of Developing Your Own Psychic Powers tapes in Nov 2002 from a local bookstore, and the have just arrived. On two of the tapes in the background, you can clearly hear a man saing “just wait” on a number of occassions throughout side 2 as Johns speaking. Has anyone else had this problem with their tapes?


    Hi Ya Tigger,

    That’s just a glitch on the tape. It’s a bleed-through from the other side of the tape. I sometimes get messed up listening to the CD version of the meditations because of the awkward pause. I stop and go “huh? where’s the sound?” but then I get right back into it. ;)


    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: wow..just having finished the meditation with meeting animal totem and guides. dont know how much you are allowed to say on here so i will censor myself until someone directs me further ( hint hint guys!)

    i started doing these a week ago and thought they are a fabulous learning tool and instruction. after what i just experienced i know how truly amazing the other side is and even better than the dreams and aspirations i have in my heart and head are without a doubt not only reachable and obtainable but well within my grasp.

    i think i need to write that man a thank you letter.
    ( as if he doesnt get enough mail)

    it really isnt about him. it really is all about the message. but i still say what better way to have to learn it!!

    i think i need to go visit my kittens spot in the lavendar and say a huge prayer of thanks .



    Samantha, since you have JE’s audio program, you may want to consider joining the Study Group. For more information, click here:


    :D yes ! i emailed yesterday where it says to an am anxiously awaitng a reply! ( honestly i got a little over zealous and emailed the host or where the moderators pick up mail and gushed to them and thanked for the board. i am so anxious to share with others but dont know if this is the forum to do it, is there a better thread ? i dont know how this board is about sharing such events in detail etc.

    thank you for directing me there and hopefully i will be a part of it soon!


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