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    Thank you all for posting this information. I have been “Pondering” about getting these tapes, but didn’t know if it was more about becoming a medium. I really want them, to help me personally.
    Now my question is, CD or tape?! I really like CD’s because I have taken my daughters portable cd player, and I can go to my own personal place to listen. (Which is locked in my bedroom, usually)
    Since my reading, I have now discovered this wonderful site, read every book that I can get my hands on…purchased a lot about meditation. I have found so much peace in meditation, and try to keep up with a routine. I find it keeps me centered, and I am always looking for new meditations. Currently I’m using affirmations to help me, and I also have told my daughter to try to use them to her benefit. I have been stressing to my children that their thoughts are very powerful! To use them to help themselves, and others. (as in- the power of prayer!)
    I am going to treat myself, and get the CD’s!
    God Bless!


    I think I’d agree with the CD choice, Silly. We’ve got the tapes, and they work great, but with the CD’s you have the option of jumping in right where you want.


    silly i am with don…i have the cd’s (shameless plug coming on….) clarify i bought the cd’s on ebay form spirit discovery!! ( great price too!!)

    treat yourself…you deserve it!!


    :D Thank you for the recommendation. I think by the time I finished writing my post, I came to my decision. Thanks for reinforcing what I had thought!!:jumper:
    I guess after that the next step will be to join the other forum.
    Thanks again,


    Silly, look at the bottom of this page, and click on the link “Shop for John Edward Books, Tapes…”


    Oh my!!
    Wooohoooo!! Is it a coincidence that the quote at the top says:
    Meditation is the key to spiritual growth.
    – His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    LOL….now I just popped back online to order a trampoline pad, and now I guess the CD’s..heehee
    Thanks TXJude


    I have gone back and forth on whether or not to order these tapes since they first became available…I broke down and ordered the CDs today :jumper: …I think what pushed me over the edge is that I have psoriasis and am in the middle of a major flare up (90% of my body covered), I’m a natrural worry-er and I need a way to relax and this seems like an ideal way! I am anxious to get them and try them out…


    :thumbsup: Good move. You won’t be sorry.


    Hi! Everyone!!

    I have the CD “Understanding your Angels & Meeting your Guides.”

    Is that repeated on the 6 CD set?????

    I just had a birthday and…… co-workers gave me $$$$$ so it is burning a hole in my pocket:lwink:



    Both of the tapes in the 2-tape set are included in the 6-tape set.
    For those of you who are new to this site, don’t forget that these tapes are available here at our sister site at


    I GOT MY CDs TODAY :jumper:


    Apologies is this questions has been answered already.

    Which tape or tapes should I buy first? I’ve been light meditation for a few weeks now and I’m ready to get jiggy with the big boys.



    dyopp.jpg The 6-tape set if you can afford it, is well worth the money. Check it out here.


    For those of you who are about as computer illiterate as I am, when they mention the sister site, SpiritDiscovery.… they are referring to Pams other site regarding other issues of spirituality. She sells John Edward items and other such items of interest to help defray the cost of maintaining her website and keeping it banner free. So, buying from “Sister Site, SpiritDiscovery” is buying from Pam, & helping keep these sites going. K?


    tigger2001;62763 wrote:
    On two of the tapes in the background, you can clearly hear a man saing “just wait” on a number of occassions throughout side 2 as Johns speaking. Has anyone else had this problem with their tapes?

    I noticed the voice in the background too. Do the CDs also have that glitch or is it only on the tapes?

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