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    I have given my mum a tape of John Edward (she doesn’t have satellite) and also a copy of OLT to see what she thinks. She said that some of the readings were impressive and others not so. The tape I gave her included the episode where the woman found the feather at Niagra Falls – probably the most poignant reading I have seen John give.

    I find it difficult that someone so close to me seems closed to JE’s work. Especially when I know my mum would very much like to believe. In discussion we agreed that there is no way he could come up with lots of the details he does merely from cold reading and this means the only other way would be through downright deceit. I know he is not deceiving us.

    My mum pointed out that why in all the millions of people in the world is it only him (and possibly a few others) who are able to do this. I did not know how to answer. I know I should not try to make anyone believe but I know my mum wants to but finds it particularly difficult as my dad’s hobby is magic and knows about cold reading.

    Although John says everyone has this ability to varying degrees, I have used his tape “Unleashing Your Psychic Potential” but do not really know what to do with it now I have created my “psychic room”. So a) why are there so few really genuine and succesful psychics and b) how can the rest of us develop any ability?

    Sorry this is so long-winded.


    Pam B

    Well, he’s not the only one that can do it. He’s the only one that’s created a hit TV show out of doing it, probably because of his charisma and personality. Other mediums are authentic, but just don’t have that wide “appeal”. So that takes care of the “why John Edward of all people”. Don’t forget that John doesn’t lay special claim to his abilities – he says we all can do what he does, he’s just more practiced at it because he’s made it his life’s work.

    I can understand it being difficult that your mum is closed to it. For me, it’s like “WOW this is just so wonderful and healing, I want EVERYONE to know about it….” It’s probably the same feeling religious fundamentlists get, when they can’t sell their beliefs to everybody. It makes them feel wonderful, and they can’t imagine that we don’t all believe or feel the same way.

    It could be your mum isn’t ready for this, this time around. Maybe she’s got other issues to deal with first. Maybe she needs to see him live, instead of on tape. I know that I didn’t really believe 100% until I saw him live. But the important thing is, that YOU believe, and have a new outlook probably because of it. Wonderful :)

    Why are there so few genuine psychics? What an excellent question! :)

    In my opinion, because once word gets out that you’re good at what you do, or that you have a special “intuition”, you start to get a lot of attention. That attention can lead to a huge ego.

    All that attention from people, seeking you out to help them with life’s most difficult paths – it’s power. Power corrupts. Power tempts. It takes someone who is able to put themselves in the proper perspective within the framework of that power. Someone who can balance between taking good care of themselves, but putting others first when it’s more important to do so. Someone who can resist temptation to become everyone’s “savior”. Someone who can take themselves completely out of the process, and put GOD and spirit, and the client first. John Edward does this well. He hasn’t let any of this go to his head, and he knows how to subdue his own ego, while protecting his own self-image of a good, decent but regular guy.

    I think I just described why he’s my “hero” :)


    In my opinion, there are more people out there who can do “it” then we think. Mediums and psychics based on the Coasts probably get more media attention, just from doing readings for people in the “Business”. Others who live in the rest of the country may be just as talented but aren’t as well known outside their circles.

    Then there are many people, like my sister, who have the latent talent, but were spooked by it, or discouraged by family members from even speaking of it. As my sis has watched J.E. she is more comfortable speaking about her experiences. (Only found out a month ago that she can hear spirits, as well as see them, but was afraid to confess to such a thing.) These people may be just as capable, with practice, of doing readings, but choose not to pursue it.

    I’m not sure about John’s assertion that “anyone can do what I do.”, but I believe it’s not as rare as you think.

    Pam B

    What he says is that anyone is equally capable of developing the ability at all – not that everyone is going to be equally good at it. He compares it to being a painter, or a singer, we all are capable of actually doing it, but some will naturally be more skilled than others.


    IMO John is saying we are all capable of receiving our own messages; not saying we are all capable of being psychic mediums.

    There is a substantial difference ~ IMO.


    Pam B

    I think he’s saying that too, yes, but when I was at the seminar in Chicago last year, someone asked him very directly, “why can you do this, and others can’t?”

    He answered saying, (and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t have it written down word for word) I don’t have any special “gift” to do this. I was not born with anything covering my face, I wasn’t hit by lightening, I didn’t suffer any terrible illness when I was a child, there’s nothing “magical” about what I do. I do this because I have the intent to do it. I want to do it, and I’ve practiced it and worked on it for years and years. Anyone who wants to do it to the level that I do, and does the studying, and does the practice, and has the right intentions for doing it, can do it.

    I remember this question and answer very clearly, because it was a question that weighed heavily on my mind at the time, when I was still a “quasi-skeptic” and his answer eased my fears that he was going to try to be some cult-like leader because of his skills.

    I’m not saying that just because someone wants to do it, that’s enough. John practiced his psychic skills from the age of a teenager, studied feverishly, got in with the right teachers and mentors, and kept the right attitude of “no ego”, besides having deep spiritual beliefs behind him. He just had the right combination of all those factors.

    I think that John has been very adamant about saying that he has no “special thing” about him personally that allows him to do what he does.


    I stand happily corrected then Pam :)

    I have had this question on my mind for a very long time. I wondered about the possibility of receiving messages for others, and what the commonality was for this. Clearly they ( psychic mediums ) are not commonplace, especially when you consider accuracy. We need further studies!

    Thank you for the information. It gives me something to think about.



    One good thing about people becoming more aware of psychic phenomena is that people who may be displaying these abilities will have more answers then “that’s crazy!” As I understand it, John’s family was accepting of whatever things he was hearing of seeing, and made no big deal out of it. (At least most of his family) My sister did not get this, and soon learned to “shut up” about it. Her biological father, who she never got to know, was a very troubled soul, and may have had similar abilities.

    Now I’m not saying that any person with psychological problems can immediately say “I must be psychic!”. It may be in some cases that the two things are tied together, like manic-depression and exceptional artistic abilities sometimes are.

    Pam B

    I know we’re straying here, but I think there’s a connection between being able to subdue the “outter” senses, which makes perception of the “inner senses” or the “6th sense” more clear.

    I’ve seen connections to “psychological” issues affecting the abilities of the outter senses. This also plays into the Near Death Experience, where the outter senses have gone “dead” possibly enabling the inner sense to more vividly perceive energies and other dimensions. (Remember sensory depravation tanks from the 60’s and 70’s? )

    Food for thought, and certainly makes a case for being able to learn to control and subdue the outter senses if you’re trying to develop your intuitive abilities.


    Before I started watching John Edward, reading about “Near Death Experiences” on the internet, and reading books about George Anderson, and one book by John Edward, I never dreamed about my father, who died in 1984. Recently, I’ve had three very vivid dreams about my Dad. In one he is sitting there and I come up to him and say, “Gee Dad, you look great!” Which he didn’t before he passed from cardiomyopathy. In the dream he replied to me, “Guess what Artie, I’m 28!” It was his voice and personality and he seemed really happy. I feel like it was his way of telling me that he was doing good and was happy. I have also seen three “ghosts” floating around the house. Seeing spirits is kind of scary actually, but they come across as rather confused and harmless, like they don’t have that much power on this earth. I have also had a couple of other dreams about him also that seem to have messages to them. Anyway, I think more open we become to recieving messages than the more likely we will recieve messages. George Anderson’s ability came to him after a serious illness in childhood. I have also wondered if there isn’t something in how the brain is hardwired, which would point toward a DNA link, to psychic abliity. — Art

    starwindsinger: “Colleges for Psychics” don’t exist “

    Actually there are classes and courses one can take if they are serious about becoming “more” psychic. (( I believe we all have some innate ability, some more than others ))

    Not to minimize what you said Star, but just to clarify for you that there are actually institutions that provide courses of study. JE went to one in fact.

    My two cents,


    Well I have read the posts and thought I’d jump in here on a few of the questions. First, to Scotlass, the U.K., and Scotland as well, is and has been home to some of the world’s greatest mediums including and especially materialization medium (the late) Helen Duncan. Just enter her name in any search engine and you will find that she was considered so “genuine” that during WW II the British government put her in jail because she was materializing sailors who went down on ships Britain didn’t want the Germans to know had sunk!

    To answer the question why are there so few genuine psychics or mediums, the answer is nobody knows the numbers for sure. We all know and get wind of the fakes and there are plenty of those. In the past year, when word got out in our borough of NYC about our program, we found so far about 8 genuine mediums who nobody heard of and a number, in fact, that don’t want any fame, publicity or success out of it. To one woman, it’s a major burden because she has not learned how to deal with it. Imagine she is standing on the check out line in the supermarket, turns and says to the customer in back of her: “Excuse me, I don’t want you to think I am crazy, but your mother, Ellen, is talking to me and she says that or this or whatever.” Well most people do think she’s crazy. She says that since John has been on television the responses she gets from people have been better and more believing so thank you John for helping this poor woman. John himself has had similar experiences in restaurants, on planes and in other places he’s encountered an unsuspecting public.

    I agree with everyone who says that the potential to do this for onesself is locked inside everyone. It requires meditation, concentration, meditation and concentration, meditation, ….
    but for some yes, it just comes without any effort. Are these people lucky or are they burdened by this? It depends on one’s perspective.


    Good point Steve. I too believe that mediums are not so rare as one is likely to believe. I justify that by what I’ve read and seen. There is a tendancy, for a medium to isolate himself/herself from society, for exactly the reasons you list.

    I’ve seen this mentioned so many times, yet it doesn’t seem to occur to most people.

    And as a side note, not everyone can turn it on or off like John does.


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