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    Believe it or not, someone is making a documentary about the connection between sports and spirituality. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to a lot of people. Right now the Red Sox are basically a religion in Boston. ;) And look at soccer in other countries around the world.

    Who would have thought that Western science, Eastern metaphysics, and prayer would converge in Fenway Park?

    For most Red Sox fans, being crowned as World Champions, was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. For two fans, however, it was the beginning of a quest to uncover the deeper truth behind that magical season and behind the player-fan interaction, in general.

    The Joy of Sox documentary film explores the world of subtle energy science through the lens of baseball fandom.

    Do fans affect players through the power of their intention?
    Is it better to pray for your team or against the opposition?
    Is Fenway Park a sacred space?

    The Joy of Sox

    tiller.jpg Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, and one of the featured scientists in “What the Bleep?” Dr. Tiller spoke about Fenway Park as a conditioned space, how team chemistry is a function of coherence on the quantum level led by a metronome player whose beat sets the tone for the entire team. Dr. Tiller also offered suggestions on how fans could be more effective rooting from the quantum level.


    What an interesting idea, I’m kind of curious about the movie.
    I read an article about the faith of the Colorado Rockies team a few weeks ago. The article highlighted the morals and values that are expected of the team; how they pray together before games, etc. The point of the article was really how positive morals/virtues are not highlighted in sports, only the opposite.
    We are influenced in all part of our lives by our spirituality, I suppose it is not at all a stretch to explore the impact of this on our hobbies (though many would argue sports are far more than a hobby for them!) LOL

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