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    My question:
    Are the individual tapes available –
    “Understanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides” by John Edward, Hay House, Inc.; ISBN: 1561707635, July 2000
    “Unleashing Your Psychic Potential” by John Edward,Hay House, Inc.; ISBN: 1561707643, July 2000
    – the same as (or have the same basic content) tapes 3 & 4 in the six tape set?
    “Developing Your Own Psychic Powers” by John Edward, Hay House, Inc.; ISBN: 1561707627, 6/2000



    Hi William,

    I happen to have all three sets of tapes. I, however, have not opened the smaller ones because I read the note on the back saying they were included in the 6 tape set.

    Upon reading the back of the tape boxes the one titled “Understanding Your Angeld and Meeting Your Guides” it says that the second tape teaches you how to successfully meditate. So I’m guessing that this 2 tape set is actually tape #1 and tape #3 of the 6 tape set.

    The other box, “Unleashing Your Psychic Potential” says the second tape discusses protecting ourselves in the physical world. So I’m guessing (yet again) that this 2 tape set is actually tape #2 and tape #4 of the 6 tape set.

    I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep them all as backup tapes just in case I wear them out, or if I’m going to try to find a new home for them. But as of yet I haven’t opened the 2 tape sets, so I’m only going by what the boxes say.

    Hope this helps




    I thought they might be subsets of the six tape set. Thank you for the info.


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