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    In my haste to get a recommendation posted, I should have included the following reviews, as well as my own take on the book:

    From the Editors at Barnes & Noble:

    A parable filled with truths that reads like an adventure-tale, this story begins with the disappearance of an ancient Peruvian manuscript containing the nine insights the human race is predicted to grasp as we enter an era of true spiritual awareness. This New York Times bestseller draws on ancient wisdom to tell you how to make connections among the events that occur in life everyday so that readers can make clearer their perceptions of who they are and the path they are taking.

    Description from the Reader’s Catalog

    The bestselling spiritual adventure novel of ’90s.

    From Publisher’s Weekly

    Redfield’s debut is a fast-paced adventure in New Age territory that plays like a cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Moses’ trek up Mt. Sinai.

    …Redfield has a real talent for page-turning action, and his lightweight quest employs auras, energy transfers and other psychic phenomena…

    From TXJUDE

    I must agree that The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure is a fast, easy read. If you are looking for anything “high-brow”, this is not the book for you. The fast-paced adventure in easy-to-read story form makes it appealing to the masses.

    According to Publishing Trends, it stayed for over 3 years on the NY Times Bestseller List, making it the #2 international bestseller in 1995, and #1 in 1996.

    Having read The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure when it was first published nearly eight years ago, I found it to be a fairly interesting adventure story with spiritual overtones. It wasn’t until recently that I started to think of it in a different way.

    Since I discovered JE and “the message”, I’ve started doing more reading and research on LAD, ADC, etc. , but also on spirituality, in general. Looking back now, I can see that The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure touched on many of the ideas we discuss.

    I didn’t really think about it at the time, but now I find that the ideas of “collective consciousness”, of large numbers of people suddenly seeking spiritual enlightenment and experiencing spiritual awakenings, and of “spiritual common sense” are not so strange, after all.

    Coincidence? I think not… :lwink:


    Shoot Tex! I just ordered that because I thought you liked it :( I was thinking how we are similar and I was looking forward to reading something you liked…

    all together…… Awwwwwww

    Maybe I can cancel my order before it ships!
    Running off to do that…


    Pam B

    I never read the book, but I checked out the audio version from the library. I liked the story a lot, though before I got it, I didn’t know it was fiction. I had just heard it was this great book about spirituality.


    Oh, don’t worry, I did like the book! If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have recommended it.

    I just recently read The Celestine Prophecy again. I think I liked and appreciated it more the second time around — seven years later. I think it has more meaning for me now that I’m seeing the shifts in consciousness, the “synchronicity,” and the spiritual awakening. When I first read it nearly eight years ago, I didn’t fully appreciate those things, maybe because I wasn’t really seeing those things in the world the way I have for the past 2 years. I guess the timing is right NOW, at least for me.


    mrsjones suggested I read this book, GREAT suggestion.:clap:

    It is about spiritual journey and changing attitudes.

    The book has been out for a long time, 12+ years! But I guess we all discover it when the time is right! Although it is fiction, it was nice to read and as I felt like I was right there in my own spiritual journey in learning those insights.

    The movie is out, but in limited locations:

    There’s alot of info about the movie here, including video trailers. Can’t wait to see if it comes near me.

    Has anyone read the book AND seen the movie?? I can’t imagine the movie could be equally as good as the book. And I think the general public wouldn’t “get it” and be bored. The author says NO! but I can’t wait to see it!

    There’s an interview that philsgail posted from John Holland with the authors discussing the movie on John Holland’s radio program on Hay House Radio, Spirit Connections with John Holland on January 30,2006.


    Waiting to here what others thought of the book and/or movie?



    I just reread the book 2 weeks ago. I am with Jude – each time I read it, I am a little farther along my path and I get additional insights. There is a follow-up too – The Tenth Insight.

    I really enjoy reading the Clestine Prophecy and am hoping to see the movie, but it isn’t showing here (yet). The interesting thing is that the book contains some very real universal truths and ways to connect into it. The more we tune in to the higher energies, the more we elevate the energies around us. It certainly speaks to the kind of energy and spiritual awareness that has surged over the past 30-40 years.

    I think there is a thread on energy awareness and pulling up energies in our world. I know I have a book on that somewhere – let me do some checking. I know one I am reading now is Positive Energy by Judith Orloff, MD – I am really enjoying working with it.


    I just ordered that book from and it should be arriving any day now.

    I first heard about it from John Holland on Hay House Radio and he made it sound really good.

    Like, Starlasue I was waiting for the movie but it’s not here yet and I’m kinda an impatient person:o so I just had to get the book first.


    Unfortunately, it looks like an independent film company and you would have to get the movie to come where you are. I don’t have any hope it will get here anytime soon!! Check out the website for the movie listed above, you can sign up to be a volunteer to promote??!!!:(

    Ok, I also found out, (thanks starlasue) about the sequels!!

    The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure 1993
    (companion book came out in 1995- “detailed explanations and carefully designed exercises” on the insights: The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide)

    The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision 1996

    (“historical and scientific background of this planetary awakening” in the first 2 books The Celestine Vision:Living The New Spiritual Awareness 1997


    detailed explanations and exercises on Tenth Insight topics: previous lifetimes, soul groups, birth visions, the use of dreams and prayers, the afterlife, and the World Vision” in The Tenth Insight: Holding The Vision:An Experiential Guide 1996)

    The Secret of Shambhala:In Search of the Eleventh Insight 1999

    THEN, there are meditations!! (who knew!!)

    The Celestine Meditations (AUDIO) by Salle Merrill Redfield (his wife)
    Meditations for the tenth insight (AUDIO) by Salle Merrill Redfield


    GUESS I GOT ALOT OF READING TO DO!!!! And I started to buy them on amazon, did you know the celestine prophecy starts at 1 penny!!:goofy:

    Just thought I’d pass on what I found!! Curious if anybody has the meditations or “experiential” guides….wondering if it’s worth getting since I have JE’s Cd’s??


    Ok, I also found out, (thanks starlasue) about the sequels!!

    :banana: You are hooked now! :D You are welcome. Now that you know all that is out there you’ll have fun exploring! Don’t ya just love synchronicity???!!! :love:

    I have the “experiential” guide but have not really gotten to it – it is on my ‘to read’ pile. Our older son has just about everything on Celestine and he loves them. The Secret of Shambala is good as is the Celestine Vision. There is another book that Redfield co-authored with Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers – God and the Evolving Universe. Geesh – now I have to re-read everything again – and dig up what I know I have – thanks Pam :cuss: :lwink:


    Thanks Ladies, I’m on my way to the library. I just finished reading a book called “Transformations” by Tracy Cochran & Jeff Zaleski. I really really enjoyed it. Its sub-title is called Awakening to the Sacred in Ourselves.



    Although, it’s going to have to wait until I’m done reading AT PEACE IN THE LIGHT by Dannion Brinkley, another person I’d never have known about if not for John Holland.


    My my my….

    All our “to read” stacks are getting bigger!! :laff:

    Thanks for the other suggestions!! :hearts:



    Oh my you guys! I need to go to the book store big time!



    The Celestine Vision

    It was after the Celestine Prophecy and Tenth Insight.

    I am almost done with it, so far it just is a non-fiction book with all the info that was available in the first 2 books. So if you didn’t get the deeper meanings than it gives the “factual” stuff about spirituality.

    Skip this one if you have no time to read the series,
    or you could chose this one instead of the first two, but it’s not as fun as hearing it in the context of a story.


    Duh… Here is another book that I have and never read… and the Experiential Guide also.
    Oh my, I have a lot of reading to catch up on.. Im so overwhelmed!


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