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    :dance: Hey, I get to be the first (I think) to post about the movie….DON’T worry, I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read they book or seen it yet!!

    I think it is a great movie (like the book). It followed the verbage from the book almost exactly (or exactly…but I read the first one about a month ago, and just finished The Secret of Shambhala about 1.5 weeks ago).

    Of course, with any book gone to movie, there are some of the details missing….so if you have a choice, read the book. There’s alot more synchronicities and explanations in the book.

    In the beginning I felt some of the acting was a little cheesy. I felt the main character could have been better cast….but it gets better (or maybe you just get more involved).

    As for the effects, they are what you see on the trailer….I was anticipating a ton more, but wasn’t disappointed. They showed the auras etc and it was cool.

    As for those NON-believers that you may be dragging with you….I think it will at a minimum make them think. Maybe open up the spiritual path for them.

    If you haven’t read the book, you are gonna LOVE it! (or if you haven’t read it in a long time…it will be like re-reading it!)
    If you’ve read the book recently, you are gonna ENJOY it!

    I give it: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Oh, and I gotta thank the other side and mrsjones for coordinating that lovely synchronicity!:clap: It wasn’t coming to my area and I had checked again about 2.5 weeks ago. I was in chat yesterday and mrsjones said it came to her area and she was gonna try to see it this weekend. So I checked the site on a whim….not only did it make it here, It opened yesterday!!

    However, it was at a trendy new theater in a very rich neighborhood. Only about 12-14 people in entire theater!! (1240pm show). And glad to see I was one of 3 ‘singles’ who dared to go alone!!:laff: They scrolled the 10 insights at the end of the movie where the credits start and you could’ve heard a pin drop in the theater. Not a single person got up to leave even though you fully expected it to be the credits after the fade to black. I know the group of 3 nearest to me (about 3 rows away…) hadn’t read the book (sorry, they were talking loud!) but by the end of the movie and as I left the theater they were still sitting there NOT talking!! I like to think it changed their world!:P :hearts:

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