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    NOTEBOOK!~! Great Idea! Thanks for the tip I’ll definately bring one. I’ll go check out that thread, too. I’m so excited and can’t wait to have the experience.


    :froggie: :musicnote :candle: :musicnote :froggie:

    sending Gail and Katherine much love and energy this weekend. Prayers for safe journeys as well.

    and yawnybird too!!!!

    Pam B

    I’m so anxious to hear from all of you who attended! I want to hear every detail!

    Sending out positive thoughts for safe travel home too :musicnote:musicnote:musicnote


    Just got back a few hours ago and am exhausted! It was the most incredible event I have ever attended. It will take me awhile to get my description together and posted. There was so much to see and hear.

    Just wait until Katherine gives her report! She had to fly back to New Mexico and then drive a few hours to get home. I met up with her and everyone else I knew was going. All are wonderful, spiritual, and loving people. :hearts: Yawneybird, sorry I missed you. The workshop was small and facing the stage, I was on the right side, the woman wearing a pink shirt.

    The terrible typos I just corrected on here tell me how tired I am. :(

    Sonia Choquette (pronounced Shoquette) will literally have the ship rocking on the cruise. She is going to do on the cruise what she did to us at the convention. :)

    Pam B

    Glad you got home safe and sound Gail :hearts: Sounds like you had a life changing time! Can’t wait to hear about…when you’re well rested of course :)

    Now I just want to know that Katherine got home ok!


    I’m going to have to do this in chapters like I did with the John Holland reading. Unlike that post, I hope others will be adding to the description too. :)

    Celebrate Your Life, 6/22/2007 through 6/24/2007
    Hyatt Regency O’Hare

    My very spiritual friend, Joanne, and I arrived at the hotel early. We checked in and had to wait a few hours for our room to be ready. In the meantime, we sat in the lounge area in the entrance lobby. That was a great place to meet and talk with like minded people. New people kept coming in. One of them was John Holland. There was non-stop chatting. I also kept looking around for Katherine. She had described herself to me. I did see a woman heading up the escalator that looked like a possibility. When she found us later, I saw she was the woman I had seen earlier. What a beautiful person she is! Katherine has a glow and a feeling of wisdom about her. I’ll let her tell more about our meeting.

    Our room became available and we moved into it. Don and Bea were going to pick us up and take us to lunch so we stayed in the lobby and watched for their van. Don had described it and we saw him driving up to the hotel entrance. We knew their granddaughters were going to be with them. Bea presented me with a very pretty flowering plant. Their granddaughters are adorable and quickly warmed up to us on the way to the restaurant. They loved my friend, Joanne. Pictures were taken and I hope to share them later.

    Don and Bea are a delightful couple. It’s going to be fun having them in the cabin connecting with my sister and me on the November cruise. We all talked a lot during the lunch and got to know each other. Our conversation was non-stop. When Don brought us back to the hotel , he stopped at a curb, and we talked some more. He caught the attention of a policeman. We were parked in front of the hotel in an area where parking wasn’t allowed. Luckily Don wasn’t followed by the policeman when he let us out and drove away.


    Registering for the conference.

    Joanne and I looked for the place in the hotel to register for the conference. It was in a hallway where the Grand Ballroom was located. That Ballroom was where the Keynote speakers would be. Everyone sees the Keynotes. Our names were located in the boxes alphabetically lined up and we received our badges. They hung on a string around our necks and had our Saturday and Sunday regular speaker schedules on it. Most people had white ones but ours were green. We paid extra for preferred seating during the keynote speakers and that was a great decision. Our keynote seats were never further back than the forth row, behind any V.I.P. people who came to watch the speaker. If they didn’t come, preferred seating people were moved up.

    Most of the speakers we saw happened to be in the Grand Ballroom. That hallway also had the large room where all the books were being sold, along with many other spiritual items. Our lunch boxes were set up on long tables in there too when it was time for our lunch break. The hallway had a group of toe readers from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts sitting in one area. They were giving free toe readings and people were lined up to get them. It was a very busy hallway. Joanne and I had our toes read. Interesting!


    Mishka Productions put together the whole conference. It is owned by Ariel Wolfe and her daughter, Liz Dawn. The name, Mishka, was the name of one of their dogs and they decided it would be a great name for the company. They were on stage to introduce every Keynote speaker and seemed to be in many other locations too. It’s like they had clones made of themselves because they did so much. Mishka staff members were all around to help answer questions and tell us where our speakers could be found. Wonderful, wonderful, and very warm people. My friend and I ran into an exhausted looking Liz in a hallway and expressed how much we loved the conference, putting a big smile on her face.

    The ballroom stage was beautifully decorated with white columns in the back, reminding me of Greece, and plants and flowers everywhere. It stayed the same for all the ballroom speakers. Barry Goldstein was the musician off to the side or on stage at most of the Keynote speaker sessions, and at other ballroom sessions. His music was beautiful and meant to lighten and open our hearts. He certainly did that. He also had a fun personality.

    Keynote speaker, Marianne Williamson, opened up the conference on Friday at 7pm. The ballroom was packed with people. Since I was concentrating on what she was telling us, I only jotted down a few notes. This is a one track mind reporter here who has a choice to either listen or jot down notes. Doing one wipes out the other. :( Ariel and Liz were on stage before Marianne came out to talk about the conference and to introduce her. You could feel the love coming from the audience during the standing ovation as Marianne came out. She started by telling us to, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


    So glad to hear that you’re all home safe and sound. Thanks for the kind words. Bea and I enjoyed our visit with you and Joanne and wish we could have taken in all the events as well. Just too many other activities on our calendar right now and it’s painful to choose.

    Let me tell you, Gail and Joanne are two of the warmest people you could want to meet… just wish we could have visited longer, but the police in Chicago have no sense of humor.


    Thank you Don. :love: I was thrilled to finally meet you and Bea, after knowing both of you in cyber space on here for sooo long. The conference was full of the most spiritual, beautiful and loving people you can find. You and Bea would have fit right in.

    Every where we sat or stood in line, we met loving people. It was like one huge family reunion. You could turn around and hold a conversation with anyone near you. They all had a strong spirituality in common and they all felt like family to me. The way I am could be a gift or a curse, but I am not shy about meeting anyone. I always feel a connection of some kind. Joanne and I met Katherine and her very good friend early the first day. We sat together, ate together, and hung out together through most of the conference. Felt like we were old friends. All of you would love meeting Katherine. I saw her as a beautiful and very wise old soul.

    Friends of mine from my MySpace, Laura, Esther, and Laura’s grandson. came to meet me just after I saw James Van Praag. They just happened to be in Chicago for a few days. Laura had changed the color of her hair, so when she walked up to me and said hello, I immediately knew she was familiar but could not place her. :D She and her family stayed with Joanne and I during our lunch break. I brought a present for her and had it with me. She handed me a bag with two presents in it. Now it didn’t take me being psychic to “know” the presents would be frogs. :) Yes, two stunning frog presents. :froggie:

    The conference was more than going to see the incredible spiritual speakers, it was being among all the people attending the conference. :hearts:


    I’m asking for help with talking about Marianne Williamson’s spiritual Keynote speech. I was tired and my notes show it. At the very beginning, she said a closed eyes prayer, with everyone closing their eyes. It was a powerful experience, a very spiritual prayer.

    I know I loved seeing and hearing her. Everything she said went into the hearts of all who listened. It was all about finding peace inside us and opening up our hearts. Unfortunately it all went into my heart and bypassed my memory. :(


    Saturday morning we all went to see Sonia Choquette. She was the Keynote speaker and everyone at the conference was there. Her theme was “Wake Up Your Spirit! “No one is going to be asleep with her on the stage! Many of the authors were probably sleeping in so my friend, Joanne, and I were moved up to the second row. It was the middle so we were right in her line of sight.

    Sonia came bouncing onto the stage, lit up in a bright red dress and very high heels. She is a slender woman and the dress was form fitted to her hips, spreading out to a bell shape down to above her knees. With her bright eyes and huge smile, she lit up the room. She is energy personified! Visionary singer and song writer, Mark Stanton Welch, was the musician with her. He played uplifting music the whole time.

    Sonia loves Chicago and calls it the heartland of America, the heart chakra. Sonia worked hard on opening our sixth sense and raising our vibrations.. The six sense experience is a paradign shift, a you know vibration. Five senses is I am the ego, me against you. Not sure if I got that correct but my terrible notes look like I did. :) I can’t imagine anyone falling asleep while she is on stage. Sonia, like all of the speakers we saw, has a great sense of humor. You get lots of fun and laughter with her.

    I did stand in line to have her sign my copy of “Diary of a Psychic” after her talk. I highly recommend that book if someone doesn’t know her. She looked at me and said she saw my spirit while she was on the stage. That gave me a nice feeling.


    I hope someone is reading all of this and will add something to the report. I’ve missed telling a whole lot of what went on at the conference and had to miss seeing many speakers. It was a matter of having to make difficult choices on who to see.

    James Van Praag was my next speaker on Saturday and I was curious about how he is in person. His talk was on “Healing By Spirit”. He told us he is the inspiration for “Ghost Whisperer” and co-executive producer of the show. I like watching that show and know I’m not the only one on here who does too. :)

    James spent a long time in Brazil. He talked about how very spiritual everyone is there and someone like him is not unusual. They are very open to spirit.

    John did a healing meditation with us. Afterwards he did several good readings for people in the audience. A friend of his asked me to tell him hello from her and I tried finding where he went for his book signings. Didn’t see him anywhere. That’s ok since that is when my friend Laura found me.


    My goodness ((Gail)) for someone who doesn’t overly like typing ya gotta be a pro by now LOL Thank-you soo much for all the wonderful details. That is so great that you got to meet up with Katherine, Laura, Bea & Don. Sounds like a weekend you will hold close to your heart:hearts:


    Eric Pearl was next. He is the author of “THE RECONNECTION – Heal Others, Heal Yourself; by Dr Eric Pearl ” Eric Pearl looked pretty young to me looking at him from my age viewpoint. I expected him to be very serious, but he was hilarious!

    The demonstrations he did on quantum healing were incredible. He picked a woman from the audience that wasn’t able to raise up her right arm higher than about her waist. Her affliction was obvious to see. Just by sending out the energy from his hands while she was sitting on a table, he was able to give her the ability to raise her arm way above her head. You could see the surprise on her face. She could still do it when she returned to her seat, and Eric said it would continue to get better.

    Eric told us there is no limit to how far the energy can be sent to where it is supposed to heal. It grows even stronger with distance. He picked another woman and had her lie down on her back on his table. Eric did his thing around her with his hands. Her eyes moved rapidly and her body twitched. We all got to walk by her and observe what was happening. He moved away from her and even left the room. The twitching continued.

    A lot of people switched the all day work shop they were originally taking on Monday, to take his. The demonstrations of the healing power were impressive to all of us.

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