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    oooooo…Sounds like a great weekend! Wish they would bring it to Boston! I’ll just have to plan to go to Chicago next year…


    This was one of my favorite speaker sessions for several reasons. John Holland: Power of the Soul-Inside Wisdom for an Outside World.

    John starts out talking about synchronistic events, and that they are the soul talking to you. He said to ask “them” to show you signs. Many of us on here already know how well that works, They talk to you in your dreams. John said we should do a dream journal. Write down everything you saw immediately while you still remember the dream. John drew a picture of a house with a pointed roof. He pointed at the roof and said a lot of people are afraid to go up to a higher height. John warned us about “moaning Monas”. People who are always complaining and depressed. They will suck your energy right out.

    Katherine from here sat on the aisle seat next to me. One thing I did before this conference was talk to my family on the other side. I already know they are a powerful group and can very easily make things happen for me. I asked them to please NOT come to me, to please help others come to their loved ones. I’m in a good place where I do not ever need another reading.

    I said the same thing at the last John Edward seminar I attended. Chassie West sat on the aisle seat, next to me, and was read by John Edward. My daughter and I received a hello from my husband but the reading was hers. I was thrilled for Chassie.:love:

    You can not know the joy I felt when John Holland started reading Katherine. :love: I quickly wrote down notes for her. She bought the recording of the session later and was able to hear everything John said. Her report will be on here very soon and her reading was incredible. John asked who came with her and I held up my hand. I have no idea if my family helped with either of those readings, or if sitting in an aisle seat next to me does help, but I would love knowing it really did. :)


    Les Brown was the last speaker for Saturday and was another Keynote Speaker. Everyone got to hear him. Les is special to me because he is one of my MySpace friends. He asked me to please introduce myself to him as one of his “friends” at the conference. I said I would try, but I thought to myself the chances of speaking to him were slim.

    Never give up on synchronicity. My friend, Joanne, and I sat a few rows back from the stage again, thanks to those green badges. Before the session started, I looked to my right and there was Les Brown standing at the end of my aisle! I went over to him and told him I was Gail, one of his MySpace friends, and that he had asked me to introduce myself. It was so nice receiving a big bear hug froim him. :) You can find him and hear his story on his MySpace.

    What an incredible and very powerful speaker Mr. Les Brown is! He told us all his life story about being told as a child he would never go anywhere and lacked the intelligence to succeed in anything. Les was very good at acting out the story of his life and how he got to where he is now. He also has a great sense of humor. His talk was GREAT!.


    I will save Sunday for tomorrow. Just like it did when I transcribed my John Holland reading on here, my two typing fingers are going flat. :(


    It wasn’t easy getting up early on Sunday morning and getting ready for an 8:30 speaker session, but Dr. Brian Weiss made it worth it. The title of his talk was: Same Soul, Many Bodies: Tapping Into the Power of Love and Understanding. Dr. Weiss has a very soft and soothing voice, perfect for what he does. He talked about our eternal soul and that it has existed in many bodies, in the past, present, and future.

    Dr. Weiss got us ready to try seeing ourselves in past lives and even to take a peek into the future. He prepared to hypnotize all of us and told us not to worry, we would still be aware of where we were. I’m fuzzy on details but I believe we started out in a building with many doors to open. We went down a series of steps and through some beautiful places to get to all the doors. Each door we opened was to take us to another life. We were supposed to try seeing every thing we could. Look at what is around us. Try seeing how we looked. Observe any details that would identify where we were.

    So far as I know, I have never been hypnotized. When I’ve tried doing Dr. Weiss’ past life regression, meditation tape, I do fine. I visualize everything until I reach the final room full of mirrors. I look into a mirror and try to see who is looking back. The mirrors all fog completely up. I see nothing. :(

    This time, to my joy, things did happen. Instead of a house, I was going down tunnels. Everything I saw was in shades of red, orange, and light yellow. Each time I came out of a tunnel, I saw a differernt landscape. They all appeared to be in different countries. What I saw looked more primitive the further down the tunnel I went. The bad thing is I could not see myself, even while trying to see my feet. I also could not see the future. Dr. Weiss brought us back to the present. It was a very interesting experience!


    Hope I’m not putting you all to sleep while I’m typing all of these descriptions. :cuser: :)

    My next event was going to see Michael Traub: Channeling with O’Brien. I have never seen anyone being channeled before so I was interested in it. I don’t think many of you have heard of him so here is a blurb I found about him that tells what he does.

    “More than 19 years ago, while working as a successful businessman in Chicago, Michael Traub discovered an interesting gift for communicating with a spiritual guide by the name of O’Brien. People all over the world have found great value in O’Brien’s insights, interpretations, and confirming information. He is renowned for his non-judgmental presence, clarity, humor/playfulness, respect, and unconditionally loving energy. O’Brien always reminds us to “be the ultimate determinate of the truth of information and how it will work for you regardless of the source.” O’Brien is able to clearly distinguish “ego” versus “heart” issues to assist us in the shift to a more heartful/joyful experience on our life path. O’Brien offers assistance with multiple areas of life including relationships; life path/purpose; physical, mental, and behavioral issues; past lives/karmic influences; communication with non-physical beings; and the “highest and best interest” in situations.”

    The classroom my friend and I went into was a small one and there wasn’t a lot of people at this event. Michael Traub was sitting on a chair in front of us. Ariel Wolfe, the founder of Mishka, was standing near him. Michael is a friendly looking man. Ariel was there to help him because Michael closes his eyes and never opens them when O’Brien takes over him to answer questions. His appearance and body language changed when he invited O’Brien in. His face made some contortions and his voice changed. O’Brien had what I thought was a Pakistani or Indian accent.

    O’Brien invited people to ask him questions. Ariel would pick someone holding up their hand and ask them their first name. O’Brien appeared to be searching for their energy and made an ooooo sound, saying their name and “yes”. The questions being asked were those people would ask a psychic medium. O’Brien’s answers were good and usually very humorous.

    When O’Brien was ready to leave Michael and did go, Michael looked a little dazed.

    I found it to be a new and fascinating experience to add to my life. :)


    I posted a long message about the workshop that I went to with John Holland on Monday and today its not here. :hmm: Gail I’m loving all of your recaps they are wonderful. Keep pecking at those keys….;)
    Oh and I did see you at the workshop. Infact, I found out exactly who you were when John addressed you by name. Like to good friends. I tried several times to make my way over but never made it.:( I’m sure when I tell you were I was sitting you’ll realize at least who I was. Do you remember the lady in the 2nd row (in the wheel chair) to your left? That was my mom. I sat next to her. (brown hair white shirt) HI:wave:
    I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful recap. I can’t believe my post is missing. :confused: :confused:
    I can add to your post after.
    Thanks for suggesting that I go. I truely enjoyed my experience.:tissue:


    Yes, I noticed your mother many times, Yawnybird. If I had only read all of your post about you going, I would have known your mother was in a wheelchair. :(

    The next session was with Sonia Choquette again and the theme was “Trust Your Vibes”. Right at the beginning I can say this was an energy filled WOW workshop. She started out getting us to BREATHE. We sucked in air through our nose and let it out with a big mmmmmmWAH noise. We did a whole lot of wahhing. :D

    Sonia was dressed for dancing again in a black dress, shaped a lot like the red one was. I believe her heels were lower because she knew she would be moving a lot. Her musician friend was on the stage with her. She had all of us dancing and it wasn’t tap dancing. We were rolling our hips, moving our arms, and singing out loud. We were turning to people around us and dancing with them. There were words we were all singing out loud as we danced and I have an email out to my friend, asking if she remembers them. Sonia had us going for a long time and I lost at least two pounds. We were still coming out with the mmmmmwahhhing breathing. She had about 5 people come up on stage to dance and they were really into it. Our vibes were reaching the ceiling by then.

    I will insert any new things I remember about any of the sessions later. I brought a book of Sonia’s up to the table she was sitting at, to be signed as a gift for my daughter. Liz Dawn from Mishka was putting sticky notes on each book with the name you wanted in the book. I told her how much I enjoyed the whole conference and how wonderful it was. She must have been so tired because she burst into tears and hugged me.

    When I got up to Sonia, I asked if she was going to do this program on the cruise. All of you going better be prepared to dance and rock the boat, because she said YES. :D


    The last Keynote Speaker for the conference was Neale Donald Walsch: Home With God. Many of the authors were there this time and Joanne and I sat right behind them. By authors, I mean some of the other speakers at the convention. They all behaved themselves. :)

    Neale got up from the front row and went on the stage. He has just as good a sense of humor as the other speakers did. He said he was sixty…muffled by his hand, years old. He also said he had great hair but Gregg Braden’s was better. Gregg was in the front row.

    Neale said we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We made a choice to come here. We are all God.

    Neale told about his life and it wasn’t an easy one. His belongings burned up, he broke his neck in a car accident, and his wife left him. He even ended up on the street for a few months, begging. Neale told us this while still keeping a sense of humor. He hit rock bottom before crying out to God and asking why he deserved the bad things happening to him. He received an answer. His book, “Conversations With God” has all the answers to his questions.

    His newest book, “Home With God”, which I bought at the conference and haven’t read yet, tells about what happens when we return to spirit.

    Neale was the last regular conference speaker and the next day, Monday, was all workshops. My last report will on the John Holland Workshop. The good thing is I have John’s book, “Psychic Navigator” and I see a lot of what we did in the workshop is in it. I can cheat on my memory. :)


    John Holland Workshop, Monday, June 25

    Joanne and I got up early and went down for breakfast. The workshop was scheduled from 9am-4pm. We hooked up with Katherine.

    We found the workshop room and got in line. There were plenty of seats and we found an empty row of them on the right side and near the front It wasn’t a large room and it looked like about 100 people were there. I kept watching for my MySpace friend to arrive. He is JimtheNovice on Friends. Jim lives in Chicago and I convinced him to attend the workshop.

    When he walked in, I immediately recognized him and gave him a hug. Jim is tall and nice looking. There were not a lot of men at the workshop so he stood out. He sat with us.

    John made sure everything was working before starting. He started by talking about himself. He didn’t have an easy childhood because he was different, and he had an alcoholic father. I’ve read his book, “Born Knowing” and it’s the one you should read first by John. It’s his biography.

    John said he once worked at a bar and freaked people out when he read them. He talked about meeting Gordon Smith when he went to England and things started happening for him.

    John talked about the different psychic abilities, the clairs. Clairsentience for clear feeling, clairvoyance for clear seeing, clairaudience for clear hearing

    Our first lesson was on chakras, which color is where, what they are and what they mean. John had a chart on display on a screen that showed a body and the chakra locations. A way to remember the colors of them in order from bottom to top is to remember the name, ROY G. BIV. That stands for Red,(root) Orange,(sacral) Yellow, (solar-plexus)Green,(Heart) Blue,(throat) Indigo,(third eye) Violet.(crown chakra)

    They are energy wheels moving around our bodies. Red is around the base of our spine, Orange is below the naval in our sexual area, yellow is between the navel and rib cage, Green is our heart chakra, Blue is our throat, Indigo is our third eye area, and violet is at the top of our head.

    John had us all do an exercise to see which chakra is our weakest. We picked a partner. I picked Jim. I held my right arm out rigid while Jim would try pushing it down, as John mentioned each chakra. It should be weak if there is a problem in an area. Mine was in the throat chakra because Jim could push my arm down when John got to it.

    I’m also doing this workshop description in sections. There were psychic mediums at it and I’m sure the workshop was too elementary for them. It was more for people not familiar with the basics.


    John tried a visualization experiment with us. He had 5 closed envelopes, each one had either a red, yellow, blue, green, or orange paper in it. They were numbered 1-5. He asked which one has blue, and we wrote it next to a number. He did the same for each of the other colors. I got a whopping 5 out of 5 wrong. :D

    He said he had a picture of something and we had to describe what was in the picture. I tried hard and visualized a square house with a window and a dark flat roof. John went around the room asking what people saw. Most saw water and trees. One saw a picture of Charlie Chaplain.

    John put the picture on the screen. It was a beach scene with water , a tree and a boat. Many people were close. The Charlie Chaplain person happened to be around a lot of people with people named Charle in their lives.

    My poor house was still stuck out in the desert. Not anywhere close to the picture.

    I’m probably not listing everything in the order it was done, but I’m sure none of you will mind, or even know it. :-D

    John asked if anyone had a hidden scar on their body. A woman said yes and John brought her up on the stage. She had to whisper in his ear where it was. We all wrote down where the scar was. A lot of people visualized the scar was in the same area. A lot of others visualized it in another area. Some saw it in two areas. She turned out to have more than one scar and many people had it correct. At least this time I had my scar in one of the correct spots.


    I believe we all went out for a lunch break about this time. The morning went by much too quickly. When we returned, John was ready to talk about auras. I had an aura question for him about something I’ve wondered about. He didn’t get to me until later.

    John had a woman volunteer come up on stage. He stood her in front of a screen and dimmed the lights. We were supposed to try seeing her aura. This time it was easy for me because I’ve practiced seeing my own. Her aura showed up clearly to me but it was without color. It followed her when she moved and changed in size. By concentrating I could see a faint green.

    John described a little about how to see our own. One easy way is to bring your finger tips together and slowly pull them apart. You can see the light of the aura still connecting them.

    John says he will pull his aura very close to him if he doesn’t want it to interact with someone else’s aura. Other people might like making it larger. I would do it for a loved one.

    I had my hand up when John asked for questions. He looked at me and said, Yes, Gail? I had seen him earlier and introduced myself as the Gail he had read on the telephone. He held my hand and hugged me, and asked if Pam was with me. I told him no, she had to choose between this and the cruise. He looked disappointed.

    I told him my aura had been photographed by a kirlian camera and I wanted to know if they really did photograph an aura. I was dubious because mine came out almost entirely wildflower violet. My throat was blue. John said they photographed your aura at the color it is at that time. He asked where it was taken and I said at a college mind, body, and spirit day.

    He then asked, who is wearing pink? I was and held my hand up again. He said that people who wear pink, are who they are. I don’t know if that is good or bad. :D


    Next John asked us to find a partner who we didn’t know. I knew everyone in our row and could not find someone before everyone else did. John asked who didn’t have a partner. I and several other people held up our hands. One of John’s staff members came over to be with me. We were told to sit in chairs and face each other. We were supposed to have one of us give the other an object that belonged to us. I knew then it was going to be a psychometry exercise. We were supposed to see what we got from the object and give a one word of advice at the end.

    She took off a beautiful necklace that I think had a pendant crystal hanging on it. I had my suspicions that she was special by looking in her eyes.
    I held that necklace and tried to concentrate on it. I was getting she was
    married. Then random things came up. Ocean, married water, mountains, the name Olivia, and my one word advice was Relax. Except for married, nothing else connected with her.

    She held a ring I took off that I’ve owned for a long time and no one else had ever worn. She held it for awhile, wrote down what she saw and gave me the notes. She got, Yes-children, special because you are very kind and giving, and care about people’s needs. Want to expand yourself this life to do more before you leave this world. Her words of advice were, “Spread your love, others are waiting to connect with you”.

    I smiled and asked what I was thinking, “Are you a psychic medium?” She said yes.


    This is all I remember right now about the workshop. John was getting ready to sign books. I had an extra copy of “Power of the Soul” and wanted to give it to someone. My friend Katherine, who was read by John the day before, said she knew someone who would love it. His name is Terry and he is very ill.

    I stood in line with the other people waiting to have books signed. One of John’s helpers was putting sticky notes on our books with the name we wanted in the book. John knew I wasn’t Terry and asked who she was. I said it was a he and he was very ill. John wanted to know what was wrong. I motioned Katherine to come up on the stage with me to explain. She said it was MS. Johns staff gathered around her with all kinds of advice to help him. I was meant to bring that extra book with me.

    Not many of us were still in the room and we all got to take pictures with John. My friend Joanne used her camera and will be sending me the pictures later.

    Hope you all enjoyed the reports.

    Love, Gail


    Whoa, Gail! :eek: You’re going to have to soak your hands after all your hard work the past couple of days! :cuser:

    Sounds like a wonderful, life-changing experience for you and for all who attended the conference. Thanks for sharing! Now you deserve a little break :beerhere: or whatever makes you happy —> :coffee: or tea, maybe? ;)

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