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    Thank you, it was a labor of love. :love:

    One thing I noticed at the conference was there were many talented people attending. So many people I talked with were psychic or psychic mediums. All of the people we met were friendly and upbeat. They had a sparkle in their eyes. Made the whole atmosphere of the conference extra spiritual and loving. It was one huge family affair. You ran into people you had already met, again and again.


    I just posted pictures from the conference on my MySpace page. If anyone wants to collect them from there and put them on here, please do so. They are on the second picture page.

    I have one of me with Don and Bea. one each of me, Katherine, and my trip friend, Joanne, with John Holland. One of me and Sonia Choquette. One with my good MySpace friend, Laura, who has a lot of synchronicities with me, even wearing almost identical shirts, and one with Katherine and I with each of our friends.

    You don’t need to have your own MySpace to see them.


    WOnderful Recap on John’s workshop Gail and before I get into my experience’s I want to thank you for sharing your’s. I also want to thank you for the readings on your myspace post from JOHN at the conference with your friend Katherine. Happy Birthday to you :cake2: . Tomorrow the 3rd is my birthday. I had to laugh when I saw that in the reading the guy before you had a July 3rd bday. My grandfather also served in World War II. I am also of Indian Descent. I just had to giggle to myself when I read that reading. NO Bill in my family though that I know of.

    The workshop with John amazed me to say the least. My mother & John seemed to talk alot. He came to her with a lot of questions. She received a cd from him which she truely needs. During the chakra exercise my mom’s heart was week. My mother just lost her mother, step-father and her mother in law in the last yr. SO you can see why. She has listened to the tape several times already and says she feels so much better.

    The exercise with the envelopes and being able to psychically know the colors inside I had two right and the 1st one I thought was a yellow but then changed my answer and felt it was red…and that turned out to be right.:banana: Seeing the Aura on the women in front of the audience was the 1 of the most amazing parts of my day well except the end reading. I was able to see those area’s that John had pointed out and that just blew my mind. One of the amazing points was that not only I could see the Aura but over her left should I saw a white figure. Others in the audience also saw this. (which confirmed what I saw) and even asked John and he said that it could be her guide or other….
    I did the same type of exercise on my friend the other day and saw the same thing….wow

    THere was one other exercise that Gail didn’t mention and this is the one that we choose a partner and stand behind them and feel their Aura. They think a happy thought and a sad thought and we try to get an image as to what we think it was.
    I was so off on mine. I felt that I was bringing more of my own life feeling into the reading. I felt that her happy thought was a birth of a child but when I told her what it was (cause for some reason I said something else) she confirmed my 1st thought
    She felt more accurate on me. She said that my sad thought was a car crash or plane crash or something like that. (NO CLUE)(my sad thought was loosing my grandmother) my happy thought she said was a bit of a sad one too but she felt that it was a wedding day but felt that it was sad for some reason. WOW I was thinking of my wedding day for a happy thought. BUt didn’t think I let the feeling of my mother in law and her illness come through. She was there but was very sick with Cancer and everyone knew that was probably one of the last times that we would experience something like that with her.

    THe envelope with the picture I had a gotten a vision of the Golden Gate Bridge and water, a pyramid(guessing that symbolized the mountains and) a big bear and red. My mom got water, mountains, blue, red and a trees. She was so close to being accurate. wow.
    The exercise where we trade a personal article with another person was also a big awaking for me. I held his wedding ring and he held my necklace. He said he felt that there were a lot of women around me cheering me on, not children, WOMEN. I had to :laff2: because I just started my own in home sales business and we have meetings to cheer for one another for a job well done in sales. (don’t think I’m allowed to mention what I sell so i’ll leave that out)
    FOr him I got 2 children, I thought is was 2 girls at first but then one of the children moved to the side in my eye and so I thought that ment that it was a boy. Then I got a black car, then a vision of a women came into mind but she stood far away. I described her and he said that sounded like his mom. I got what I thought was a letter R but looking at what I wrote later it was a number 12 his mother has been gone for 12 yrs. I felt a message from his mom was love :hearts: .He also said that he had two girls but one is a step daughter so when I saw the child move to the side that ment Step not a boy..(see how that changed in meaning for me)…. HOW amazing is that. I was right.

    John then closed us down so that we wouldn’t go out and have all those messages still coming at us from all directions.
    I loved his opening technique and it made me feel so relaxed I actually felt like I could sore through the outside of the building and beyond as he spoke when he opened up our chakra’s. When he closed us down I felt the difference as well. Truely amazing.

    I’ll have to start saving my money for the next conference so I can take more classes like you did Gail. I luved some of those experiences you described and must experience them for my self. Thanks again.
    I hope I didn’t confuse anyone here with my recap. Just thought I’d share.


    Thank you, Yawnybird for the nice compliments. :)

    I posted four of the pictures from Chicago in our photo gallery on here, Three are in the Seminars-Galleries section and one in the Member’s- Photo’s section.

    Paula Mae

    Very nice pictures Gail.. Its always nice to be able to put faces to names!!! You guys all looked very happy.. Cant wait to see everyone on the cruise! I wish I could have gone to the workshop too.. Maybe he will be back next year and I can go then!



    I just posted a picture of me after I retuned home from the conference in the Member’s plog.

    I hadn’t come down yet and it shows:redface3: :redface3:


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