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    Here ya go Tammy :)

    Dusting off this info from an older thread I posted…

    Forming an Effective Tarot Question

    The tarot is a tool used to divine insight. In order to get a good, solid answer from its’ use, it stands to reason that you will need to form a good, solid question. There are some factors to consider when forming your question for a reading.

    First of all, it is a good idea to consider the aspect of your life that you would most like more insight into. Your career? Your finances? Important family decisions? Your spiritual path? These are things that most of us, from time to time, would love a little guidance with; and these are also things that the tarot can help us to understand better.

    We need to remember that no tarot reader can predict whether you will EVER do something, such as meet your soulmate, be physically healthy, be happy in a relationship, etc.

    Tarot readings are most effective at helping us divine information on trends and issues that are relatively current, and questions should always be limited to current issues. If we try to look further ahead than that, free will can alter the outcome and the reading becomes less reliable.

    Tarot readings should not be used to predict or diagnose any health problems (this includes issues with weight loss); normally readers simply aren’t qualified to do that and it should be left to a medical practitioner. Readings cannot predict if you will ever meet your soulmate, or tell you their name, etc.. This is just something a responsible reader will not try to do. If, however, you would like to know what you can do to improve upon a current relationship in your life, or if you want to gain understanding of your career path, and help in weighing a decision, the tarot can help with those types of issues.

    A tarot reading cannot predict or tell you what you SHOULD do, no matter the situation. The decisions in your life are up to you, and you alone. Through a tarot reading, we can only try to help empower you with some valuable insights about the situation. These insights will hopefully give you some tools that you may not otherwise have to use toward making a more informed decision.

    How much do you really want to know? Be specific with your question, but not to the point of “leading” the reading. Try not to influence the outcome and allow the reader to tell you what they are seeing…then it is up to you to confirm or question what they are seeing.

    Some examples of good, solid questions:

    1) “What do I need to know about decisions I have to make regarding my career?”
    2) “What do I need to know about my spiritual path?”
    3) “What do I need to know about financial issues concerning my family?”
    4) “What insight can the cards provide about my current love relationship?
    5) “What should I know concerning my family’s living arrangements?”

    Poorly worded versions of these same questions:

    1) “Will I ever be happy in my career?”
    2) “Am I psychic?”
    3) “Will I ever be financially stable?”
    4) “Will I ever meet my soulmate?”
    5) “Should my family move this year?”
    6) “Am I going to be healthy in the next year?”


    Wonderful Dawn, thank you so much! A very nice addition to our learning folder :)

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