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    Oh my gosh! What is wrong with my memory :goofy: I forgot that John had said that about the show and how it was time to move on and about how he could now get the waiting list down for private readings. Thank you for posting.

    Maybe someone going to the seminar tonight could ask the question again if they get the opportunity. Good luck to all who are attending tonight:)



    First I want to say it was great to meet you there!
    You did a fab job

    Here is how I remember what he said :)

    Sue: I was saddened to learn that your show has been cancelled
    ( A audible groan in the crowd)

    John (John looked at everyone with an apologetic look and shook his head yes)

    Sue: Would you consider doing TV again?

    John. He first laughed and said that when the show was cancelled people who knew him came up to him and said
    “Oh no what are you going to do with yourself now?”

    He then said to them that the show was only a very small part of what he considered to be his work….

    ( he then made his fingers denot an inch spread to demonstrat how much the show was a small part of his work)

    He said that he is looking forward to concentrating on the other aspects of his work like widdling down his waiting list teaching and doing seminars around the country

    He then said that he didnt want to do the 4 th season. But he did it because he felt that if his guides made a 4 th season possible..he would honor that

    Then he pushed further to say that
    “Would he do TV AGAIN”
    just not that particular show…
    but if another opportunity came along in the future where he could have his own control and say and be able to go in the direction he wanted to go into hed do the work on television.


    It was great to meet you there also! I am so embarrassed:blush: Thank you for posting what John said.

    I guess it was the excitement of being called on for a question or knowing that John was talking to me that caused me to be so forgetful:goofy: Then again, I was like that all night! I even described Carol and the other women that were signing people in as having blond hair when I spoke to Pam. When I looked again I was like What was I thinking They all had brown hair! I am so ditzy! I guess it’s my blond hair! :D (No offense to my fellow blond-headed friends) :lwink:

    Thank you again for your post:)



    You did a GREAT job asking the question!
    You didnt seem nervous there. You came across concerned, compassionate and supportive of John.
    We all appreciate you doing it!


    I am relieved to know how John feels. I had some concerns that he might be relieved at having the show cancelled, that we might be working at cross purposes in spite of our good intentions. To hear him say, albeit secondhand and I thank you for asking him, that the show had served its purpose, to introduce a wider audience to the process reinforced what I suspected his reaction might be. Heaven knows, from his sold-out sessions, he has ample evidence that Crossing Over did precisely what he hoped it would do. Of course, I hope he does another. He’s been a part of my day for three years. But I have the knowing now. And for that I am eternally grateful. I have my ticket for his D.C. venue. Coincidentally, it falls on the anniversary of my husband’s death. So I live in hope. But whether I am blessed with a reading or not, just sharing with those who will will be enough.


    Welcome chassiewes :wave: from another Marylander. :)

    I’ll miss the DC seminar because I’ll be returning from vacation that day. Hope you stay around and post all your impressions of it when you go.

    Gail :)


    In a way John can look at CO as a learning experience too. So when another show rolls around, he’ll be better prepared on negotiating. He’ll be able to have more control and know what will work and will not work for him. So all in all, it can be even better for the public, becaue he can then focus on spirituality and not pleasing network executives. I hope what I’m trying to express is being interpreted the way I mean it. Well, when Touched By An Angel 1st aired, CBS took a gamble and probably the same with PAX and It’s a Miracle. But yet those shows are the most loved and watched.

    Much Love,


    I’ve been hesitant to post my experience on OCT 7th at the Gallery, but after reading the responses to CO being canceled, I can relate.

    I so believed that CO was edited for time and not content. But after watching how much they chopped up my sis-in-law’s(Maria) reading, putting things that happened after look like they happened first, kind of made my heart sink. She was made to look like she was doing a “me too” when she validated so much infomation that never made it on the air, it’s just sad.

    I’m in no way saying that John or any of the wonderful people who work for him intended for that to happen, but I think John’s process has been lost with that network and he’s right to move on.

    Thanks for letting me vent.


    Pam B

    I don’t understand Katee, are you saying the editors made the reading look like MORE than it really was, or LESS?


    It was very much less. She had a 15 minute interview, and a very nice reading, and we left with such a great feeling. But after watching, she was made to look like it didn’t have anything to do with her. We know better, and John stayed with her for awhile, and he confirmed he was with her more than once.


    So it was edited to appear to be less of a reading than it was in person? That’s an interesting little nugget for the cynics to chew on.:goofy:


    That is interesting that the reading was edited to appear that it was a me too experience and didn’t reflect what really happened. I had a feeling that this may have happened with several of the readings… and this just confirms it. Sorry to hear it was cut and butchered like that.

    If you watch the show back to back for a long period of time (This past weekend I buckled down and spent about 9 hours taping COWJE I was really back logged.) (and yes I will be happy to make copies but if you are interested in getting copies please email me – I have taped every show that aired this past season – I didn’t tape the repeats) But I have to say I noticed the editing after watching about a month and a half worth of John’s show in one sitting, you can see even the intro’s how they are cut and pasted and even repeated some segments.


    Actually my mothers reading fromt he Gallery was edited a lot as well. John gave so much more detail and talked so much with my mom about her reading. I wish I could have the entire thing on tape because it was so moving, not that I am not grateful for what is on tape , but there was much more that the group there got to experience!!!! Like when you are at a seminar but more intense.



    I have to say that for the most part I really prefered the original format where John would do reading after reading. If I remember correctly, didn’t we see more of the readings straight through? In the later seasons they were really chopped up quite a bit – going back and forth between pieces of the reading and the commentary.

    On the other hand – who am I kidding – I enjoy CO from any season.


    And then there’s the opening monologue where John introduces a reading or they say that they’re joining John in the Gallery and you can see that it’s a different day cause his clothes are changed. But they make it appear like it’s all in one taping. Who are they kidding? :wazzup:
    He’s right to leave that outfit, they don’t do him justice. To ignore the process to make a reading seem less than it was is just plain wrong.

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